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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 427Pi1998
DVD 1255Pi1998
DVD 654Piano Teacher, The2001
F 785Piano, The1992
DVD 470Piano, The1992
DVD 1286Piccadilly1929
DVD 1121Pickpocket1959
DVD 1498Pickwick Papers, The1985
F 239Picnic1955
F 167Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 927Picnic At Hanging Rock1975
DVD 134Picnic at Hanging Rock1975
F 640Picture Of Dorian Gray, The1945
TV 389Pictures of Women: Sexuality Clips0
F 92Pied Piper1956
F 619Pierrot Le Fou1965
TV 233Pigeon Street1981
F 74Pilgrim, The1923
DVD 349Pillow Talk1959
TV 574Pimp My Ride2005
TV 574Pimp My Ride2005
GB 83Pimpernel Smith1941
DVD 1634Pina2011
TR 129Pina Bausch and ballet in Germany (PB und das Ballet in Deutschland)1998
TR 129Pina Bausch and Her Dancers1990
F 1077Pink Flamingos1972
DVD 37Pink Flamingos1972
DVD 584Pink Panther Strikes Again, The1976
DVD 584Pink Panther, The1963
F 676Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
GB 19Pink String And Sealing Wax1945
TR 132Pioniere in Ingolstadt2002
F 517Pit and the Pendulum1961
F 243Pitfall1948
DVD 2077Place Beyond the Pines, The2012
F 329Place In the Sun, A1951
DVD 1558Planet Earth (Blu-ray)2006
F 755Planet In My Pocket1995
DVD 2401Planet Of Snail2011
TR 28Plastered1984
DVD 1009Platform2000
F 715Platoon1986
DVD 2046Platoon1986
TR 79Play and the Social World1994
TV 317Play For Today: Hard Labour1973
TV 271Play For Today: Rainy Day Women1984
TV 318Play For Today: The Fishing Party1972
TV 317Play For Today: The Spongers1978
TV 1Play for Today: United Kingdom1981
F 834Play It Again Sam1972
F 378Play Misty for Me1971
F 141Play Your Cards Right1985
DVD 753Player, The1992
F 1097Playful Muse, The
TV 472Playful Muse, The2002
GB 100Playing Away1986
TV 398Playing Doctor1996
DVD 905Playing Unfair: the media image of the female athlete2002
DVD 2240Playtime1967
DVD 124Pleasantville1998
F 1198Pleasantville1998
TV 480Pleasure Beach1998
TV 480Pleasure Beach1998
DVD 1536Pleasure Garden, The1957
TV 535Pleasureland2003
DVD 1767Pleasures of the Flesh1964
TR 100Pleasures of Unhinibited Excess, The1991
F 1179Pledge, The2001
DVD 1700Plug and Pray2010
F 285Plumber, The1978
F 338Plumbum1986
TR 125Plushies and Furries2003
DVD 2300Pocahontas1995
F 723Point Blank1967
DVD 952Point Blank1967
F 316Point of Order1963
F 237Points of View1986
F 345Points of View1987
DVD 1888Pokemon: Indigo League1997
DVD 1889Pokemon: Indigo League1997
DVD 1890Pokemon: Indigo League1997
TV 503Poliakoff on Film: Shooting the Present2001
TV 272Police Rescue1990
F 616Police Squad1982
TV 343Police Squad1982
TV 294Police Surgeon1960
TV 465Police: A Complaint of Rape1982
DVD 2421Polite Society2023
F 474Poltergeist1982
F 966Poltergeist 2: The Other Side1986
F 1105Polyester1981
DVD 1658Polyester1981
TV 479Pommies1997
F 961Pool of London1950
DVD 1596Poor Cow1967
TV 586Pop Britannia2008
TV 586Pop On Trial: the 1950s2008
TV 586Pop On Trial: the 1960s2008
F 240Popeye1937
TV 481Popstars: The Rivals2002
TV 481Popstars: The Rivals2002
F 288Popular Culture: British Cinema of the 1930s1980
F 294Popular Culture: British Cinema of the 1930s1980
