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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 660Bureau Of Missing Persons1933
TR 113Buried Child1994
TV 342Burke's Law1963
DVD 2406Burning2018
F 1195Burning Bed, The1984
DVD 1728Burnistoun2010
DVD 960Burns and Allen Show, The1951
TV 360Burns On The Box1995
TV 116Burns: The Tree of Liberty1987
TV 177Burrellesque1990
F 396Bus Stop1956
F 1187Bush Mama1979
DVD 2263Bush Mama1979
F 592Bush Medicine1984
F 138Buster Keaton Rides Again1965
TV 136Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow1987
TV 136Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow1987
DVD 1986But I'm A Cheerleader1999
F 802Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969
F 1136Butcher Boy, The1997
DVD 2172Butterflies1978-1983
F 860Butterfly And Sword1993
DVD 688Butterfly Effect, The2004
DVD 1157Butterfly Man2003
DVD 983Button Moon1986
DVD 249By Brakhage: an Anthology0
F 823By The Law1926
TV 259Byline: Cathy, Where Are You Now?1990
F 457Byline: Dinner At Noon1988
DVD 557C'erevamo Tanto Amati1974
TV 158C.A.T.S Eyes1985
DVD 765C.S.A. (The Confederate States of America)2004
DVD 989Cabaret1972
F 1105Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
DVD 1396Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
DVD 1573Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The (2005 version)2005
DVD 352Cabiria1914
DVD 567Caccia Alla Volpe1966
DVD 914Cactus1986
F 929Cactus1986
F 900Caddie1976
GB 108Caesar and Cleopatra1945
TV 78Caesars, The1968
DVD 1707Café Elektric1927
TR 35Cafe Muller1985
DVD 1097Cafe Muller1985
F 285Cagney and Lacey
TV 246Cagney and Lacey1982
TV 71Cagney and Lacey1985
TV 206Cagney and Lacey1988
TV 171Cagney and Lacey1988
TV 145Cagney and Lacey1987
TV 70Cagney and Lacey1985
TV 215Cagney and Lacey1988
TV 69Cagney and Lacey1985
TV 124Cal1984
F 568Calamity Jane1953
DVD 344Calamity Jane1953
TV 516Caledonia Dreamin'2008
F 770Calendar1993
F 220California Split1974
DVD 1377Caligula1979
DVD 2420Call Me By Your Name2017
F 75Call Me Mister1986
TV 330Call My Bluff1994
TV 102Call My Bluff1965
F 170Call Northside 7771948
TV 232Call the Cops2008
DVD 1848Call The Midwife2012
TV 369Callan1970
F 964Caltiki1959
F 124Cameramen at War1943
F 285Cameron Live1987
DVD 1261Camp2003
F 549Camp De Thiaroye1988
DVD 1056Candy2005
F 98Canterbury Tale, A1944
DVD 116Canterbury Tale, A1944
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Knight's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Man of Law's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Pardoner's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Sea Captain's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Wife of Bath2003
DVD 957Cape Fear1991
F 620Cape Fear1961
DVD 1789Captain Corelli's Mandolin2001
DVD 2378Captain Fantastic2016
F 244Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons1970
GB 132Captain's Paradise, The1955
F 217Captive Heart, The1946
GB 133Captive Heart, The1946
DVD 375Capturing the Friedmans2003
TV 574Car Booty2005
TV 457Car Booty2004
TV 427Car Wars2000
DVD 2095Car Wash1976
GB 145Caravaggio1986
GB 101Card, The1952
GB 78Cardboard Cavalier1949
TV 269Cardiac Arrest1994
DVD 321Carefree1938
F 235Careful He Might Hear You1983
GB 118Caretaker, The1964
TR 75Caretaker, The1964
F 968Carey Treatment, The1972
DVD 1597Carla's Song1996
GB 20Carlton-Browne of the F.O.1959
DVD 627Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease2003
F 606Carnal Knowledge1971
DVD 618Carnivale2003
F 646Carrie1976
F 1006Carry On At Your Convenience1971
DVD 1597Carry On Ken2006
TV 580Carry On Ken2006
GB 15Carry On Nurse1959
GB 53Carry On Regardless1960
DVD 119Cars That Ate Paris, The1974
F 1167Carve Her Name With Pride1958
F 333Casablanca1942
DVD 3Casablanca1942
DVD 586Casanova2005
TR 176Casanova
F 701Casanova1918
DVD 1865Casanova1971
GB 108Case of the Mukkinese Battlehorn, The1955
TV 457Cash in the Attic2004
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 1513Casino Royale1966
F 923Cassandra1986
DVD 280Cassandra1986
F 1139Cast & Crew: post screening discussion on Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner2002
F 1140Cast & Crew: post screening discussion on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning2002
F 1007Cast Offs2009
F 990Castle, The1997
TV 405Casualty2003
TV 328Casualty1993
TV 42Cat Among Lions: The MTM Story1984
DVD 858Cat On A Hot Tin Roof1958
F 316Cat People1943
DVD 892Cat People1943
DVD 1096Catastrophe2001
F 654Catch 221970
F 553Catch 5 - Joseph Heller and Rembrandt1991
DVD 967Catch a Fire2006
TV 417Catchphrase1998
DVD 1597Cathy Come Home1966
TV 87Cathy Come Home1966
TV 308Cathy Come Home1966
DVD 1598Cathy Come Home1966
F 934Cathy's Child1978
F 377Caught1948
DVD 1106Caught1948
TV 503Caught on a Train1980
TV 301Caught On a Train1980
DVD 1433Cavalcade1933
DVD 1153Cave of the Yellow Dog, The2005
F 303Celebrity Big Brother2001
F 669Celia: Child of Terror1988
TV 179Cellar and the Almond Tree, The1970
F 1092Celluloid Closet, The1996
TV 394Celtic v Rangers (live extract)1997
TR 80Cemeng 2005 (aka The Last Primadonna)
F 781Centenary Snapshots1996
F 1188Central Station (Central do Brasil)1998
DVD 1065Central Station (Central do Brasil)1998
F 694Century of Cinema: The Russian Idea1995
DVD 1587Century of the Self, The2002
DVD 388Cercle Rouge, Le1970
DVD 1684Certified Copy2009
F 134CH4 ad break1985
TV 10CH4 ad break1983
TV 146CH4 ad break1986
TV 185CH4 ad break1988
TV 140CH4 ad break1987
TV 280CH4 ad break1991
TV 243CH4 ad break1989
F 105CH4 ad break1984
TV 156CH4 ad break1987
TV 26CH4 ad break1984
TV 439CH4 ad break2000
F 148CH4 ad break1985
TV 6CH4 ad break1983
TV 159CH4 ad break1988
TV 146CH4 ad break1983
TV 495CH4 ad break and trailers2002
TV 183CH4 ad break and trailers1988
F 70CH4 ad break and trailers1983
F 678CH4 ad break and trailers1996
TV 177CH4 ad break and trailers 1990
TV 327CH4 ad break and trailers1993
F 403CH4 ad break and trailers1988
TV 288CH4 ad break and trailers1992
F 299CH4 ad break and trailers1987
F 728CH4 ad break and trailers1995
TV 358CH4 ad break and trailers1995
TV 89CH4 ad break and trailers1986
TV 315CH4 ad break and trailers1993
F 335CH4 ad break and trailers1987
TV 268CH4 ad break and trailers1989

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