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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 286Clive James On Television1987
F 90Cloak and Dagger1946
DVD 325Clockers1996
DVD 575Clocking Off2004
GB 142Clockwise1986
DVD 2265Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977
F 518Close Shave, A1995
DVD 1215Close Up1990
DVD 1173Closely Observed Trains1966
F 421Clothes Show, The1988
TR 57Club of No Regrets1993
DVD 502Club, The1980
F 928Club, The1980
DVD 4Clueless1995
F 1041Clueless1995
F 572Clyde Film1985
TV 493CNN News2003
TV 213CNN World Report1988
F 20Coalface1935
DVD 1481Cobra Verde1987
F 626Cobweb, The1955
F 717Coca-Cola Kid, The1985
F 1078Cocaine Fiends1935
DVD 1571Cock And Bull Story, A2005
TR 168Cockstars: Puppetry of the Penis2002
DVD 2356Coco2017
F 481Cocoon1985
F 366Cocozza Compilation1939
DVD 808Code Unknown2000
DVD 516Coffy1973
DVD 609Coiffeur Pour Dames1952
TV 93Colbys, The1986
TV 449Cold Feet1996
TV 495Cold Feet2002
TV 492Cold Feet2002
TV 492Cold Feet2002
TV 492Cold Feet2002
TV 384Cold Lazarus1996
TV 384Cold Lazarus1996
TV 385Cold Lazarus1996
TV 385Cold Lazarus1996
DVD 2209Cold Mountain2003
F 845Cold War1998
F 845Cold War1998
F 416Colditz Story, The1955
DVD 1979Colditz Story, The1955
DVD 1300Colony, The1964
F 528Color of Money, The1986
DVD 1163Color of Paradise, The1999
F 600Color Purple, The1985
TV 330Colour Me 21994
F 1012Coltrane Legacy, The1985
F 470Columbo1978
F 508Columbo1972
F 15Coma1978
F 352Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean1982
F 1207Come Dine With Me2005
DVD 2428Come Drink With Me1966
GB 93Come On George1939
TV 303Comedians, The1979
F 398Comfort and Joy1984
DVD 679Comfort and Joy1984
TV 497Comic Relief 2003 (pt 1)2003
TV 497Comic Relief 2003 (pt 2)2003
TV 497Comic Relief 2003 (pt 3)2003
TV 497Comic Relief 2003 (pt 4)2003
DVD 1104Commander, The2007
TV 185Comment1988
F 242Comment1986
TV 222Comment and Weather1988
F 533Commissar, The1967
F 1018Commitments, The1991
F 180Committed1983
F 917Common Touch, The1941
TV 353Compact1965
TV 377Compact1965
TV 125Company of Wolves, The1984
TV 281Complete Citizen Kane, The1991
DVD 2005Complete Humphrey Jennings: Volume One - The First Days (Blu-ray)1934-1940
F 1054Complete Works of Yuri Norstein (Tale of Tales, etc)1968
F 939Compo1988
GB 17Comrades1986
DVD 2353Comrades (Blu-ray)1987
F 1022Confessions of a Driving Instructor1976
DVD 1248Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen2004
TV 351Confessions of an IRA Informer2004
DVD 2230Confettit2006
F 57Confidential Report1955
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
F 520Conformist, The1970
F 963Conquest of Mycenae, The1962
F 556Conquest of the Air, The1940
GB 24Conquest of the Air, The1940
TV 579Consent2007
TV 159Conspiracy: the Trial of the Chicago Eight1987
DVD 741Constant Gardener, The2005
F 1165Constant Husband, The1955
F 271Consuming Hunger1987
F 272Consuming Hunger1987
TV 189Continuity, RT ads1988
F 179Contraband1940
GB 75Contraband1940
TV 255Conversation, The1974
GB 71Convoy1940
F 641Convoy1940
F 822Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The1989
DVD 299Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The1989
TV 173Cop Rock1990
F 587Cops1990
F 587Cops1989
TV 420Cops, The1999
TV 420Cops, The1999
TV 420Cops, The1999
TV 420Cops, The1999
DVD 517Copycat1995
TR 52Coriolanus
F 1206Corky1957
TV 172Corn is Green, The1945
F 199Cornered1945
TV 311Coronation Day - 2 June 19531993
TV 260Coronation Street1960
TV 102Coronation Street1967
TV 62Coronation Street1961
TV 448Coronation Street2001
F 36Coronation Street1989
TV 493Coronation Street2003
TV 22Coronation Street1984
TV 458Coronation Street1990
TV 93Coronation Street1986
F 384Coronation Street1988
TV 59Coronation Street1985
F 441Coronation Street1988
TV 440Coronation Street2000
F 431Coronation Street2008
TV 59Coronation Street1985
TV 59Coronation Street1985
TV 59Coronation Street1985
F 133Coronation Street (50th anniversary episodes)2010
TV 562Coronation Street (omnibus edition)2005
TV 491Coronation Street (omnibus edition)2003
TV 263Coronation Street 30th Birthday Lecture1990
TV 376Coronation Street Special1995
F 361Coronation Street Special1988
TV 376Coronation Street Years, The1995
TV 14Coronation Street: Selected Early Episodes 1960-641960
TV 15Coronation Street: Six Selected Episodes 1968-831968
F 104Coronation Street: The First 25 Years1985
DVD 2326Coronation Street: Vol 1: 1960-611960-1961
TV 311Coronation, The: As If It Were Yesterday1993
DVD 436Corporation, The2003
DVD 653Corpse Bride2005
F 232Correction Please!1979
F 424Correction Please!1979
TV 502Correspondent: Aljazeera Exclusive2003
TV 214Cosby Show, The1988
DVD 940Cosby Show, The1984
F 699Cosh Boy1952
TR 115Cosi1996
DVD 639Cost of Living, The (DV8 Physical Theatre)2004
F 678Cottage To Let1941
TV 236Cotton Collection, The1988
DVD 1027Count Dracula1977
F 521Country1984
TV 321Country1981
F 688Country Loon, The1957
TV 94Country Practice, A1986
DVD 839Cow, The1969
DVD 1759Cowboy Bebop: The Movie2001
F 953Cracked Actor1975
DVD 206Cracker1995
DVD 206Cracker1995
DVD 206Cracker1995
DVD 206Cracker1994
DVD 206Cracker1993
DVD 206Cracker1993
DVD 206Cracker1993
DVD 206Cracker1994
DVD 206Cracker1994
DVD 206Cracker1996
GB 154Crackerjack1938
F 814Cranes Are Flying, The1957
DVD 1289Cranford2007
DVD 377Crash1996
DVD 620Crash2004
DVD 1940Crazy Cinématographe: European Cinema of Attractions 1896-19161896-1916
TV 76Crazy Gang, The: A Celebration1983
TV 300Cream In My Coffee1980
TR 78Creation of Adam and Eve, The1996
F 1191Creative Process: Norman McLaren1991
GB 29Crest of the Wave1954
F 1054Cria Cuervos1975
TV 3Crime Desk1986
TV 243Crime Story1986
TV 149Crimedesk1987
TV 393Crimewatch UK1997
TV 399Crimewatch UK1999
TV 399Crimewatch UK1999
F 1022Criminal Justice1996
TV 313Criminal Records1993
GB 37Criminal, The1960

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