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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 1126Bombay Talkie1970
F 654Bon Voyage1944
DVD 1000Bonanza1959-1973
TV 467Bonebreakers2002
DVD 1017Bones2005
F 872Bongo Erotico1959
F 160Bonnie and Clyde1967
DVD 2207Boogie Nights1997
DVD 849Book Group, The2003
F 17Book Group, The2002
F 1118Book Group, The2002
DVD 159Book Group, The2002
F 382Book of Mary, The (Le Livre De Marie)1984
TV 167Bookie1988
TV 200Bookmark: Fay Weldon - the Dilemma of a She-Novelist1986
TR 112Bookmark: Sam Shepard1997
TV 163Bookmark: The Writer's Film1988
F 999Boomerang1992
DVD 642Boomtown2002
F 382Boon1987
TV 78Bootsie and Snudge1960
DVD 1222Border Incident1949
F 1129Borders1989
DVD 1590Born in Flames1983
F 1129Born in Flames1983
TV 572Born In The USSR: 21Up2005
DVD 750Born Into Brothels2004
F 717Born on the Fourth of July1989
DVD 1971Born To Win1971
DVD 2319Borom Sarret (Blu-ray)1963
F 152Borstal Boy2000
DVD 1007Boston Strangler, The1968
F 702Bothwellhaugh1962
F 287Bothwellhaugh (outtakes)1962
F 287Bothwellhaugh Orange Walks1962
DVD 435Bottle Rocket1996
DVD 674Bound For Glory1976
TV 523Bouquet of Barbed Wire1976
DVD 2269Bourne Identity, The2002
DVD 2270Bourne Supremacy, The2004
DVD 2271Bourne Ultimatum, The2007
F 500Bowery, The1933
F 704Bowfinger1999
DVD 171Bowling For Columbine2002
TV 91Box Extra : Derby Day1967
TV 91Box Extra: The Dream Machine1964
DVD 1897Box of Delights, The1984
F 1196Boxer, The1997
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
TV 65Boy in the Bush, The1983
TV 577Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, The2003
F 652Boy With Green Hair, The1948
DVD 1990Boys Don't Cry1999
F 1102Boys Don't Cry1999
DVD 230Boys From the Blackstuff1982
TV 35Boys From The Blackstuff, The1982
F 539Boys From the Bush, The1990
F 945Boys, The1998
TV 581Bradford Riots2006
F 87Brady Bunch: The Movie1995
TV 123Brains Trust, The1958
DVD 1207Brakhage1998
DVD 2385Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
F 181Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
F 1121Brass Eye2001
DVD 576Brass Eye2001
F 843Brassed Off1996
DVD 1814Brave2012
F 304Brave Don't Cry, The1952
DVD 1815Braveheart1995
F 1114Braveheart1995
DVD 2325Bread1986-1991
F 1134Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1596Bread and Roses2000
DVD 1483Break the Power of the Manipulators1968
F 493Breaker Morant1980
DVD 101Breaker Morant1980
DVD 650Breakfast at Tiffany's1961
F 436Breakfast Club, The1985
DVD 1995Breakfast On Pluto2005
F 80Breakfast Time1983
F 22Breakfast TV item on Dallas 190519841984
DVD 2012Breaking Bad2009
F 852Breaking the Waves1995
DVD 1649Breaking the Waves1995
F 461Breathless1983
TR 123Brecht: Denken Heisst Veraendern1998
TR 122Brecht: Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things1998
DVD 1242Brick2006
DVD 1421Brick Lane2007
F 314Bride and Groom1957
DVD 1285Bride and Prejudice2004
F 1003Bride of Frankenstein1935
TV 20Brideshead Revisited1981
DVD 1605Bridesmaids2011
DVD 2041Bridge at Remagen, The1969
DVD 2116Bridge of Spies2015
DVD 1798Bridge, The2011
F 1140Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 122Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 692Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason2004
DVD 873Brief City1951
F 1144Brief Encounter1945
DVD 298Brief Encounter1945
F 123Brigadoon1954
F 177Brighton Rock1947
DVD 1870Brimstone and Treacle1976
DVD 1726Brimstone and Treacle1982
TV 130Brimstone and Treacle1976
DVD 831Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
F 440Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
F 72Bringing Up Baby1938
DVD 366Bringing Up Baby1938
TV 434Britain at War in Colour2000
F 965Britain at War in Colour2000
F 976Britain at War in Colour2000
F 104Britain Can Take It1941
TV 604Britain in a Day2012
TV 454Britain In Pictures2007
TR 65Brith Gof Working Practices (pt 1)1994
TR 66Brith Gof Working Practices (pt 2)1994
F 1190British Avant Garde In The Thirties, The1934
F 1190British Avant Garde In The Twenties, The1924
F 210British Cinema: A Personal View (Alan Parker)1986
TV 64British Cinema: A Personal View (Lindsay Anderson)1986
TV 64British Cinema: A Personal View (Richard Attenborough)1986
TV 478British Empire in Colour, The2002
F 835Britz2007
F 835Britz2007
DVD 2299Bro'Town2004
TV 237Broadcasting White Paper: Compilaton of News Coverage1988
DVD 2020Broadchurch2013
F 346Broadway Danny Rose1984
DVD 1416Broadway Melody, The1921
TR 181Broadway: The American Musical2004
DVD 1991Brokeback Mountain2005
F 887Broken Arrow1996
F 18Broken Blossoms1919
DVD 1276Broken Blossoms1919
TV 25Brookside1982
TV 262Brookside1989
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 22Brookside1984
F 1182Brookside2003
F 168Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 59Brookside (Interview)1985
TV 60Brookside (omnibus edition)1985
TV 198Brookside: Close Up1988
TV 60Brookside: teaching extracts (Glasgow location work)1985
TV 124Brookside: Teaching Extracts (Glasgow Location Work)1985
DVD 50Brother2000
F 942Brother Orchid1940
DVD 1914Brotherhood2004
F 63Brothers and Sisters1980
F 655Brothers Quay, The: Vol. 11984
F 990Brothers, The1947
F 636Browning Version, The1951
DVD 887Bruce Almighty2003
F 252Brute Force1947
DVD 438Bubba Ho-Tep2002
DVD 1457Bubchen1968
TV 337Buccaneers, The1957
TV 496Buddha of Suburbia, The1993
TV 496Buddha of Suburbia, The1993
TV 184Buddies1983
TR 170Budding1996
F 1005Buddy Holly Story, The1978
F 153Budgie1971
F 137Budgie1971
DVD 437Buena Vista Social Club1999
F 653Buffalo 661998
TV 446Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
TV 489Buffy the Vampire Slayer2002
F 960Buffy The Vampire Slayer1999
DVD 1563Buffy the Vampire Slayer2000-2001
DVD 1322Buffy the Vampire Slayer1999-2000
TV 489Buffy the Vampire Slayer2002
TV 447Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
F 705Buffy The Vampire Slayer1992
F 1040Buffy The Vampire Slayer2000
TV 460Buffy The Vampire Slayer2001
TV 448Buffy The Vampire Slayer1997
TV 538Buffy the Vampire Slayer2003
DVD 591Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Musical "Once More With Feeling"2001
TV 538Buffy: Television With a Bite2002
TV 454Building Britain2007
F 432Bull Durham1988
GB 102Bulldog Breed, The1960
F 219Bullitt1968
DVD 210Bully2001
F 1057Bulworth1998
DVD 2442Bumblebee2018
DVD 1330Bunny Lake Is Missing1965
DVD 931Buñuel Y La Mesa del Rey Salomón2001
F 643Burbs, The1989
F 987Burden of Dreams1982

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