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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 56Eldorado1992
TV 56Eldorado1992
TV 56Eldorado1992
F 704Election1999
TV 619Election 2015: Scotland (pt 1)2015
TV 619Election 2015: Scotland (pt 2)2015
TV 619Election 2015: Scotland (pt 3)2015
TV 619Election 2015: Scotland (pt 4)2015
TR 133Electra1988
DVD 1615Electra Glide In Blue1973
DVD 638Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell and Kenyon1900-1905
DVD 1778Electric Shadows2004
F 741Elegy: For Those Who Died In The Gulf War1991
DVD 1825Elementary2013
DVD 426Elephant2003
F 420Elephant Boy1937
GB 95Elephant boy1937
F 101Elephant Man, The1980
DVD 861Elephants' Graveyard, The1976
TV 291Eleventh Hour : The Year of the Bodyguard1982
F 288Eleventh Hour: Amy!1980
TV 89Eleventh Hour: Are You Being Served (Well)?1986
TV 291Eleventh Hour: Epic Poem1982
TV 132Eleventh Hour: Europe After The Rain1978
F 285Eleventh Hour: Films by Margaret Tait1987
F 26Eleventh Hour: In The Forest1978
F 420Eleventh Hour: Invocation Maya Deren1987
TV 17Eleventh Hour: Ireland - The Silent Voices1983
F 279Eleventh Hour: Long Live The New Flesh - The Films Of David Cronenberg1987
TV 29Eleventh Hour: Maeve1981
F 26Eleventh Hour: Margaret Tait Film Maker1983
TV 19Eleventh Hour: Normal Vision / Finnegan's Chin1983
TV 52Eleventh Hour: Photographic Exhibits / Property Rites1984
F 287Eleventh Hour: Red Skirts on Clydeside1984
F 386Eleventh Hour: Rocinante1986
TV 67Eleventh Hour: Scratch Videos (pt 1)1985
TV 67Eleventh Hour: Scratch Videos (pt 2)1985
TV 68Eleventh Hour: Scratch Videos (pt 3)1985
F 468Eleventh Hour: Serious Undertakings1983
F 369Eleventh Hour: T. Dan Smith1987
F 486Eleventh Hour: The Black Tower1987
F 500Eleventh Hour: The World is Watching1988
F 467Eleventh Hour: Variety1983
F 453Eleventh Hour: Women Direct1985
TV 170Eleventh Hour: Women Direct1985
TV 170Eleventh Hour: Women Direct1985
DVD 1644Elisa, Vida Mía1977
TR 153Elizabeth1999
TR 153Elizabeth1999
TR 153Elizabeth1999
F 1013Elizabeth1998
DVD 374Elizabeth1998
F 1198Elizabeth1998
TR 93Elizabeth I2005
TR 93Elizabeth I2005
TR 97Elizabeth Lecompte (Wooster Group) Interview1990
TV 330Elizabeth R1971
DVD 990Ellen1996
F 464Elstree: Britain's Hollywood1989
F 465Elstree: Britain's Hollywood1989
GB 152Elusive Pimpernel, The1950
TR 40Emanuelle Enchanted1992
DVD 195Emerald City1988
GB 153Emerald Forest, The1986
TV 104Emergency Ward 101964
DVD 2097Emergency Ward 101959-1960
DVD 164Emma1996
F 488Emma1997
F 928Emmerdale2000
TV 72Emmerdale Farm1979
TR 170Emperor Jones2001
F 958Empire Exhibition1938
F 174Empire Exhibition1938
F 421Empire Exhibition, The: 50 Years On1988
DVD 1735Empire of the Passions (Ai No Borei)1978
F 5Empire Road1979
TV 263Empire: Rupert Murdoch1990
DVD 610En Avant La Musique1963
DVD 1117Enchanted Cottage, The1945
DVD 1331Enchanted Cottage, The1945
DVD 2255Encounters at the End of the World2007
DVD 1598End of Arthur's Marriage, The1965
F 543End of St Petersburg, The1927
TV 33End of the Line1983
TV 33End of the Line1983
TV 33End of the Line1983
F 163End, The1978
DVD 1787Endeavour2011
F 69Ends and Means1983
F 760Enemy at the Gates2001
TV 168Enemy of The State1998
DVD 807Enginemen1959
TV 194England Expects2004
TV 194England Expects2004
F 113English File: Arthur Miller and 'The Crucible'1983
DVD 964English Patient, The1996
TV 123English Programme, The : Genre : 'Brookside'1987
