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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1680Hidden Half, The2001
TR 104Hidden J1994
F 20High Anxiety1977
F 637High Hopes1988
TV 283High Interest: Sick as a Parrot1992
F 633High Life, The1994
DVD 1448High Life, The1994
F 575High Noon1952
DVD 318High Noon1952
F 1166High Road2003
F 1194High School II1994
F 749High Sierra1941
F 1039High Society1956
DVD 128High Tide1987
DVD 518High Times2004
TV 579Highland Hoots2007
F 761Highland Stramash: A Theatre Tour of the Highlands1992
DVD 2197Highlander1986
F 951Highlander1986
F 952Highlander 21991
F 698Highlander 3: The Sorcerer1995
F 782Highway 611991
F 12Hill Street Blues1980
F 28Hill Street Blues1980
F 70Hill Street Blues1981
F 384Hill Street Blues1986
F 412Hill Street Blues1986
TV 16Hill Street Blues1983
TV 38Hill Street Blues1983
TV 181Hill Street Blues1986
TV 237Hill Street Blues1987
DVD 1095Hill Street Blues1981
DVD 515Hills Have Eyes, The1977
DVD 1302Hills, The2007
TV 588Hillsborough1996
F 1011Hillsborough1996
DVD 906Hip Hop: beyond beats and rhymes2006
F 142His Girl Friday1940
DVD 372His Girl Friday1940
DVD 1223His Kind Of Woman1951
DVD 1694Histoire(s) du Cinema1988-1998
DVD 1150Historias Mínimas2002
DVD 946History Boys, The2006
F 431History Detectives, The2007
DVD 250History Lessons2000
F 631History Man, The1985
DVD 758History of Britain, A2000
F 951History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
TV 554History of Britain, A2000
GB 124History of Mr Polly1949
F 294Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The1981
DVD 1508Hitler Youth Quex (Hitlerjunge Quex)1933
F 1000Hitler's Henchmen: Goebbels2000
TR 167Hitler's Olympia: the Nazi Olympics 19361936
TV 441Hitler: The Private Man2000
GB 88Hobson's Choice1953
TR 9Hobson's Choice1953
TV 119Hogan's Heroes1966
F 1041Holby City2001
F 1148Hole, The2001
DVD 460Holiday1938
TV 397Holiday1997
DVD 1219Holiday On The Buses1973
TV 479Holiday Reps1997
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
TV 469Hollwood Greats: Doris Day2002
GB 126Holly and the Ivy, The1952
TV 461Hollyoaks2002
DVD 634Hollyoaks Dance Workout2004
F 422Hollywood1979
TV 134Hollywood1979
F 1177Hollywood Composers: Erich Korngold2003
F 718Hollywood Greats: Gene Kelly2000
F 803Hollywood Greats: Judy Garland2000
TV 469Hollywood Greats: Steve McQueen2002
F 568Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
F 577Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
TV 325Hollywood UK: British Cinema in the Sixties1993
DVD 630Hollywood Workout, The2003
TV 436Holocaust1978
TV 351Holy Cross2003
GB 111Holy Matrimony1943
DVD 2048Home Alone1990
DVD 2437Home Alone1990
DVD 2437Home Alone 2: Lost In New York1992
F 471Home and Away1988
F 477Home and Away1988
F 555Home and Away1992
TV 175Home and Away1991
TV 236Home and Away1988
GB 65Home at Seven1952
F 407Home From The Hill1959
DVD 1552Home From The Hill1986
TV 433Home Front2000
F 943Home Front In The Garden2000
F 106Home International Darts1985
F 402Home Movies Compilation 21946
F 956Home Show, The2000
F 966Home Sweet Home2000
F 1111Honest2000
F 547Honey I Blew Up The Kid1992
F 178Honeymoon1959
DVD 1185Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.2007
TV 238Honeymooners, The1955
TV 227Hong Kong Television Compilation (1)1988
TV 228Hong Kong Television Compilation (2)1988
F 395Hooperman1987
F 159Hooray for Hollywood1976
F 207Hooray for Holyrood: True Confessions of the Edinburgh Film Festival1986
GB 68Hope and Glory1987
TV 52Horizon: How to Film the Impossible1985
DVD 1891Horrible Histories2009
DVD 1892Horrible Histories2010
DVD 1893Horrible Histories2011
DVD 1894Horrible Histories2012
DVD 1895Horrible Histories2013
DVD 1210Horror of Dracula1958
DVD 327Horse Feathers1932
F 222Hospital1969
DVD 1926Host, The2006
DVD 1729Hostel2005
TV 189Hot Rock, The1972
TV 546Hot Spots: Indonesia2004
TV 479Hotel1997
TV 242Hotel in Amsterdam2003
DVD 1217Hotel Monterey1972
DVD 542Hotel Rwanda2004
DVD 519Hotel Sorrento1995
TV 372Hound of The Baskervilles, The1968
DVD 735Hours, The2002
F 853House Divided, A1913
TV 373House Invaders2003
DVD 1214House is Black, The (AKA Khaneh siah ast)1962
F 550House of Bamboo1955
DVD 1797House of Eliott, The1992
DVD 538House of Flying Daggers2004
DVD 168House of Mirth, The2000
GB 48House of the Seven Hawks1959
DVD 2227House on Telegraph Hill1951
DVD 1272House on the Haunted Hill1959
DVD 570House With Laughing Windows, The1976
DVD 1915Housemaid, The2010
F 258Housing Problems1936
F 1174How Clean is Your House?2003
DVD 1327How Green Was My Valley1941
TR 100How Much is that Nigger in the Window1991
F 592How The West Was Lost1987
TV 11How To Be Celtic: Scotland1983
DVD 695How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days2003
F 889How To Make An American Quilt1995
DVD 452How To Marry A Millionaire1953
F 1079How To Marry A Millionaire1953
DVD 1992How To Survive A Plague2012
TR 13Howard Barker Profile: Refuse to Dance1986
F 662Howards End1992
DVD 315Howards End1992
F 932Howling 3: The Marsupials1987
TV 364HRH The Princess Margaret: Memories of VE Day1995
F 558Hue and Cry1946
GB 11Hue and Cry1947
TV 32Hughie Green: Most Sincerely2008
DVD 1130Hukkle2001
DVD 140Hum Aapke Hain Koun1994
DVD 141Hum Saath-Saath Hain1999
DVD 142Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam2002
DVD 590Human Body, The1998
DVD 2075Human Centipede 2, The2011
F 429Human Desire1954
DVD 665Human Lanterns1982
DVD 666Human Lanterns1977
DVD 526Human Remains2003
DVD 1656Human Traffic1999
DVD 295Hunchback of Notre Dame, The1939
F 555Hunger, The1983
F 783Hungry Hill1947
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
TV 500Hunt for Britain's Paedophiles, The2002
F 1161Hunted1952
DVD 1663Hunter, The2010
DVD 1594Hurt Locker, The2008
F 784Hush-a-Bye Baby1989
F 317Hustle1975
DVD 2066Hustler, The1961
TV 184Huw Wheldon Lecture1988
F 72I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang1932
F 1043I Am Cuba1964
DVD 511I Am Trying To Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco2002
F 1167I Believe in You1952
F 52I Confess1953
TV 434I Don't Believe It: The One Foot in the Grave Story2000
DVD 1491I Don't Just Want You To Love Me1993
TV 202I Drew Roger Rabbit1988
DVD 2155I Even Met Happy Gypsies1967
DVD 1146I for India2005

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