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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 520Dolls2002
F 1068Don1997
DVD 566Don Camillo Monsignore...Ma Non Troppo1961
DVD 225Don's Party1976
DVD 2224Don't Bother To Knock1952
DVD 1338Don't Knock The Rock1956
DVD 421Don't Look Back1967
F 450Don't Look Now1973
GB 67Don't Look Now1973
TV 458Don't Panic: The Dad's Army Story2000
TV 212Donahue1988
DVD 453Donald Duck Collection1934-1941
DVD 1717Donkeys2010
DVD 207Donnie Darko2001
DVD 439Donnie Darko (Director's cut)2001
F 1041Doom Generation, The1995
F 836Doors, The1991
DVD 94Doors, The1991
F 1108Double Agent 731974
DVD 2256Double Agent 731974
F 35Double Indemnity1944
DVD 851Double Indemnity1944
DVD 785Double Life of Veronique, The1991
DVD 1557Double Take2009
TV 326Down Among the Big Boys1993
DVD 31Down By Law1986
DVD 1391Down to the Sea in Ships1922
F 365Down Where The Buffalo Go1988
DVD 401Down With Love2003
DVD 1542Downfall2004
DVD 1551Downton Abbey2010
TV 398Dr Finlay's Casebook1970
TV 111Dr Finlay's Casebook1964
TV 353Dr Finlay's Casebook1965
DVD 1271Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
F 749Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1931
DVD 525Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1932
DVD 525Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1941
DVD 1218Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde1971
F 37Dr Kildare1965
F 290Dr No1962
F 433Dr Strangelove1963
GB 139Dr Terror's House of Horrors1965
DVD 1019Dr. 902102004
TV 71Dracula1931
DVD 1202Dracula1931
DVD 1782Dracula (Blu-ray)1958
DVD 1206Dracula AD19721972
F 307Dracula Prince of Darkness1966
F 204Dracula's Daughter1936
F 1020Dragnet1987
F 50Dragnet1956
F 1055Dragon Rapide1986
DVD 1929Dragon Wars2007
F 920Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story1993
TV 573Drama Documentary: Imagining the Truth2005
DVD 2106Draughtsman's Contract, The1982
F 23Draughtsman's Contract, The1982
TR 76Drawing on a Mother's Experience1988
TR 170Drawing on a Mother's Experience1988
TR 148Dream Girls1994
TV 597Dream Me Up Scotty2013
F 780Dreamland: A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895-19391974
DVD 1855Dreams of a Life2011
TV 131Dreams of Leaving1979
DVD 903Dreamworlds 3: desire, sex and power in music video2007
F 191Dressed to Kill1980
F 107Drifters1929
F 753Drifters1929
F 399Drifting Clouds1997
DVD 2424Drifting Flowers2008
DVD 1655Driver's Seat, The1974
GB 63Drowning by Numbers1988
GB 116Drum, The1938
F 63Duck Soup1933
DVD 327Duck Soup1933
F 944Due South1996
F 165Duel in the Sun1946
DVD 709Duel in the Sun1946
GB 113Duelists, The1977
DVD 962Duffy's Tavern1954
F 696Dumb and Dumber?2000
TR 26Dumb Waiter, The1984
DVD 486Dumbo1941
TV 102Dusty1967
F 51Dynasty1981
F 455Dynasty1989
TV 23Dynasty1985
TV 246Dynasty1989
DVD 2281Dynasty1981-1982
F 530E.T. The Extraterrestrial1982
TV 461E4 ad break and trailers2002
DVD 1352Eagle vs Shark2007
F 1207Early Bird, The1965
TV 406Early Broadcasting - British National Culture
F 1116Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers (pt 1)1895
F 1024Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers (pt 2)1900
F 1008Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers (pts 1 & 2)1895
