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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 437'Allo 'Allo1988
TR 62'Night, Mother1986
TR 179(Lekce) Faust1994
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
DVD 168610 On Ten2004
DVD 46910 Rillington Place1971
F 103710 Things I Hate About You1999
TV 422100 Greatest TV Moments, The1999
DVD 78711'09"01 September 112002
DVD 80111:142003
DVD 144513 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests2009
DVD 103114 Stations of the Life and Death of Adrian Howells, The2007
F 118515 (Fifteen) Minutes2001
DVD 126317 Again2009
F 78818601934
GB 5618711989
DVD 137619001977
DVD 12121900 House, The1999
DVD 12131940s House, The2001
F 7951970s Office, The2004
TR 14319801984
TR 111200% & Bloody Thirsty1986
TV 4382000 European Film Awards2000
DVD 1202001: A Space Odyssey1968
GB 802001: A Space Odyssey1968
DVD 7672009 Lost Memories2002
DVD 43220462004
DVD 45921 Grams2003
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
DVD 23424 (Twenty Four)2001
DVD 168224 City2008
F 62025 Bloody Years: Death On The Rock1988
DVD 73625th Hour2002
DVD 202728 Days Later2002
DVD 202828 Weeks Later2007
F 11073 Shorts by Hal Hartley
DVD 63530 Minute Stretch and Tone, The2004
DVD 232430 Rock2010-2011
DVD 668301/3021995
DVD 19783:10 To Yuma2007
DVD 10874 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days2007
DVD 1092400 Blows, The1959
TV 40242 Up1998
TV 40242 Up1998
DVD 30942nd Street1933
TV 40249 Up2005
TV 40249 Up2005
F 37449th Parallel1941
TV 5779/11: The Falling Man2006
TV 396999 Lifesavers1997
TV 524A Bit of a Do1989
DVD 1699A Bit Of Fry And Laurie1989
F 174A Bomb Fell1941
DVD 1483A Bonus For Irene1971
DVD 1078A Bout de Souffle (Breathless)1960
F 459A Bout de Souffle (extract only)1960
DVD 2040A Bridge Too Far1977
DVD 876A Bronx Tale1993
DVD 1526A Bullet For The General1966
DVD 1497A Christmas Carol1977
DVD 173A Clockwork Orange1971
F 226A Conversation With Bill Forsyth1986
DVD 2327A Cottage On Dartmoor1929
TV 187A Dangerous Summer1982
F 132A Diary For Timothy1945
F 609A for ABBA1993
DVD 2278A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night2014
F 975A Hard Day's Night1964
DVD 1502A History of Scotland2008-2009
DVD 527A Hole In My Heart2004
F 198A Home of Your Own1965
DVD 2302A Honeymoon Adventure1931
DVD 2146A Journey Through The Other Latin American Cinema (Cine A Contracorriente)2010
DVD 1335A Letter To Three Wives1949
F 1142À Ma Soeur!2001
DVD 69À Ma Soeur!2001
DVD 1620A Man Escaped1956
TV 486A Man From The Sun1956
F 1068A Moment of Innocence1996
F 1204A Night At The Hap1962
F 691A Night In With The Girls1997
TV 382A Night In With The Girls1997
DVD 354À Nous La Liberté1931
DVD 1097A Primer For Pina1984
DVD 1305A Scanner Darkly2006
F 105A Seat Among The Stars: The Cinema and Ireland1983
DVD 1681A Separation2011
DVD 584A Shot In The Dark1964
DVD 1944A Story of Children and Film2013
DVD 1498A Tale of Two Cities1980
F 1093A Thousand Acres1997
TV 590A Very British Sex Scandal2007
F 354A Very Fishy Tale1938
DVD 1053A Wheech Round Scotland1897-1980
DVD 1746A Woman Called Abe Sada1975
DVD 2221A Yank In The RAF1941
F 189A-Team, The1985
F 609ABBA In Concert1980
DVD 556Abbasso La Miseria1945
DVD 1688ABC Africa2001
F 130Abe Lincoln In Illinois1940
F 92Aberdeen Cine Club At Work1958
DVD 1373Abnormal Beauty2004
DVD 2393About Elly2009
GB 18Above Us The Waves1955
TR 77Absence of War, The1994
GB 136Absolute Beginners1986
TV 362Absolutely Fabulous1995
DVD 211Abyss, The1989
F 734Access The Image1989
DVD 1042Accident1967
F 484Accident1967
TV 6Accidental Death of an Anarchist1983
TV 580Accused2006
DVD 162Accused, The1988
F 970Acid House, The1999
F 905Across 110th Street1972
DVD 1857Act of Killing, The2012
F 976Act of Necessity1991
TR 43Acting in Cinema: Acting and Counter-acting1984
F 158Acting Tapes: Acting in the Cinema1985
F 329Acting: Michael Caine on Acting in Film1987
TV 418Action Replay: 50 Years of TV Football2005
TR 43Acts of Man, The: A trilogy1990
DVD 1966Adam & Paul2004
TV 318Adam Adamant Lives1966
TV 242Adam Adamant Lives!0
DVD 1006Adam's Rib1949
DVD 297Adaptation2002
F 1177Adaptation2002
F 515Addams Family, The1991
F 766Addiction, The1995
TR 157Adelaide Festival of Arts 19821982
TV 290Adelaide Hall in Concert1947
F 909Admission Impossible1992
TV 322Admission Impossible1992
DVD 1030Adrienne's Dirty Laundry Experience2003
TR 106Adrienne's Room Service2005
DVD 1030Adrienne's Room Service2005
DVD 1900Adventure Time With Finn & Jake2010
DVD 1880Adventures of Abney & Teal, The2011
DVD 407Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The1972
F 698Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The1972
DVD 960Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The1952
DVD 2251Adventures of Prince Achmed, The1926
DVD 1997Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The1994
F 907Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The1994
TV 63Adventures of Robin Hood, The1955
F 194Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
TV 337Adventures of Robin Hood, The1957
DVD 385Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
DVD 1260Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The1964
TV 337Adventures of William Tell, The1958
DVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
F 816Aelita: Queen of Mars1924
DVD 822Affair To Remember, An1957
DVD 689Affliction1997
DVD 1711Africa First (volume 1)2011
F 99Africa on Africa: Borom Sarret1963
TV 613After Bannockburn2015
TV 613After Bannockburn2015
F 356After Henry1987
TV 198After Lumiere1974
TR 108After Miss Julie1995
DVD 587Afterlife2005
DVD 978Afterlife2006
TV 126Afternoon of a Nymph1962
DVD 442Against The Ropes2004
TR 1Agamemnon / Libation Bearers1983
GB 76Agatha1979
TR 46Age Exchange Theatre: Can We Afford the Doctor?0
DVD 955Age of Innocence, The1993
DVD 2405Age Of Shadows, The2016
DVD 1943Age of Stupid, The2009
DVD 690Agnes Of God1985
TV 72Agony1980
F 997Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
DVD 193Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
DVD 1477Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
F 703Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer2003
F 415Air Force1943
F 914Airport1999
F 682Airport 771977
TR 148Ajuba Dance and Drama Company1990
F 1154Akira1987
TV 435Alan Bennet: Talking Heads1987
TV 452Alan Bennett - Telling Tales
TV 453Alan Bennett: Talking Heads 21998
DVD 2354Alan Bennett: The Complete Talking Heads1987-1998
DVD 1941Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa2013
F 872Alassio 19541954
F 446Albert Maysles: The Poetic Eye2006
F 149Albion Market1985
F 149Albion Market (2)1985
TV 242Alchemists of Sound2004
DVD 1856Alcohol Years, The2000

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