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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1641Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip2006-2007
TV 229STV ad break1988
TV 297STV ad break1979
F 106STV ad break1985
F 13STV ad break1983
F 28STV ad break1983
TV 201STV ad break and continuity1985
F 192STV ad break and hogmanay trailer1985
TV 202STV ad break and trailers1985
TV 202STV ad break and trailers1988
TV 329STV ad break and trailers 1994
F 84STV ad break and trailers1983
F 382STV ad break and trailers1988
F 524STV ad break trailer continuity1990
F 441STV ads and trailers1988
F 441STV ads and trailers 290119891989
F 463STV continuity1989
TV 201STV continuity announcement1985
TV 585STV Gold: the story of the first 50 years2007
F 465STV listings1989
F 463STV sport trailer1989
TV 517STV Weather2003
TV 559STV Weather2005
TV 86STV Weather1986
F 133STV Weather2010
TV 167STV Weather and ad break1988
TV 290STV Weather report1992
F 62Style Wars1983
DVD 1483Subjectitude - Silvo - Gluttony? Feeding!1966-1967
DVD 1483Subjective Factor, The1981
F 532Suburbia1983
F 379Suddenly Last Summer1959
TR 64Suddenly Last Summer1994
DVD 624Sugar Rush2005
DVD 1336Suicide Mission1954
F 861Sukeban Deka1995
F 212Sullivan's Travels1941
TV 94Sullivans, The1977
DVD 272Sullivans, The1976
DVD 272Sullivans, The1977
F 1174Sum of Us, The1994
F 673Summer Holiday1963
GB 99Summer Holiday1963
F 1030Summer Night1987
F 1090Summer of Sam1999
DVD 1160Summer Things2002
F 1170Summerfield1977
DVD 1766Sun's Burial, The1960
F 1202Sunday2002
TV 156Sunday Night at the London Palladium1961
DVD 2015Sunday Night at the London Palladium (Volumes one and two)1955-1974
F 312Sunday Too Far Away1975
DVD 108Sunday Too Far Away1975
F 99Sunday, Bloody Sunday1971
F 928Sundowners, The1953
F 639Sunnyside Up1929
F 1203Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927
DVD 506Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
F 447Sunset Boulevard1950
DVD 1952Sunshine On Leith2014
DVD 725Super Fly1972
DVD 2195Super Size Me2004
TV 480Super Store1998
TV 211Superior Court1988
DVD 2417Supermen of Malegaon2008
TV 560Supernanny2005
TV 32Supersizers Go.....Restoration, The2008
F 777Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1989
F 1087Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1987
F 973Supporting Acts2000
TV 185Sur et sous la communication1978
F 968Surfer, The1988
F 1171Surfer, The1988
TV 479Surprise Surprise
TV 550Surreally Scozzese2001
F 718Surviving the Iron Age2001
DVD 257Survivor, The1980
F 901Susan Lenox1931
F 192Suspicion1941
DVD 1851Suspicions of Mr Whicher, The; The Murder At Road Hill House2011
DVD 2099Suspiria1977
F 1005Suture1993
F 1096Suzhou River2000
F 1194Svankmajer: Volume 11964
F 1194Svankmajer: Volume 21965
DVD 1047Swan, The2004
DVD 1777Sway2006
F 47Sweeney, The1975
TV 16Sweeney, The1975
TV 202Sweeney, The1978
TV 312Sweeney, The1975
F 113Sweet Bird of Youth1962
F 473Sweet Dreams1985
DVD 715Sweet Hereafter, The1997
DVD 693Sweet Home Alabama2002
DVD 1015Sweet Liberty1986
DVD 186Sweet Sixteen2002
DVD 1597Sweet Sixteen2002
F 1075Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song1971
F 583Sweetie1989
DVD 1068Sweetie1989
F 1031Swept Away1974
F 338Swimmer, The1981
F 507Swimming To Cambodia1987
DVD 1137Swing2002
DVD 2277Swing Time1936
DVD 1280Swoon1992
F 1151Sword Of Doom, The1966
F 864Sword of Vengeance1972
TR 169Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony2000
F 686Sykes1975
F 584Sylvania Waters1992
F 161Sympathy For The Devil1968
DVD 1091Sympathy For The Devil1968
DVD 716Syriana2005
F 1121Taal1999
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
TV 470Table 122001
F 688Table D'olt1953
TV 107Taggart1986
TV 528Taggart1994
TV 529Taggart2000
TV 561Taggart2004
DVD 770Taggart: Dead Ringer1985
DVD 2322Taggart: Death Call1986
DVD 863Taggart: Flesh and Blood1990
DVD 862Taggart: Flesh and Blood1990
DVD 862Taggart: Knife Edge1986
DVD 2321Taggart: Knife Edge1986
DVD 2321Taggart: Murder in Season1985
DVD 864Taggart: Nest of Vipers1991
DVD 862Taggart: Nest of Vipers1991
DVD 2322Taggart: The Killing Philosophy1987
TV 443Take A Girl Like You2000
TV 443Take A Girl Like You2000
TV 443Take A Girl Like You2000
DVD 2380Take Care Of My Cat2001
DVD 2179Take My Eyes2003
TV 341Take That: For The Record2005
F 345Take the High Road1987
TV 108Take the High Road1986
F 345Take the High Road: Take 5001987
DVD 2070Taking of Pelham 123, The2009
F 740Tale of Two Cities, A1935
GB 85Tale of Two Cities, A1958
DVD 1443Tale of Two Cities, A1935
DVD 1796Talented Mr Ripley, The1999
F 778Tales from the Gimli Hospital1988
DVD 2059Tales From The Shipyard: Britain's Shipbuilding Heritage on Film1898-1974
DVD 987Tales of the Unexpected1979
DVD 980Talk Of Angels1998
DVD 531Talk to Her2002
TR 86Talking Loud, Saying Something1995
F 355Talking Pictures1988
F 362Talking Pictures1988
F 389Talking Pictures1988
F 423Talking Pictures: Ken Loach1993
TV 295Talking to a Stranger1966
TV 338Talking to a Stranger1966
TR 164Tam O'Shanter2002
DVD 2120Tangerine2015
DVD 34Tango Lesson, The1996
TR 45Tango with Ninagawa1991
TR 155Tanztheater '93: Spielarten am Stadttheater (The Range in the City Theatres)1994
DVD 429Tape2001
F 228Target for Tonight1941
DVD 717Tarnation2003
F 519Tarnished Angels, The1957
F 699Tarrant On TV1999
F 631Tartan Shorts: Daddy's Gone A-Hunting1994
F 631Tartan Shorts: Latin For A Dark Room1994
F 631Tartan Shorts: Narance1994
DVD 1685Taste of Cherry, The1997
F 70Taste of Honey, A1961
DVD 91Taste of Honey, A1961
F 463Taste the Blood of Dracula1970
GB 62Taste the Blood of Dracula1970
DVD 127Taxi Driver1976
DVD 2272Taxi Tehran2015
DVD 1904Taxidermia2006
F 493Teaching Extracts
TV 88Teaching Extracts : American Network Television1986
TV 190Teaching Extracts : Drama Documentary
TV 82Teaching Extracts : French Television1986
TV 126Teaching Extracts : Medical Melodrama
TV 190Teaching Extracts : Modernist Television
TV 134Teaching Extracts : Non-Classical Cinema Compilation
TV 117Teaching Extracts : Royalty and Television
TV 186Teaching Extracts : That Was The Week That Was
TV 2Teaching Extracts : The Single TV Play

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