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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 476Mapantsula1988
DVD 1387Maradona by Kusturica2008
TR 38Marat / Sade, The1966
DVD 2151Marathon Man1976
DVD 1075March of the Penguins2005
TV 95March of Time, The (pt 2)1986
DVD 807March To Aldermaston1959
TR 174Mare's Nest2002
DVD 1947Margaret Lockwood Collection, The1938-1950
DVD 835Margaret Tait Selected Films 1952-19761952-1976
DVD 1175Maria Full of Grace2004
DVD 1964Marie Antionette2006
F 274Marilyn on Marilyn2001
TR 40Marina & Lee1991
DVD 205Marion and (&) Geoff2000
F 89Mark of the Vampire1935
F 472Marked Woman1937
TV 294Marked Woman1937
F 349Marlene Dietrich Documentary1984
TV 38Marlowe - Private Eye1984
F 86Marnie1964
DVD 53Marnie1964
DVD 393Marooned In Iraq2002
DVD 1014Marriage Circle, The1924
F 699Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1454Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1466Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1672Marriage of the Blessed1989
DVD 1569Married With Children1987
DVD 1709Marseille2004
DVD 1489Martha1974
DVD 1843Martha Marcy May Marlene2011
DVD 2054Martha Marcy May Marlene2011
F 526Martin1976
DVD 1497Martin Chuzzlewit1994
TV 349Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Feel Like Going Home2003
TV 28Marty1955
TV 102Marty1968
DVD 2298Mary and Max2009
F 347Mary Reilly1996
F 829Mary Tyler Moore Show1977
DVD 2323Mary Tyler Moore Show, The1970-1971
TV 42Mary Tyler Moore Show, The1975
F 773Masala1991
TV 350MASH1973
F 339MASH1978
TV 80MASH1972
TV 414MASH1978
TV 414MASH1978
TV 414MASH1978
TV 398MASH1974
TV 194MASH1976
TV 194MASH1975
TV 194MASH1975
TV 194MASH1975
DVD 1957MASH1972-1973
DVD 1976MASH1973-1974
F 868Mask, The1994
TR 134Masque of Malabar
F 529Masque of the Red Death, The1964
F 872Masquerade1953
TR 177Master Builder1994
DVD 1878Master, The2012
TR 159Masterpiece: Paul Mercurio-Life's Burning Desire1992
TV 136Masterteam 871987
DVD 2395Mata Hari1931
DVD 2178Mataharis2007
DVD 308Matinee1993
F 757Matinee1993
DVD 555Matrimonio All'Italiana1964
DVD 13Matrix, The1999
F 1067Matrix, The1999
TV 441Matter of Convenience, A1987
F 169Matter of Life and Death, A1946
F 1017Maverick1994
DVD 632Max and Paddy's The Power of Two2005
F 455Max Headroom1988
TV 76Max Headroom1985
F 1086Maya Deren: Collected Experimental Films
DVD 1622Maya Deren: Experimental Films1943-1959
F 1156Maybe, Maybe Not (AKA Most Desired Man AKA Der Bewegte Mann)1994
DVD 794Maylady, The1998
DVD 1866Mayor of Casterbridge, The1977
GB 143Maytime in Mayfair1949
GB 31McKenzie Break, The1970
DVD 1621McLuhan's Wake2002
F 191Me and My Girl1984
DVD 1247Me Without You2001
F 96Me, Myself and Irene2000
DVD 2388Mean Girls2004
DVD 2388Mean Girls 22011
DVD 61Mean Streets1973
F 1131Mean Streets1973
TV 81Meantime1983
TR 157Measures Taken, The1987
TR 162Medea2001
TR 6Medea1970
F 375Media Show, The1987
F 292Media Show, The1987
F 447Media Show, The1987
TV 181Media Show, The1988
TV 181Media Show, The1988
TV 133Media Show, The1987
TV 191Media Show, The1988
