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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
directorF 220California Split1974
directorF 352Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean1982
directorDVD 2064Fool For Love1985
writerDVD 125Gosford Park2001
directorDVD 125Gosford Park2001
directorF 31Long Goodbye, The1973
directorDVD 343Long Goodbye, The1973
directorF 141Nashville1975
producerDVD 358Nashville1975
directorDVD 358Nashville1975
producerF 141Nashville1975
directorDVD 753Player, The1992
directorF 1178Short Cuts1993
writerF 1178Short Cuts1993
directorDVD 814Short Cuts1993
writerDVD 814Short Cuts1993
directorF 268Thieves Like Us1974
writerF 750Three Women1977
producerF 750Three Women1977
directorF 750Three Women1977
producerF 361Welcome to LA1976