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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
producerF 284American Graffiti1973
producerDVD 1American Graffiti1973
directorF 136Apocalypse Now1979
producerF 136Apocalypse Now1979
writerF 136Apocalypse Now1979
writerDVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
producerDVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
directorDVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
directorDVD 2385Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
producerF 181Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
directorF 181Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
producerTV 255Conversation, The1974
directorTV 255Conversation, The1974
writerTV 255Conversation, The1974
writerDVD 703Godfather Part II, The1974
producerDVD 703Godfather Part II, The1974
directorDVD 703Godfather Part II, The1974
writerF 551Godfather Part II,The1974
producerF 551Godfather Part II,The1974
directorF 551Godfather Part II,The1974
writerDVD 704Godfather Part III, The1990
producerDVD 704Godfather Part III, The1990
directorDVD 704Godfather Part III, The1990
directorDVD 702Godfather, The1972
directorF 172Godfather, The1972
writerDVD 702Godfather, The1972
writerF 172Godfather, The1972
writerF 602One From The Heart1982
directorDVD 2140One From The Heart1981
writerDVD 2140One From The Heart1981
directorF 602One From The Heart1982
writerF 708Patton (Lust for Glory)1970
producerF 1090Virgin Suicides1999