TV 320Media Show, The1988
TV 128Media Show, The : MTV Europe1987
TV 224Media Show, The: British Cinema1988
TV 249Media Show, The: Broadcasting Bill 19891989
TV 249Media Show, The: Broadcasting Bill 1989 (excerpt)1989
F 306Media Show, The: French Television1987
TV 253Media Show, The: Germany1990
TV 234Media Show, The: Liverpool in the Media1989
TV 249Media Show, The: Satellite Television (excerpt)1990
F 552Media Show, The: Sex and the Cinema1990
TV 279Media Show, The: Sex and the Soviet Media1991
F 410Media Show, The: TV 20001988
TV 333Medics1994
F 809Mediterraneo1992
DVD 39Medium Cool1969
F 1116Medium Cool1969
F 446Meet Marlon Brando1965
DVD 2302Meet Mr Lucifer1953
F 227Meet Mr Lucifer1953
F 947Meet The Ancestors2000
F 677Meet The Applegates1991
F 1146Meet The Parents2000
F 413Meghe Dhaka Tara1960
F 789Melodrama Rides The Rails1961
DVD 222Memento2000
DVD 727Memoirs Of A Geisha2005
DVD 476Memories1995
GB 74Memories and Dreams1993
DVD 1927Memories of Murder2003
GB 6Memphis Belle, The1944
DVD 2079Men Behaving Badly1991-1998
F 680Men Behaving Badly1995
DVD 2049Men Of Honour (Blu-ray)2000
F 1095Men of Respect1991
F 612Men Only: In The Firing Line1994
F 170Men Who Changed Football, The2001
F 719Men, The1950
TV 162Merchant Seamen1941
F 355Merchant Seamen1941
F 671Merrill's Marauders1962
F 628Message For Posterity1994
DVD 885Message In A Bottle1999
DVD 172Messiah2001
DVD 489Metal Skin1994
TR 14Metamorphosis1987
F 377Metropolis1927
F 434Metropolis1927
DVD 656Metropolis1927
TV 451Metrosexuality2001
F 331Metrosexuality2001
TR 117Meyerhold's Theatre and Biomechanics1999
TV 204Miami Vice1988
DVD 1094Miami Vice1984-1985
F 919Michael1996
F 487Michael Barrymore's Saturday Night Out1989
F 800Michael Collins1996
F 839Michael Douglas: Favourite Films1992
TV 128Michael Jackson's 'Bad' Video1987
TV 585Michael Jackson: What Really Happened2007
TV 573Michael Moore and Me2005
DVD 454Mickey Mouse in Living Colour1939-2001
TV 233Micro File: Computer Graphics Special1988
TV 340Middlemarch1994
TR 80Midgley
F 36Midnight Caller1988
DVD 943Midnight Cowboy1969
TV 233Midnight Lace1960
TV 354Midnight Movie1993
TR 7Midsummer Night's Dream, A1981
TV 467Midsummer Night's Dream, A1996
TR 48Midsummer Night's Dream, A1999
TV 16Mike Hammer1984
DVD 212Mikey and Nicky1976
DVD 1703Milchwald2003
F 241Mildred Pierce1945
F 1139Mildred Pierce1945
F 734Milestone, The: A Natural and Unnatural History of Ailsa Craig1990
DVD 1998Milk2009
DVD 1528Milky Way, The1968
F 6Milky Way, The1968
F 706Millenium1996
F 324Millhouse: A White Comedy1971
DVD 474Million Dollar Baby2004
F 238Million Pound Drop Live, The2012
F 336Millions Like Us1943
TR 159Mimi - An Evening with Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre1988
TV 539Mind Bites: Music2000
F 129Minder1980
F 892Minder1984
TV 55Minder1980
TV 55Minder1980
TV 55Minder1980
TV 350Minder on the Orient Express1985
TV 157Miners' Strike Campaign Tape Project1984
F 504Ministry of Fear1944
F 440Minnelli On Minnelli: Liza Remembers Vincente1987

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