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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TR 115Barnum1986
DVD 226Barry McKenzie Holds His Own1974
TV 94Barry Norman's Guide to American Soaps1985
F 175Barry's Joypad1993
F 576Barton Fink1991
DVD 1676Bashu, The Little Stranger1990
F 214Basic Training1970
F 426Bat Whispers, The1930
DVD 1562Bat, The1926
F 494Batman1943
F 696Batman1989
TV 272Batman1943
DVD 900Batman1989
TV 594Battle For Haditha2007
DVD 1051Battle of Algiers, The1966
DVD 2039Battle of Britain1969
F 885Battle of Britain1969
F 471Battle of the River Plate, The1956
GB 34Battle of the River Plate, The1956
GB 146Battle of the Sexes, The1959
F 1152Battle Royale2000
DVD 1742Battles Without Honour and Humanity (The Yakuza Papers)1973
F 410Battleship Potemkin1925
DVD 1076Battleship Potemkin1925
DVD 1959Battlestar Galactica2004
F 516BBC 2011 trailer2011
TV 8BBC Advertisement1986
TV 409BBC at War, The - British National Culture
TV 576BBC coverage of London bombings (pt 1)2005
TV 576BBC coverage of London bombings (pt 2)2005
TV 368BBC Digital radio trailer2005
TV 457BBC Digital trailer BBC12004
TV 348BBC Education and Training: Editing1984
TV 348BBC Education and Training: Interviews1984
TV 348BBC Education and Training: Planning a Programme1984
TV 348BBC Education and Training: The Camera1984
TV 563BBC Election Night 2005 (pt 1)2005
TV 563BBC Election Night 2005 (pt 2)2005
TV 563BBC Election Night 2005 (pt 3)2005
TV 563BBC Election Night 2005 (pt 4)2005
F 480BBC Election Night 2010 (pt 1)2010
F 480BBC Election Night 2010 (pt 2)2010
TV 464BBC Knowledge trailers2002
TV 250BBC Millennium Night1999
TV 102BBC News1967
F 997BBC News2000
TV 499BBC News2003
TV 498BBC News 242003
TV 494BBC News 242003
F 509BBC News and Weather1990
F 516BBC News and Weather and trailers2010
TV 494BBC News at 6 O'Clock2003
F 482BBC News at Six1989
TV 493BBC News at Six O'Clock2003
TV 493BBC News at Ten O'Clock2003
F 238BBC News/Sky News2011
F 526BBC Nine O'Clock News1990
F 419BBC Nine O'Clock News1988
TV 265BBC Nine O'Clock News1990
F 421BBC Nine O'Clock News1988
F 818BBC Olympics 2004 trailer2004
TV 198BBC Six O'Clock News1988
TV 433BBC Ten O'Clock News2000
TV 72BBC trailers1986
TV 397BBC TV License trailer1997
F 90BBC TV News: The First Thirty Years1984
TV 348BBC Video Production Course: Lighting1987
TV 348BBC Video Production Course: Sound1987
TV 484BBC web ad2002
F 245BBC Wimbledon 87 trailer1987
F 182BBC1 ad break1985
TV 549BBC1 ads and trailers2004
TV 427BBC1 break and trailers2000
F 350BBC1 continuity and National Anthem1990
F 129BBC1 continuity and trailers1984
TV 355BBC1 Local news and Weather and trailers1994
TV 403BBC1 News and local news 2005
TV 457BBC1 News and Weather2004
TV 1BBC1 News and Weather1981
TV 387BBC1 trailer1997
F 48BBC1 trailer and continuity1984
TV 33BBC1 trailers1984
TV 33BBC1 trailers1984
F 2BBC1 trailers1983
TV 369BBC1 Trailers1995
F 787BBC1 Weather1998
TV 38BBC1 Weather and trailers1984
F 723BBC1 Weather and trailers and closedown1992
TV 259BBC1 Weather report1990
TV 320BBC1 Weather report and trailers1988
TV 436BBC1 Xmas trailer2008
F 420BBC2 continuity break1988
F 671BBC2 News report1996
F 440BBC2 Newsflash (Lockerbie)1988
TV 487BBC2 trailers2008
F 523BBC2 trailers TV listing close down1990
F 620BBC2 Weather1994
F 368BBC2 Weather1987
F 581BBC2 Weather and trailers and close down1991
F 671BBC2 Weather report1996
