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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 2045Minority Report2003
DVD 1724Miranda2009
DVD 1725Miranda2010
F 24Mirror1974
F 406Mirror1975
DVD 1114Mirror1975
DVD 2042Mirror Boy, The2011
DVD 1583Misfits2009
DVD 1584Misfits2010
DVD 1630Misfits, The1961
DVD 1195Misfits, The1961
TR 108Miss Julie1972
TR 107Miss Julie1986
DVD 1975Miss Sadie Thompson1953
DVD 996Missing, The2003
GB 130Mission, The1986
F 887Mission: Impossible1996
F 649Mississippi Burning1988
TV 217Mister Belvedere1988
TV 138Mod 19871987
TV 296Modern Art: Film Montage1995
F 110Modern Times1936
DVD 229Modern Times1936
TR 180Molière1978
TV 214Molly Dodd1988
DVD 807Momma Don't Allow1956
F 1035Mon Oncle1958
DVD 865Mon Oncle1958
GB 57Mona Lisa1986
DVD 681Monarch of the Glen2000
TV 543Monarch of the Glen2003
TV 543Monarch of the Glen2003
TV 545Monarchy2004
TV 545Monarchy2004
TV 545Monarchy2004
DVD 1165Monday Morning2002
F 1127Mondo Macabro2001
F 1126Mondo Macabro: World's Weirdest Movies2001
F 248Money Movers1978
TV 197Money Programme, The1988
F 537Money Programme, The: HDTV The European Challenge1990
TV 249Money Programme, The: Satellite Television (excerpt)1990
F 48Monkey Business1952
DVD 327Monkey Business1931
TV 232Monocled Mutineer, The1987
DVD 1070Monocled Mutineer, The1986
DVD 1369Monsoon Railway2005
DVD 1369Monsoon Railway2005
DVD 87Monsoon Wedding2001
DVD 468Monster2003
GB 104Monte Carlo or Bust1969
TV 517Montel Williams2003
GB 11Monty Python and the Holy Grail1975
DVD 2337Monty Python's Flying Circus1969
TV 110Monty Python's Flying Circus
TV 335Monty Python's Flying Circus1969
TV 353Monty Python's Flying Circus1969
DVD 2257Moon2009
F 1045Moon and Sixpence, The1942
DVD 2436Moonlight2016
F 116Moonlighting1988
F 213Moonlighting1986
F 353Moonlighting1987
F 282Moonlighting1987
F 293Moonlighting1986
F 363Moonlighting1987
DVD 1838Moonrise Kingdom2012
DVD 625More Sex and Drugs
TV 591More Than A Game1992
F 22Morecambe and Wise Show, The1982
GB 18Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment1966
GB 88Morning Departure1950
TV 232Morning in the Streets1959
F 290Morning in the Streets1959
F 631Morocco1930
F 912Mortgage1989
TV 218Morton Downey1988
DVD 732Morvern Callar2001
DVD 1776Most Beautiful, The1944
DVD 267Most Dangerous Game, The1932
TV 396Most Wanted1997
DVD 324Motel Hell1980
DVD 1483Mother Beast - Mother Human1998
TR 114Mother Courage1960
F 1123Mother India1957
DVD 42Mother India1957
DVD 1462Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven1975
TV 262Mother Love1989
TV 262Mother Love1989
F 138Mother, Jugs and Speed1976
F 542Mother, The1926
DVD 389Mother, The2003
F 1199Mother, The2003
F 861Mothra vs Godzilla1992
DVD 1751Mothra vs Godzilla1964
DVD 874Motorcycle Diaries, The2004
DVD 235Moulin Rouge2001
F 767Mourning Becomes Electra1947
F 935Mouth To Mouth1978
TV 479Movers and Shakers1997
F 403Movie Masterclass: Lindsay Anderson on My Darling Clementine1987
F 483Moving Out1982
F 688Mower Madness1939
DVD 2244Mr and Mrs Smith2005
DVD 381Mr Bechara1996
F 281Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (pt 1)1948
F 282Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (pt 2)1948
DVD 322Mr Deeds Goes to Town1936
F 811Mr Hulot's Holiday1952
F 171Mr Majestyk1974
F 501Mr Skeffington1944
F 120Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
DVD 1429Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
F 934Mr Thunderbird2000
F 977Mrs Brown1997
TR 58Mrs Mills and Mr Boon1986
F 1120Mrs. Doubtfire1993
DVD 202Ms. 451981
F 1074MTV (Various)2001
F 1082Much Ado About Nothing1993
F 822Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 197Mulholland Drive2001
F 1078Multiple Maniacs1970
F 1062Multiplicity1995
DVD 1393Münchhausen1943
TV 364Munsters, The1964
TV 370Munsters, The1965
GB 114Murder Ahoy1964
TV 592Murder Capital2009
F 1202Murder On A Sunday2001
GB 47Murder Without Crime1950
DVD 68Murderers Are Among Us, The1946
F 892Muriel's Wedding1994
DVD 83Muriel's Wedding1994
TV 622Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie2015
TV 622Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie2015
TV 622Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie2015
F 630Music For The Movies: Bernard Herrmann1992
GB 136Music Lovers, The1970
TV 78Music of Lennon and McCartney, The1965
DVD 461Mutiny on the Bounty1935
DVD 1219Mutiny On The Buses1972
DVD 1552My African Farm1988
GB 90My Ain Folk1973
F 273My Beautiful Laundrette1985
DVD 842My Beautiful Laundrette1985
DVD 1482My Best Fiend1999
F 938My Brilliant Career1979
DVD 409My Brilliant Career1979
DVD 1293My Brother's Wedding1983
F 456My Childhood1972
GB 90My Childhood1972
F 403My Darling Clementine1946
DVD 846My Darling Clementine1946
F 536My English Grandfather (AKA Robinson Crusoe in Georgia)1986
DVD 655My Fair Lady1964
TV 426My Family2000
TV 368My Family and Autism2003
F 703My Favourite Wife1940
F 534My Filmmaking - My Life1990
F 537My Friend Ivan Lapshin1986
F 505My Hustler1965
DVD 93My Life as a Dog1985
DVD 1887My Little Pony2010
DVD 289My Man Godfrey1936
F 1173My Mother Frank2000
F 985My Name Is Joe1998
DVD 1597My Name is Joe1998
F 1155My Neighbour Totoro1988
TR 82My Other Grandmother1994
F 1102My Own Private Idaho1991
DVD 1032My Parents Are Aliens2000
DVD 2391My Sassy Girl2001
DVD 1274My So-Called Life1994
DVD 482My Son The Fanatic1997
F 633My Way Home1978
DVD 1923My Wife Is A Gangster2001
DVD 528Mysterious Skin2004
DVD 2152Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The1935
F 1109Mystery Train1989
DVD 1249Mystic Pizza1988
DVD 763Mystic River2003
F 1175Nadja1994
F 1037Naked1993
DVD 1113Naked Among Wolves1963
TV 193Naked Chef, The2000
DVD 2215Naked City1948
F 68Naked City, The1961
TV 53Naked City, The1961
F 295Naked City, The1948
TV 11Naked Civil Servant, The1975
F 1084Naked Kiss, The1964
F 1164Naked Truth, The1957
TV 123Name's The Same, The2005
GB 39Nanny, The1965
F 30Nanook of the North1921
DVD 2247Nanook of the North1921
DVD 1124Napoleon1927
F 82Napoleon (pt 1)1927
F 83Napoleon (pt 2)1927

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