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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 2363Laurel and Hardy: Pack Up Your Troubles1932
DVD 2363Laurel and Hardy: Pardon Us1931
TV 548Laurel and Hardy: Perfect Day1929
DVD 2366Laurel and Hardy: Saps at Sea1940
DVD 2367Laurel and Hardy: short talkies (1)1929-1930
DVD 2368Laurel and Hardy: short talkies (2)1931-1932
DVD 2369Laurel and Hardy: short talkies (3)1932-1935
DVD 2370Laurel and Hardy: silents (1)1927-1929
DVD 2371Laurel and Hardy: silents (2)1927-1929
DVD 2363Laurel and Hardy: Sons of the Desert1933
DVD 2365Laurel and Hardy: Swiss Miss1938
DVD 2364Laurel and Hardy: The Bohemian Girl1936
DVD 2365Laurel and Hardy: The Flying Deuces1939
TV 549Laurel and Hardy: The Midnight Patrol1933
TV 548Laurel and Hardy: Thicker Than Water1935
DVD 2365Laurel and Hardy: Way Out West1937
F 1201Laurel Canyon2002
TR 29Laurence Olivier: A Life1982
F 229Lavender Hill Mob, The1951
TV 147Laverne and Shirley1976
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 305Law and Order1978
TV 305Law and Order1978
DVD 1088Law and Order1978
DVD 534Law and Order: Special Victims Unit1999-2000
DVD 1691Lawnmower Man, The1992
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
DVD 1441Laxdale Hall1953
DVD 1316Le Bonheur1964
F 52Le Boucher1969
DVD 610Le Diable et les Dix Commandements1962
DVD 1167Le Fate Ignoranti2000
F 156Le Gai Savoir1968
DVD 2350Le Joli Mai1963
F 619Le Mépris1963
DVD 1119Le Mépris1963
DVD 609Le Mouton à Cinq Pattes1954
F 730Le Petit Soldat1963
TR 130Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring)1998
TV 74Leader, His Driver and His Driver's Wife, The1991
DVD 552Leader, His Driver and His Driver's Wife, The1991
TV 617Leaders' Debate, The - Scotland2015
DVD 1973League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The2003
GB 94League of Gentlemen, The1960
DVD 441League of Their Own, A1992
F 683Learning Zone: BFI Curriculum 2000 Conference1996
F 1161Leather Boys, The1964
DVD 932Leave It To Beaver1957
F 817Leaving1987
F 896Lee Evans: Wired and Wonderful Live at Wembley2008
F 173Left Right and Centre1985
GB 35Left, Right and Centre1959
DVD 2387Legally Blonde2001
DVD 2387Legally Blonde 22003
F 1162Legend of Leigh Bowery, The2003
F 909Legend Of Lylah Clare, The1968
DVD 817Leila1996
TV 122Lena, O My Lena1960
TV 54Lent1984
F 247Les Carabiniers1963
DVD 1375Les Enfants Terribles1950
DVD 1184Les Petit Vacances2006
DVD 1217Les Rendez-Vous D'Anna1978
F 19Let Glasgow Flourish1952
DVD 1321Let The Right One In2008
TV 284Let's Go Nationwide1991
DVD 1105Letter From An Unknown Woman1948
F 306Letter to Brezhnev, A1985
DVD 2261Levelling, The2016
DVD 1860Leviathan2012
F 1107Liam2000
DVD 1483Liberators Take Liberties1991
TV 424Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II1992
DVD 941Libertarias1996
TV 30Licking Hitler1977
DVD 2331Lie of the Land, The2007
F 383Liebelei1932
F 208Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The1943
TV 199Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The1986
TV 199Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The1986
TV 199Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The1986
TV 200Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The1986
TV 222Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The1986
F 651Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean, The1972
TV 91Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, The1980