TV 293BBC2 Weather report1991
TV 98BBC4 ident trailer2004
F 975BBC4 Xmas trailer2005
DVD 2100Be Cool2005
TV 583Be My Baby: The Girl Group Story2006
DVD 1152Beach, The2000
F 660Beaches1988
DVD 1606Beaches of Agnes, The2008
DVD 2351Beales of Grey Gardens, The2006
TV 129Beast With Two Backs, A1968
F 960Beat Girl1959
DVD 1697Beau Brummel1924
DVD 781Beau Travail1998
DVD 1444Beautiful Creatures2000
F 1178Beautiful Mind, A2001
DVD 976Beautiful Thing1995
DVD 1374Beauty and the Beast, The (La belle et la bĂȘte)1946
F 304Beauty Number 21962
DVD 640Because of Eve1948
TR 178Beckett on Film2001
DVD 916Becky Sharp1935
F 625Becky Sharp1935
TR 74Bed1995
F 1188Bed You Sleep In, The1993
F 608Beechgrove Garden, The1994
DVD 2016Before Sunrise1995
F 1083Before Sunrise1995
DVD 2016Before Sunset2004
DVD 986Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S Porter1982
F 117Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S. Porter1982
TV 3Beginners Guide To 'Absolute Beginners', The1986
TV 9Behind the Bamboo Curtain : China's Television Revolution1986
DVD 1989Behind The Candelabra2013
F 1005Behind The Music: Saturday Night Fever2001
TV 525Beiderbecke Affair, The1985
TV 527Beiderbecke Tapes, The1987
DVD 1304Being Human2009
DVD 243Being John Malkovich1999
DVD 1228Being Mick2001
DVD 2124Believer, The2000
GB 122Bell-Bottom George1943
DVD 2316Belle2014
DVD 1534Belle de Jour1967
DVD 1612Belle Epoque1992
F 1069Belle Epoque1992
GB 83Belles of St Trinian's, The1954
DVD 475Belleville Rendez-Vous2003
F 611Bells Go Down, The1943
F 444Ben Hur1925
DVD 472Bend It Like Beckham2002
DVD 194Beneath Clouds2002
DVD 267Beneath The 12 Mile Reef1953
DVD 414Beneath The 12 Mile Reef1953
F 431Bennie Railplane Films1929
F 192Benny Hill Show, The1985
F 339Bergerac1986
TV 343Bergerac1987
F 173Bergerac1985
DVD 1024Berlin Alexanderplatz1980
F 599Berlin Express1948
DVD 2Berlin, Symphony of a Great City1927
TR 146Berliner Ensemble Documentary1996
TV 46Berlusconi: Mussolini of the Media1994
DVD 2137Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The2011
DVD 1036Best in Show2000
F 271Best Man, The1964
TV 169Best of Beat Club, The1988
F 1001Best of British: Ronnie Corbett, The2000
DVD 1977Best of Chewin' The Fat2004
TR 24Betrayal1982
DVD 800Better Luck Tomorrow2003
DVD 67Better Than Chocolate1999
F 614Betty Blue1986
DVD 2373Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 1)1930-1939
DVD 2374Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 2)1930-1939
DVD 2375Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 3)1930-1939
DVD 2376Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 4)1930-1939
F 272Between Ourselves: Professor Alan Peacock1987
TV 355Between the Lines1994
TV 328Between the Lines1993
DVD 1875Between Truth and Fiction: The Films of Vivienne Dick1979-2004
F 891Between Wars1974
DVD 962Beulah1950
TV 588Beverley Sisters, The: Tickled Pink2008
TV 582Beverly Hillbillies, The1962
F 42Beverly Hillbillies, The1962
DVD 1734Beverly Hills 902101991
F 441Beverly Hills Cop1984
DVD 2186Bewitched2005
F 961Bewitched1969
DVD 2107Beyoncé: Lemonade2016
DVD 1151Beyond the Clouds1995
DVD 844Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls1970
DVD 1919Beyond The Years2007
F 542Bezhin Meadow1937
DVD 1277Bhaji on the Beach1993
F 807Bhaji on the Beach1993
DVD 419Bhoot2003
F 383Bicycle Thieves1948
DVD 1159Bicycle Thieves1948

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