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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
directorF 540Cheyenne Autumn1964
directorF 759Grapes of Wrath, The1940
directorF 37Grapes of Wrath, The1940
directorDVD 1327How Green Was My Valley1941
producerDVD 847Iron Horse, The1924
directorDVD 847Iron Horse, The1924
directorF 497Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The1962
directorDVD 826Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The1962
directorF 403My Darling Clementine1946
directorDVD 846My Darling Clementine1946
producerDVD 1817Quiet Man, The1952
directorDVD 1817Quiet Man, The1952
directorF 737Searchers, The1956
producerF 184Seven Women1966
directorF 184Seven Women1966
directorDVD 303She Wore a Yellow Ribbon1949
producerDVD 303She Wore a Yellow Ribbon1949
directorF 325She Wore A Yellow Ribbon1949
directorDVD 832Stagecoach1939
producerDVD 832Stagecoach1939
producerF 183Stagecoach (extract)1939
directorF 183Stagecoach (extract)1939
writerTR 162Tis Pity She's A Whore2001
directorDVD 838Young Mr Lincoln1939
directorF 43Young Mr Lincoln1939