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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
directorF 33Big Heat, The1953
directorDVD 1216Blue Gardenia, The1953
directorF 90Cloak and Dagger1946
directorF 331Doctor Mabuse, The Gambler (pt 1)1922
directorF 46Hangmen Also Die1943
writerF 46Hangmen Also Die1943
directorF 429Human Desire1954
directorF 449M1931
writerDVD 464M1931
directorDVD 464M1931
directorF 377Metropolis1927
directorF 434Metropolis1927
writerDVD 656Metropolis1927
directorDVD 656Metropolis1927
directorF 504Ministry of Fear1944
directorF 28Rancho Notorious1952
directorDVD 2348Rancho Notorious1952
directorF 428Return of Frank James, The1940
directorF 567Secret Beyond The Door1947
producerF 567Secret Beyond The Door1947
directorF 148Western Union1941
directorF 278Woman in the Window, The1944
directorF 335You Only Live Once1937