DVD 424Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The2004
DVD 1386Life is a Miracle2004
DVD 563Life Is Beautiful1997
DVD 810Life Of Brian1979
F 943Life Of Grime, A2000
DVD 804Life On Mars2005
DVD 1970Life Story2014
DVD 962Life With Elizabeth1954
F 869Life's A Pitch2000
F 51Lifeboat1944
DVD 203Light of Faith, The1922
DVD 1844Like Crazy2011
DVD 1600Likely Lads, The1976
TV 101Likely Lads, The1964
TV 295Likely Lads, The1964
TV 359Likely Lads, The1964
F 1061Likely Lads, The1965
DVD 200Lilya 4-Ever2002
TV 284Lime Grove: Children's Television1991
TV 284Lime Grove: The Television Years1991
DVD 1828Limmy's Show!2010
DVD 2138Lincoln2012
DVD 1554Lip Service2010
TV 308Lipstick On Your Collar1993
TV 306Lipstick On Your Collar1993
TV 307Lipstick On Your Collar1993
F 336Listen To Britain1941
F 107Listen To Britain1941
TV 58Little and Large Show, The1985
DVD 2416Little Caesar1931
F 250Little Caesar1931
F 249Little Caesar1931
F 72Little Colonel, The1935
DVD 1556Little Dieter Needs To Fly1998
F 45Little Foxes, The1941
TV 209Little Girl Lost1988
F 291Little Man, What Now?1934
F 630Little Minister, The1934
DVD 2233Little Miss Sunshine2006
DVD 2231Little Shop of Horrors, The1960
F 724Little Voice1998
F 743Little Women1949
DVD 2303Littlest Rebel, The1935
TV 403Live 8 (afternoon)2005
TV 403Live 8 (evening pt 1)2005
TV 403Live 8 (evening pt 2)2005
DVD 1074Live Aid1985
TV 482Live Cricket: Ashes 2005 (pt 1)2005
TV 482Live Cricket: Ashes 2005 (pt 2)2005
TV 482Live Cricket: Ashes 2005 (pt 3)2005
TV 482Live Cricket: Ashes 2005 (pt 4)2005
DVD 529Live Flesh1997
DVD 988Lives of Others, The2006
DVD 2144Living and the Dead, The2016
DVD 1587Living Dead, The1995
DVD 1279Living End, The1992
TV 294Living For Kicks1960
F 1081Living In Oblivion1995
DVD 252Living in Oblivion1995
TR 43Living Theatre: Through the Flames1985
TV 422Living With Michael Jackson2003
TV 517LivingTV ad break and trailers2003
F 1170Lizard King, The1987
F 258Local Hero1983
DVD 59Local Hero1983
TV 210Local NBC News1988
TV 404Location Location Location2004
TV 547Location Location Location2002
DVD 1788Loch Ness1996
F 212Locket, The1946
DVD 1123Locket, The1946
F 666Lodger, The: A Story Of The London Fog1926
F 980Lola1981
DVD 1488Lola1981
DVD 373Lola and Bilidikid1999
F 502Lola Montes1955
F 390Lola Montes1955
DVD 664Lolita1997
TV 432London1994
DVD 1721London 2012 Olympic Games2012
F 198London Belongs to Me1948
GB 7London Belongs to Me1948
F 30London Can Take It1940
DVD 2167London River2009
F 355London Scrapbook1942
F 486London Story, The1986
TV 328London's Burning1993
F 484Lone Ranger, The1950
DVD 1840Lone Star1996
F 1139Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner1962
F 922Lonely Hearts1981
F 762Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, The1987
DVD 1001Lonesome Dove1988
TV 118Long Arm, The1956
GB 29Long Arm, The1956
F 666Long Day Closes, The1992
TR 47Long Day's Journey into Night1988
F 31Long Goodbye, The1973
DVD 343Long Goodbye, The1973
F 856Long Hot Summer1958
TV 428Long Weekend, the1978
DVD 1057Long Weekend, the1978
TV 245Longford2006
DVD 2069Look Around You2002
DVD 1211Look at Life: Swingin' London1959
F 16Look Back in Anger1959
TR 23Look Back in Anger1989
DVD 1518Look Up And Laugh1935
DVD 505Looking For Alibrandi2000
DVD 2062Looking For Eric2009
TR 101Looking for Franz Kafka1995
DVD 1518Looking On The Bright Side1932
DVD 492Looney Tunes: All Stars Volume 1

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