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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1596South Bank Show: Ken Loach1993
F 13South Bank Show: Sam Fuller1983
TV 225South of the Border1988
F 231South of the Border1988
F 844South Park1997
DVD 2129South Park2007
DVD 2130South Park2011
F 725South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut1999
F 62South Riding1937
DVD 1522South Riding1937
DVD 1823South Riding2011
DVD 2196Southland Tales2006
TV 161Soviet Television Compilation1988
TV 23Soviet Television: Fact and Fiction (pts 1 & 2)1985
TV 335Space 19991974
F 670Space Precinct1994
F 1040Spaced2001
F 1064Spanish Earth, The1937
F 1162Spanish Gardener, The1956
F 20Spare Time1939
F 29Spare Time1939
DVD 220Spartacus1960
DVD 1800Spartacus: Blood and Sand2009
DVD 1801Spartacus: Gods of the Arena2010
DVD 1802Spartacus: Vengeance2011
DVD 1803Spartacus: War of the Damned2013
TR 91Speak Bitterness1994
F 795Speak Like A Child1998
TV 283Special Inquiry: the Trouble With Auntie1992
DVD 2268Speed1994
DVD 1539Speed Racer2008
F 54Spellbound1945
TV 343Spenser for Hire1985
TR 99Sphinxes without Secrets1991
F 830Spider's Stratagem, The1970
DVD 2090Spies of Warsaw2013
DVD 1836Spirit of '45, The2013
F 1055Spirit of the Beehive1973
DVD 1431Spirit of the Beehive1973
F 605Spirit Of The People1940
F 1155Spirited Away2001
DVD 2314Spirited Away2001
TV 113Spitting Image1986
F 267Splash1984
F 274Split Screen1987
TV 135Split Screen1988
F 714Splitting Heirs1993
DVD 1871SpongeBob Square Pants2004
F 837Spooks2004
DVD 1312Spooks2006
TV 98Sport in the 60s: a TV Revolution2004
TV 454Sportscene2001
F 895Spotswood1992
DVD 275Spotswood1992
F 777Springtime in Greenland1983
F 1087Springtime in Greenland1981
F 178Spy in Black, The1939
GB 152Spy in Black, The1939
F 591Square Peg, The1958
F 643Square Ring, The1953
GB 140Square Ring, The1953
F 685Squibs1935
F 496St Elmo's Fire1985
DVD 463St Elmo's Fire1985
F 533St Elsewhere1990
TV 42St Elsewhere1984
TV 107St Elsewhere1985
TV 147St Elsewhere1986
TV 223St Elsewhere1987
DVD 1055Stage Fright1950
DVD 832Stagecoach1939
F 183Stagecoach (extract)1939
F 692Stalker1979
DVD 1349Stalker1979
F 911Stan and George's New Life1990
DVD 1864Stand Up, Nigel Barton1965
TV 133Stand Up, Nigel Barton1965
F 404Star Chamber, The1983
TV 61Star Cops1987
F 250Star is Born, A1937
DVD 1380Star is Born, A1937
DVD 565Star Maker, The1995
DVD 1545Star Maker, The1995
F 188Star Trek1966
F 917Star Trek1966
TV 253Star Trek1987
TV 461Star Trek1967
DVD 2088Star Trek1967-1968
DVD 2282Star Trek1968-1969
DVD 2284Star Trek1966
TV 271Star Trek - The Next Generation1987
TV 370Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1992
F 1014Star Trek: First Contact1996
TV 252Star Trek: The Next Generation1987
F 255Star Wars (pt 1)1977
F 254Star Wars (pt 2)1977
DVD 236Star Wars: Episode 1 - the Phantom Menace1999
DVD 1577Stardust2007
F 340Stardust Memories1980
F 785Stargate SG-11998
F 553Starman1984
GB 41Stars Look Down, The1939
F 1044Starship Troopers1997
DVD 891Starsky and Hutch2004
DVD 1348Starsky and Hutch2004
F 840Starsky and Hutch1975
TV 38Starsky and Hutch1975
F 490Starstruck1982
TV 177State of the Art1990
TV 177State of the Art1990
TV 169State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
F 467State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
TV 169State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s1986
F 987State of Things, the1982
DVD 1452State of Things, the1982
TV 410Stateless Nations1984
DVD 2123Stations of the Cross2014
TV 359Stay Tooned: Tish Tash Toons1994
TV 606Steamie, The1988
GB 76Steaming1985
F 414Stella Dallas1937
F 123Stella Does Tricks1996
TV 440Stella Street2000
F 639Step Lively1944
F 284Steptoe and Son1972
F 606Steptoe and Son1967
F 612Steptoe and Son1967
F 613Steptoe and Son1967
F 645Steptoe and Son1964
TV 157Steptoe and Son1966
TV 319Steptoe and Son1962
TV 351Steptoe and Son1965
DVD 1580Still Game2002
DVD 1692Still Life2006
F 1040Sting, the1973
F 1048Stingray1964
F 1048Stingray1964
DVD 109Stone1974
F 405Stone Monkey1988
DVD 1426Storm2009
F 929Storm Boy1976
GB 21Storm in a Teacup1937
TV 311Storm in an Egg Cup: The History of TV-AM1992
F 543Storm Over Asia1928
TR 90Stormy Waters1995
TV 562Story of Doctor Who, The2003
DVD 1683Story of Film, The: An Odyssey2011
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 559Story of ITV, The2005
TV 106Story of Royal Broadcasting, The1986
DVD 1166Story of the Weeping Camel, The2003
F 1184Storytelling2001
TR 72Storytelling as Theatre1993
TV 421Storyville: A Cry from the Grave1999
TV 462Storyville: Closing Down2001
F 1090Storyville: Kitchen1997
TV 464Storyville: Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (The Gleaners and I)2000
F 152Storyville: Lost in La Mancha2002
TV 546Storyville: Shadowplay2001
TV 339Storyville: Startup.com2001
F 1081Storyville: Three Salons at the Seaside1994
F 817Storyville: Waco - the Rules of Engagement1997
DVD 521Strange Bedfellows2004
TR 57Strange Fish1993
F 592Stranger in Town1986
F 326Stranger on the Third Floor1940
TV 111Stranger Than Fiction : Mass Observation1985
F 1110Stranger Than Paradise1984
F 104Strangers on a Train1951
DVD 174Straw Dogs1971
DVD 1616Stray Dogs2004
DVD 1176Strayed (Les Égarés)2003
DVD 640Street Corner1948
DVD 1949Street With No Name, The1948
DVD 708Street, The2006
F 112Streetcar Named Desire, A1951
DVD 348Streetcar Named Desire, A1984
DVD 856Streetcar Named Desire, A1951
F 506Streets of Fire1984
DVD 1003Streets of Laredo1995
DVD 89Strictly Ballroom1992
TV 567Strictly Dance Fever2005
TV 567Strictly Dance Fever (The Result)2005
F 152Strictly Sinatra (AKA Cocozza's Way)2001
DVD 1430Strictly Sinatra (AKA Cocozza's Way)2001
F 413Strike1924
DVD 1116Strike1924
TV 12Strike: The Birth of Solidarity (pt 1)1981
TV 13Strike: The Birth of Solidarity (pt 2)1982
F 205Strikebound1983
DVD 2349Stromboli1950
F 315Strong Man, The1926
TR 125Strongest Man In Britain, The2002
F 955Stroszek1977
DVD 1469Stroszek1977
DVD 1476Stroszek1977
DVD 1879Stuart Hall Project, The2013

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