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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 572Seinfeld1991
F 572Seinfeld1991
F 572Seinfeld1991
F 572Seinfeld1991
F 1191Selected Films: Norman McLaren1991
DVD 2119Selfish Giant, The2013
TV 373Selling Houses2004
DVD 351Send Me No Flowers1964
DVD 611Sénéchal le Magnifique1956
DVD 165Sense and Sensibility1995
TV 8Sense of the Past, A1986
F 943Sentimental Bloke, The1932
DVD 1365Sentinel, The2006
DVD 2403Seoul Station2016
TV 555September 11th News Coverage BBC2001
TV 555September 11th News Coverage ITV (pt 1)2001
TV 555September 11th News Coverage ITV (pt 2)2001
TR 42Serjeant Musgrave at the Royal Court1990
TR 56Serpent, The1970
F 786Serpico1973
F 296Set Up, The1949
F 1172Settlement, The1983
F 787Seven1995
DVD 2194Seven1995
F 92Seven Ages1957
DVD 569Seven Beauties1975
F 34Seven Chances1925
GB 138Seven Days to Noon1950
TV 310Seven Faces of Everest1993
TV 221Seven Hundred Club, The1988
DVD 1749Seven Samurai1954
F 700Seven Samurai1954
F 1206Seven Till Five1934
F 184Seven Women1966
DVD 268Seven Year Itch, The1955
F 878Seventh Curse, The1986
F 618Seventh Seal, The1957
DVD 387Seventh Seal, The1957
DVD 1351Seventh Seal, The1957
F 504Seventh Victim, The1943
F 843Seventy-Five Years of BBC Scotland1998
TV 63Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip1958
GB 75Severed Head, A1970
TV 549Sex and Lies: Date Rape2004
F 1025Sex and The City2000
F 711Sex and The City1999
F 826Sex and The City1999
F 826Sex and The City1999
F 826Sex and The City1999
F 826Sex and The City1999
F 331Sex and the City1999
DVD 1625Sex and the City 22010
DVD 1595Sex and the City: The Movie2008
DVD 2055Sex Lives of the Potato Men2004
DVD 1238Sex, Lies and Videotape1988
DVD 1585Shadow Line, The2011
F 75Shadow of a Doubt1943
DVD 296Shadow of a Doubt1943
TR 73Shadow of a Gunman, The1995
F 579Shadows1959
DVD 643Shadows1959
F 545Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors1964
F 933Shadows of the Peacock1987
F 1072Shaft1971
F 1073Shaft in Africa1973
F 1073Shaft's Big Score1972
DVD 41Shakespeare In Love1998
DVD 824Shakespeare Retold2005
F 1103Shakespeare Wallah1965
DVD 321Shall We Dance1937
DVD 1524Shallow Grave1994
TR 87Shame1988
F 479Shame1987
TV 150Shameless2004
TV 150Shameless2004
TV 150Shameless2004
TV 150Shameless2004
TV 150Shameless2004
TV 150Shameless2004
DVD 2397Shameless, The2015
F 245Shampoo1975
DVD 672Shampoo1975
F 587Shane1953
F 71Shanghai Express1932
F 10Shanghai Gesture, The1941
TV 510Shanghai Vice1999
F 1200Shape of Things2003
DVD 2073Sharknado2013
DVD 2181Shaun of the Dead2004
DVD 2198Shawshank Redemption, The1994
F 325She Wore A Yellow Ribbon1949
DVD 303She Wore a Yellow Ribbon1949
F 1085She's All That1999
F 548She's Gotta Have It1986
DVD 1284She's Gotta Have It1986
TV 347She's Out1995
TV 347She's Out1995
TV 346She's Out1995
TV 346She's Out1995
TV 346She's Out1995
TV 347She's Out1995
DVD 1418Sheik, The1921
F 687Sheltering Sky, The1990
DVD 1804Sherlock2010
DVD 1805Sherlock2011
DVD 2283Sherlock2013
DVD 2115Sherlock Holmes2009
TV 526Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles1988
TV 235Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampire1992
F 147Sherlock Junior1924
DVD 1424Sherlock Junior1924
F 937Shimmering Light1978
F 905Shine1996
DVD 92Shine1996
F 738Shining, The1980
TR 15Ship, The1990
TR 51Ship, The1990
TV 443Shipwrecked2001
F 898Shiralee, The1957
DVD 1910Shiri1999
DVD 1310Shirin2008
GB 3Shirley Valentine1989
F 931Shivers1975
F 709Shoah (pt 1)1985
F 710Shoah (pt 2)1985
F 913Shock Corridor1963
F 544Shoestring1979
TV 313Shoestring1980
F 1123Sholay1975
DVD 43Sholay1975
DVD 975Shooting Dogs2005
F 1114Shooting Fish1997
DVD 2238Shooting Stars (Blu-ray)1928
TV 178Shooting the Chandelier1977
TV 503Shooting the Past1999
DVD 1299Shooting the Past1999
TV 503Shooting the Past1999
DVD 1613Shooting, The1966
DVD 994Shootist, The1976
DVD 382Shop Around the Corner, The1940
F 132Shoreline, The1984
F 389Shorelines: Three Artists from Orkney1985
F 1178Short Cuts1993
DVD 814Short Cuts1993
TR 61Short Film About Loving, A : Profile of Peter Sellars1995
DVD 1835Shortbus2006
F 74Shoulder Arms1918
TV 338Shoulder to Shoulder1974
DVD 1291Show Boat1951
DVD 1518Show Goes On, The1937
DVD 1262Show Me Love1998
F 945Show Me The Money2000
F 237Show People1928
DVD 360Shree 4201955
DVD 1311Shrek2001
F 832Shrink Rap: Salman Rushdie2008
F 107Shunter Black's Night Off1943
DVD 774Si Te Dicen Que Caí (If They Tell You I Fell...)1992
F 1169Siam Sunset1999
DVD 1484Sicilia!1998
DVD 1807Side By Side2012
TV 436Sighthill Stories2008
DVD 1034Sign of the Cross, The1932
TV 237Signals : Post-glasnost Russian theatre1988
F 449Signals: The Day Comics Grew Up1989
F 546Signals: The Secret Life Of The Soviet Union1990
DVD 1859Silence2011
DVD 1667Silence of Lorna, The2008
DVD 157Silence of the Lambs, The1991
DVD 929Silencio Roto (Broken Silence)2001
F 773Silent Feminists, The: America's First Women Directors1992
DVD 493Silent Partner2001
F 106Silent Village, The1943
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
DVD 1179Silk2007
F 242Silk Stockings1957
DVD 1401Silkwood1983
DVD 455Silly Symphonies: Historic Musical Animated Classics1929-1939
DVD 54Silsila1981
F 596Simba1955
GB 31Simba1955
F 359Simon and Laura1955
TV 196Simon Ngubane: Still On Strike1987
TV 320Simon of the Desert1965
F 1091Simple Men1992
F 1050Simple Plan, A1998
DVD 1109Simpsons, The1989-1990
F 575Simpsons, The1993
F 976Simpsons, The1996
F 915Simpsons, The1998
TV 460Simpsons, The2001
TV 460Simpsons, The1991
DVD 734Sin City2005
TV 411Sinatra: Dark Star2005
DVD 1518Sing As We Go1934
F 64Sing As We Go1934
F 370Singin' In The Rain1952

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