TV 117English Programme, The : Understanding TV: Guidelines1986
TV 117English Programme, The: A Sense of Audience1987
F 262English Programme, The: Understanding Television 'Widows'1987
F 1168Enigma2001
DVD 1472Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, The1974
TR 102Enter Achilles1996
F 876Enter The Dragon1973
TR 22Entertainer, The1960
TR 21Entertaining Mr Sloane1969
F 824Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass1931
TR 98Enunciation, or What the Oxen Said, The1995
F 341Equalizer, The1987
F 610Equalizer, The1986
TV 136Equalizer, The1987
TV 145Equalizer, The1987
TV 198Equinox: Freud Under Analysis1987
F 432Equinox: Malltime1987
TV 392Equinox: When Pigs Ruled The World1997
F 941ER1994
TV 355ER1994
TV 374ER1995
DVD 605ER1994-1995
TV 374ER1995
DVD 196Eraserhead1977
DVD 751Erin Brockovich2000
F 964Eroticist, The1971
DVD 247Erotique1994
F 349Escape Of The Amethyst1956
TV 74Escape to Athena1979
DVD 773España Otra Vez (Spain Again)1969
F 1143Essex Boys1999
DVD 431Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004
DVD 213Eternal, The1998
DVD 494Etre et Avoir2002
TR 2Eumenides1983
DVD 1169Eureka2000
F 425Eurocops1988
TV 226Eurocops1988
TV 229Eurocops1988
TV 197Eurocops1987
TV 224Eurocops1987
DVD 1083European Children's TV2008
TV 513Eurovision Song Contest (pt 1)2008
TV 513Eurovision Song Contest (pt 2)2008
TR 154Eurythmics and Jaques-Dalcroze: Fabian Bautz
DVD 1473Even Dwarfs Started Small1969
DVD 2177Even The Rain2010
TV 330Evening in With David Attenborough, An (pt 1)1994
TV 330Evening in With David Attenborough, An (pt 2)1994
TV 218Evening with David Letterman A1988
DVD 1341Evergreen1934
DVD 807Every Day Except Christmas1957
F 1097Everybody Says I'm Fine2001
F 189Everyman: John Lennon: A Journey In The Life1985
TV 364Everyman: The Fall of Saigon1995
DVD 1306Evil2003
DVD 1239Evil Dead, The1982
F 308Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
GB 66Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
TR 42Ewan MacColl: A Portrait0
TV 386Ex-S: Bill Douglas: On Stony Ground1992
F 716Ex:S: Making Reel History1996
F 287Ex:S: The Drowned Village2000
TV 553Ex:S: The Glen Cinema Disaster2005
GB 9Excalibur1981
GB 137Excalibur1981
F 174Exercise Movie1958
DVD 1132Exils (aka Exiles)2004
DVD 1618Existenz1999
DVD 2122Exorcism of Emily Rose, The2005
F 858Exorcist, The1973
DVD 730Exotica1994
F 4Exterminating Angel, The1962
DVD 1108Extra Girl, The1923
F 202Extraordinary Adventures of Mister West in the Land of the Bolsheviks, The1924
TV 418Extras2005
TV 418Extras2005
TV 418Extras2005
TV 418Extras2005
TV 418Extras2005
TV 560Extreme Makeover UK2005
TV 560Extreme Makeover UK2005
DVD 231Extremities1986
F 528Eyes On The Prize: America at the Racial Crossroads1990
F 530Eyes On The Prize: America at the Racial Crossroads1990
F 1053Eyes Wide Shut1999
F 1035Eyewitness1981
TR 149Eza Complique
TV 313Fabian of the Yard1955
DVD 5Face Off1995
GB 60Face the Music1954
TV 104Face to Face: Adam Faith1961
TV 36Face to Face: Gilbert Harding1960
TV 478Face to Face: John Schlesinger1993
F 259Face to Face: Lord Reith1961
TV 236Face to Face: Lord Reith1961
TV 158Face to Face: Martin Luther King1961
F 419Face to Face: Tony Hancock1960
TV 397Face Value1997
F 454Faces1968
DVD 644Faces1968
DVD 332Fahrenheit 9/112004
DVD 1909Fail-Safe1964

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