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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
writerF 103710 Things I Hate About You1999
writerTR 52Coriolanus
writerDVD 217Hamlet1948
writerDVD 215Hamlet2000
writerTR 110Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1980
writerTR 8Henry V1944
writerF 487Henry V1944
writerDVD 821King Is Alive, The2000
writerF 1095Love's Labour's Lost2000
writerDVD 603Macbeth1971
writerF 1079Macbeth1971
writerF 1082Macbeth2000
writerTR 7Midsummer Night's Dream, A1981
writerTR 48Midsummer Night's Dream, A1999
writerTV 467Midsummer Night's Dream, A1996
writerF 1082Much Ado About Nothing1993
writerF 1082Othello1995
writerF 1093Othello2001
writerF 1092Romeo and Juliet1996
writerF 1079Romeo and Juliet1968
writerDVD 830Scotland, Pa2001
writerDVD 824Shakespeare Retold2005
writerGB 89Tempest, The1979
writerTR 92Twelfth Night1979
writerTR 163Winter's Tale, The1980