F 85Popular Culture: Popular Television1982
TV 532Porn: a Family Business2003
TV 532Porn: a Family Business2003
F 88Porridge1976
TV 424Porridge1977
DVD 549Porridge1975
F 702Port Line, The1965
F 305Porterhouse Blue1987
F 309Porterhouse Blue1987
TR 165Portrait (Porträt - Querschnitt)
GB 51Portrait From Life1949
DVD 158Portrait of a Lady, The1996
TR 109Portrait of Michael Meschke1984
F 947Portrait Or Bust1994
F 866Posse1975
DVD 719Possible Worlds2000
TV 142Postman Always Rings Twice, The1946
F 187Postman Always Rings Twice, The1981
F 977Postman, The (pt 1)1997
F 978Postman, The (pt 2)1997
GB 58Postmark for Danger1955
DVD 1170Pot Luck2002
F 238Potsdam v Glasgow City (live women's football)2011
F 884Poughkeepsie Shuffle: Tracing the French Connection2000
F 69Power Game, The1965
DVD 1587Power of Nightmares, The: The Rise of the Politics of Fear2004
TV 277Power of Soap, The1992
TV 249Power Station, The (excerpt)1991
TV 27Practice, The1985
GB 73Prague1992
TR 160Praying Mantis Dreaming1992
DVD 1639Predator1987
TV 454Premiership, The2001
F 332Prénom Carmen1983
DVD 2434Pressure1975
DVD 2135Prestige, The2006
DVD 699Pretty Baby1978
DVD 2252Prevenge2016
DVD 1598Price of Coal, The1977
GB 82Prick Up Your Ears1987
F 734Pride and Prejudice1940
DVD 622Pride and Prejudice2005
F 764Pride and Prejudice1993
DVD 754Pride and Prejudice1995
F 649Pride and Prejudice1995
TV 401Pride and Prejudice1995
F 667Pride and Prejudice: From Page To Screen1995
DVD 691Priest1994
DVD 714Primal Fear1996
TV 502Prime Minister's Question Time2003
F 1141Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The1969
DVD 683Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The1969
TV 444Prime Suspect1991
TV 375Prime Suspect1995
TV 405Prime Suspect2003
TV 405Prime Suspect2003
TV 475Prime Suspect (pilot episode)1991
TV 490Prime Suspect 31993
TV 473Prime Suspect: Errors of Judgement1996
TV 474Prime Suspect: The Lost Child1995
TV 474Prime Suspect: The Scent of Darkness1995
DVD 792Prince of Tides, The1991
DVD 2408Princess Bride, The1987
DVD 1264Princess Diaries, The2001
DVD 1745Princess Mononoke1997
F 740Prisoner of Zenda, The1937
F 465Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
F 491Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
TV 167Private Function, A1984
GB 115Private Life of Henry VIII, The1933
F 687Private Life of Plants, The1995
GB 20Private's Progress1956
F 144Private's Progress (pt 1)1956
F 109Private's Progress (pt 2)1956
F 642Problem Child1990
DVD 2201Producers, The2006
F 502Professionals, The1981
TV 478Profile of John Schlesinger2002
F 1124Profile: Linton Kwesi Johnson2002
DVD 548Profiler1996-1997
F 700Profiles: John Travolta2000
TV 232Profiling Ian Rankin2008
F 19Progress Report1946
F 19Progress Report II1948
TV 501Project, The2002
TV 501Project, The2002
F 668Projection Racket, The1995
F 897Proof1991
DVD 403Proof1991
F 494Propaganda: The Image and its Power1989
TV 246Propaganda: The Image and its Power1989
TV 373Property Chain, The2003
F 535Prostitute1926
TV 337Protectors, The1971
F 302Protest Wofur: Underground Cinema New York1987
F 369Proud Valley, The1940
DVD 1403Proud Valley, The1940

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