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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
directorF 132A Diary For Timothy1945
directorDVD 2005Complete Humphrey Jennings: Volume One - The First Days (Blu-ray)1934-1940
directorF 234Eighty Days, The1944
writerDVD 873Family Portrait1951
directorDVD 873Family Portrait1951
directorF 124Fires Were Started (aka I Was A Fireman)1943
directorF 107Listen To Britain1941
writerF 107Listen To Britain1941
writerF 336Listen To Britain1941
directorF 336Listen To Britain1941
directorF 30London Can Take It1940
directorF 104Ordinary People1942
producerF 106Silent Village, The1943
directorF 106Silent Village, The1943
directorF 20Spare Time1939
directorF 29Spare Time1939
directorF 124True Story of Lili Marlene, The1944
directorF 104Words For Battle1941