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RoleSource IDTitleYearVOD
directorDVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
directorDVD 1713Angels' Share, The2012
directorDVD 1598Big Flame, The1969
directorF 401Black Jack1979
writerF 401Black Jack1979
directorF 1134Bread and Roses2000
directorDVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
directorDVD 1597Carla's Song1996
directorDVD 1597Cathy Come Home1966
directorDVD 1598Cathy Come Home1966
directorTV 308Cathy Come Home1966
directorTV 87Cathy Come Home1966
directorDVD 1366Days of Hope1975
directorTV 46Days of Hope1975
directorTV 45Days of Hope1975
directorTV 45Days of Hope1975
directorTV 44Days of Hope1975
directorDVD 1598Days of Hope1975
directorDVD 1598End of Arthur's Marriage, The1965
directorF 694Family Life1971
directorF 589Fatherland1986
directorDVD 1876Fatherland1986
directorDVD 1596Gamekeeper, The1980
directorTV 302Gamekeeper, The1980
directorTV 353Golden Vision, The1968
directorGB 85Hidden Agenda1990
directorDVD 1597Hidden Agenda1990
directorF 423Hidden Agenda1990
directorDVD 2289I, Daniel Blake2016
directorTV 179In Two Minds1967
directorDVD 1598In Two Minds1967
producerDVD 2034It's A Free World2007
directorDVD 2034It's A Free World2007
directorDVD 1955Jimmy's Hall2014
directorF 531Kes1969
writerF 531Kes1969
writerDVD 1596Kes1969
directorDVD 1596Kes1969
directorDVD 1572Kes1969
writerDVD 1572Kes1969
directorF 841Ladybird, Ladybird1994
directorDVD 1596Ladybird, Ladybird1994
directorDVD 1597Land And Freedom1995
directorF 1069Land and Freedom1995
directorF 846Land And Freedom1995
directorDVD 2062Looking For Eric2009
directorDVD 1597My Name is Joe1998
directorF 985My Name Is Joe1998
directorDVD 1596Navigators, The2001
directorDVD 1596Poor Cow1967
directorDVD 1598Price of Coal, The1977
directorF 691Raining Stones1993
directorDVD 1596Raining Stones1993
directorTV 31Rank and File, The1971
directorDVD 1598Rank and File, The1971
directorGB 36Riff Raff1990
directorDVD 1596Riff Raff1990
directorF 723Riff Raff1991
directorDVD 1836Spirit of '45, The2013
directorDVD 1597Sweet Sixteen2002
directorDVD 186Sweet Sixteen2002
directorDVD 1598Three Clear Sundays1965
directorDVD 1148Tickets2005
directorTV 339Up The Junction1965
directorDVD 1598Up The Junction1965
directorDVD 1597Wind That Shakes The Barley, The2006
directorDVD 837Wind That Shakes The Barley, The2006