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Source IDTitleYearVOD
GB 40Repulsion1965
F 859Reputations: Hitch - Alfred the Auteur1999
TV 464Reputations: John Betjeman2001
DVD 246Requiem for a Dream2000
TV 51Requiem for a Heavyweight1956
F 690Reservoir Dogs1991
DVD 417Responsive Eye, The1965
GB 127Restless Natives1985
DVD 1447Restless Natives1985
F 943Return Home1990
DVD 406Return Home1990
F 428Return of Frank James, The1940
F 419Return of Sherlock Homes, The1988
TV 66Return of the Saint1978
DVD 1439Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The1938
F 860Return of the Streetfighter1974
DVD 2114Return To Cranford2010
DVD 1002Return To Lonesome Dove1993
F 763Return To Never Land2002
GB 38Return To The Edge Of The World1978
GB 74Return To Yesterday1940
DVD 1821Returned, The2012
F 239Reunion In France1942
F 49Revenge1990
F 1051Revenge of Frankenstein1958
DVD 584Revenge of the Pink Panther1978
TV 535Reversals2003
TR 27Review of the Arts 19881988
TR 15Review of the Arts 19901990
TV 139Review: Moscow Popular Culture1987
F 726Revolution1985
GB 32Revolution1985
TV 128Rich Man, Poor Man1976
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
F 1022Richard Blackwood Show, the2001
TV 263Richard Dimbleby: Voice of the Nation1990
F 464Richmond Hill1988
TV 229Richmond Hill1988
TV 395Ricki Lake1996
TV 517Ricki Lake2003
F 251Riddles of the Sphinx1977
DVD 2432Riddles of the Sphinx (Blu-ray)1977
F 632Ride The High Country1962
F 559Rides1992
DVD 1596Riff Raff1990
F 723Riff Raff1991
GB 36Riff Raff1990
DVD 46Rififi1955
F 342Right To Reply1987
TV 438Right To Reply2000
F 447Right to Reply trailer1987
F 415Right To Reply: soap powder commercials (extract only)1988
DVD 1657Righteous Kill2008
F 927Rikky and Pete1988
F 1149Ring1998
DVD 1738Ring1998
DVD 1764Ring 21999
DVD 1737Ring O2000
F 851Ring of Spies1963
F 810Ringo and His Golden Pistol1965
TV 149Rink, The1916
F 97Rio Bravo1959
DVD 992Rio Bravo1959
F 1106Riot on Sunset Strip1967
DVD 1849Ripper Street2012
F 1019Rising Damp1977
TV 134Rising Damp1974
F 44Risky Business1983
F 101Riso Amaro1949
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 491River City2003
TV 491River City2003
TV 491River City2003
F 311RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 317RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 318RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 322RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 323RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
TV 40RKO Story, The: Tales From Hollywood1987
F 828Road to Guantanamo, The2006
DVD 2361Road to Perdition2002
F 40Road to Yesterday, The1925
TR 174Roadmetal Sweetbread2000
F 200Roadside Drama1958
F 213Roaring Twenties, The1939
DVD 1358Roaring Twenties, The1939
DVD 1632Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive2006
F 970Rob Roy1995
F 712Rob Roy the Highland Rogue1953
F 153Robbery1967
F 604Robbery Under Arms1957
F 1186Robe, The1953
DVD 413Robe, The1953
TV 116Robert Burns: A Journey1987
TR 132Robert Wilson's Hamlet: The Making of a Monologue1995
GB 58Robin and Marian1976
F 656Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves1991
F 3Robinson Crusoe1954
DVD 1259Robinson Crusoe1954
TV 432Robinson In Space1997
F 969Robot Wars2000
F 87Robot Wars Extreme2001
F 788Rocco and His Brothers1960
TV 307Rock and Roll Years, The (1956)1985
F 398Rock and Roll Years, The (1968)
F 309Rock and Roll Years, The (1972)1987
DVD 1337Rock Around The Clock1956
F 1016Rock, The1996
DVD 1096Rockaby2001
TV 90Rocket To The Moon1986
F 334Rockets Galore1958
F 554Rockford Files, The1974
F 98Rockliffe's Babies1987
F 1063Rocky1976
DVD 126Rocky1976
DVD 1993Rocky Horror Picture Show, The1975
DVD 1863Rocky Road To Dublin1968
F 1135Roger and Me1989
F 466Roger Rabbit and the Secrets of Toon Town1988
TV 62Roll On 4 O'Clock1971
DVD 652Roman Holiday1953
DVD 749Romance1999
F 510Rome, Open City1945
DVD 1043Rome, Open City1945
DVD 17Romeo and Juliet1996
F 1079Romeo and Juliet1968
F 1092Romeo and Juliet1996
F 911Romper Stomper1992
DVD 221Romper Stomper1992
F 335Ronnie Corbett Show, The1987
F 918Room 1012000
F 948Room 1012000
TV 446Room 1012001
DVD 2344Room 2372012
F 183Room at the Top1958
DVD 1196Room at the Top1958
F 825Room for Romeo Brass, A1999
TV 580Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker2005
GB 59Room With A View, A1985
DVD 2081Room, The2003
DVD 357Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja1993
TR 28Roots1991
F 293Rope1948
DVD 104Rope1948
F 475Roseanne1988
F 609Roseanne1992
DVD 1103Roseanne1988
TR 137Roseland1990
F 457Rosemary's Baby1968
F 1071Rosetta1999
F 978Roswell High2000
F 1157Rouge1987
TR 39Routes 1 & 91982
TR 142Rover, The1995
TR 119Roy Cohn / Jack Smith1994
F 209Royal Family at War1992
F 1184Royal Tenenbaums, The2001
F 343Royal Wedding (Prince William and Kate Middleton)2011
DVD 1253Royle Family, The1998-2000
DVD 2311Royle Family, The1999
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
TV 515Royle Family, The1998
DVD 1253Royle Family, The: The Queen of Sheba2006
TV 557RTS Huw Wheldon Lecture: The Golden Age of TV: Myth or Reality?2005
TV 115Ruby1992
DVD 76Rude Boy1980
TR 166Rudolf Laban's Dance Works (1923-1928)1992
DVD 456Rules of Attraction, The2002
F 553Rumpole of the Bailey (TV Heaven)1977
DVD 2182Run Fatboy Run2007
TV 168Run Lola Run1998
DVD 18Run Lola Run1998
F 145Run of the Arrow1956
F 1048Run Silent, Run Deep1958
DVD 1229Runaway2001
DVD 2411Rurangi2020
DVD 1950Rush2013
F 355Rush Hour1941
F 1061Rushmore1999
DVD 396Rushmore1999
F 43Russell Crowe's Greatest Fights2003
DVD 782Russian Ark2002
DVD 227Russian Doll2001
DVD 1510S. A. Mann Brand1933
TR 147S.A.F.E.1996

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