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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1856Alcohol Years, The2000
F 544Alexander Nevsky1938
DVD 2180Alfie2004
GB 12Alfie1966
F 201Alfie1966
DVD 805Alias2001-2002
TV 362Alias Smith and Jones1975
F 1189Alice1988
DVD 1125Alice1988
DVD 2065Alice1990
F 610Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
DVD 828Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
DVD 1450Alice in the Cities1974
F 989Alice in the Cities1974
TV 41Alice in Wonderland1966
DVD 188Alice in Wonderland1966
F 1068Alice Through The Looking Glass1998
F 203Alien1979
DVD 1937Alien1979
DVD 2029Alien 31992
DVD 2030Alien Resurrection1997
F 392Alien trailer1979
F 1104Aliens1986
DVD 211Aliens1986
DVD 850Alistair Cooke's America1972-1973
TV 578Alistair Cooke's America1972
TV 157Alistair McGowan's Big Impression2001
F 704Alistair McGowan's Big Impression2001
GB 86Alive and Kicking1956
F 1009All About Eve1950
DVD 1126All About Eve1950
DVD 530All About My Mother1999
F 33All Creatures Great and Small1989
DVD 478All In The Family1971
DVD 1752All Monsters Attack (Godzilla's Revenge)1969
TV 120All My Children1987
TR 63All My Sons
F 168All Quiet on the Western Front1930
DVD 2384All Quiet On The Western Front1930
DVD 868All That Heaven Allows1955
F 783All That Heaven Allows1955
F 17All That Jazz1979
DVD 136All That Jazz1979
TV 431All That Jazz1979
F 378All the President's Men1976
DVD 1254All the President's Men1976
DVD 106All The Rivers Run1983
F 1077All the Vermeers in New York1990
F 4All the World's A Stage: Chekhov & Stanislavsky1983
TR 157All the World's A Stage: Razzmatazz and Realism
DVD 658All Things Fair1995
DVD 580All'onorevole Piacciono le Donne1972
DVD 1357Alladeen2003
DVD 258Ally McBeal1998
F 855Ally McBeal1997
DVD 262Ally McBeal1998
DVD 259Ally McBeal1998
DVD 261Ally McBeal1998
F 1016Ally McBeal1999
DVD 263Ally McBeal1998
TV 461Ally McBeal1999
DVD 260Ally McBeal1998
F 924Ally McBeal1998
F 937Ally McBeal2000
DVD 1938Almost Brothers2004
DVD 79Almost Famous2000
F 1146Almost Famous2000
TV 251Alt TV: Mr Mkhize's Portrait2004
TR 79Alt-TV: Clowns in the Hood
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
F 657Always1989
F 430Aly Meets the Cajuns1988
F 591Amateur Cinema Compilation1933
F 1207Amateur Cinema Compilation1932
F 722Amateur Cinema: Home Movies Compilation1932
TV 550Amateur Cinematography1948
DVD 2047Amazing Grace2006
F 324America Is Hard To See1970
DVD 1832America's Next Top Model2003
DVD 458American Beauty1999
TR 118American Buffalo1996
DVD 731American Cousins2002
F 954American Friend, The1977
DVD 1451American Friend, The1977
F 419American Gigolo1980
F 284American Graffiti1973
DVD 1American Graffiti1973
F 1059American History X1998
DVD 2239American Honey2016
F 103American Hot Wax1978
F 270American in Paris, An1951
TV 121American Network News1987
F 725American Pie1999
DVD 1347American Pie 22001
DVD 2203American Pie: The Wedding2004
DVD 199American Psycho2000
DVD 341American Splendor2003
F 146Americans in Britain1943
TR 161Amiable Conqueror, The: Dancing at the Courts of Europe1991
DVD 562Amici Miei1975
DVD 2032Amityville Horror, The2005
DVD 2031Amityville Horror, The1979
F 1179Amores Perros2000
DVD 733Amores Perros2000
GB 6Amorous Prawn, The1962
DVD 619Amos 'N Andy Show, The1951-1953
DVD 1743An Actor's Revenge1962
TV 596An Adventure in Space and Time2013
DVD 1028An Audience With Adrienne2006
DVD 1029An Audience With Adrienne (films made for)2006
DVD 2136An Education2009
F 406An Enemy of the People1989
F 526An Exercise in Discipline - Peel1982
DVD 2202Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004
TR 86Ancient Drama - Contemporary Views1989
TR 48Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy1992
TR 173Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy: Revolution and Rebirth (Modern Theatrical Reform and its Debt to Antiquity)1991
DVD 1695Anderson Tapes, The1971
TV 487Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
DVD 1356Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
TV 584Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
F 463Android1982
DVD 1120Andromeda Strain1971
F 381Andy Capp1988
TV 220Andy Griffith Show, The1961
F 1075Andy Warhol's Bad1977
TV 489Angel2002
F 79Angel1982
TV 460Angel2001
DVD 2336Angel2000-2001
F 634Angel At My Table, An (A Trilogy)1990
F 456Angel Face1952
TV 565Angela Cannings - the Real Story2005
F 44Angela Rippon Reporting: The Soap Opera Business1980
F 1104Angela's Ashes1999
TV 541Angels in America: pt 1 - Millennium Approaches2003
TV 541Angels in America: pt 2 - Perestroika2003
F 1165Angels One Five1953
F 214Angels with Dirty Faces1938
DVD 1713Angels' Share, The2012
DVD 327Animal Crackers1930
DVD 2291Animal Farm1954
F 959Animal Hospital2000
TV 396Animal Hospital1997
TR 79Animal Tragic2002
TV 393Animal Zone1997
F 187Animation at Cambridge1985
F 1189Animation Classics1949
TV 177Animation Compilation1990
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
DVD 2223Anna and the King of Siam1946
F 756Anna Christie1930
F 590Anna Karenina1935
F 422Anne Devlin1984
F 337Annie Hall1977
F 416Annie's Coming Out1984
TV 127Another Country1984
DVD 1727Another Country1984
GB 66Another Country1984
F 783Another Day in Paradise1998
F 1175Another Girl Another Planet1992
DVD 1410Another Time, Another Place1983
TV 37Another Time, Another Place1983
TV 264Another World1989
F 737Answering Back1991
TV 415Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway2004
DVD 1543Antichrist2009
TR 3Antigone1986
TV 417Antiques Roadshow1998
F 1102Antonia's Line1995
DVD 669Antwone Fisher2002
F 293Antz1998
DVD 760Aparajito1956
DVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
F 136Apocalypse Now1979
F 889Apollo 131995
DVD 410Apollo 131995
DVD 1413Applause1929
DVD 788Apple, The1997
F 599Appointment in Honduras1953
GB 100Appointment in London1953
F 1192Apprentice, The2007
TV 574Apprentice, The2006
DVD 2035Arbor, The2010
TR 103Architecture for Babies1990
DVD 935Are You Being Served?1972-1973
TV 7Arena : Dario Fo1984
TV 34Arena at 302005
F 20Arena: 'Coalface', 'Night Mail' & 'Spare Time'1983
TV 3Arena: Akira Kurosawa1986
TV 231Arena: Bergman and Faro Island2004
F 439Arena: Byrne About Byrne1988
TV 34Arena: Chelsea Hotel1981
F 744Arena: Dear Antonioni1997
TV 119Arena: Dennis Potter1987

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