DVD 1963Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers (pts 1 & 2)1895-1910
F 563Early Russian Cinema : A Child of the Big City1913
F 560Early Russian Cinema : A Fish Factory in Astrakahn1908
F 565Early Russian Cinema : A Life For A Life1916
F 560Early Russian Cinema : A Sixteenth Century Russian Wedding1909
F 565Early Russian Cinema : Antosha Ruined by a Corset1916
F 565Early Russian Cinema : Behind the Screen1917
F 561Early Russian Cinema : Christmas Eve1913
F 563Early Russian Cinema : Daydreams1915
F 560Early Russian Cinema : Drama in a Gypsy Camp Near Moscow1908
F 565Early Russian Cinema : For Luck1917
F 561Early Russian Cinema : Merchant Bashkirov's Daughter1913
F 560Early Russian Cinema : Princess Tarakanova1910
F 560Early Russian Cinema : Romance with Double-Bass1911
F 560Early Russian Cinema : Rusalka1910
F 562Early Russian Cinema : Silent Witnesses1914
F 560Early Russian Cinema : Sten'ka Razin1908
F 563Early Russian Cinema : The 1002nd Ruse1915
F 560Early Russian Cinema : The Brigand Brothers1912
F 564Early Russian Cinema : The Departure of a Great Old Man1912
F 561Early Russian Cinema : The Dragonfly and the Ant1913
F 565Early Russian Cinema : The Funeral of Vera Kholodnaia1919
F 562Early Russian Cinema : The House in Kolomna1913
F 561Early Russian Cinema : The Lilly of Belgium1915
F 562Early Russian Cinema : The Peasants' Lot1912
F 562Early Russian Cinema : The Queen of Spades1910
F 564Early Russian Cinema : The Queen of Spades1916
F 565Early Russian Cinema : The Revolutionary1917
F 561Early Russian Cinema : Wedding Day1912
DVD 1086Early Summer1951
F 535Early Sunday Morning1987
F 185Early TV
F 59Earth1930
DVD 743Earth1998
F 1195Earthquake1974
TR 141East1999
F 1014East is East1999
DVD 853East Of Eden1954
GB 42East of Piccadilly1940
F 65EastEnders1987
F 94EastEnders1985
F 179EastEnders1985
F 370EastEnders1988
F 656EastEnders1985
TV 90EastEnders1986
TV 27EastEnders1985
TV 95EastEnders1986
TV 141EastEnders1987
TV 486EastEnders2001
TV 502EastEnders2003
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 123EastEnders2005
TV 368EastEnders2005
TV 589EastEnders2009
F 648EastEnders1995
TV 548EastEnders (pt 1)2004
TV 548EastEnders (pt 2)2004
TV 509EastEnders: the Mitchells - Naked Truths1998
F 452Easter trailer and continuity BBC21989
TV 361Easy Money1947
DVD 26Easy Rider1969
F 671Easy Riders: The Story Of Easy Rider1995
F 882Eat, Drink, Man, Woman1994
TV 174Ed Gein2000
F 1193Ed Wood1994
DVD 266Ed Wood1994
DVD 893Edge Of Darkness1985
TV 390Edge of Darkness1985
TV 391Edge of Darkness1985
TV 391Edge of Darkness1985
DVD 1714Edge Of Dreaming, The2010
DVD 1133Edge of Heaven, The2006
F 541Edge of Night
DVD 1652Edge of the World, The1937
DVD 923Edinburgh Cine and Video Society 70th Anniversary Compilation
DVD 922Edinburgh Cine and Video Society President's Night Compilation
TV 97Edna, the Inebriate Woman1971
GB 77Educating Rita1983
DVD 2126Edvard Munch1974
F 555Edward and Mrs Simpson1978
GB 59Edward II1991
TR 53Edward II1991
F 796Edward Muybridge, Zoopraxographer1974
F 727Edward Scissorhands1990
TV 156Edward the Seventh (VII)1975
F 790Edwin S. Porter Films1903
DVD 1460Effi Briest1974
F 412Eight and a Half (8½)1963
F 234Eighty Days, The1944
TR 142Einstein On The Beach: the Changing Image of Opera1985
TV 206Eisenhower and Lutz1988
DVD 481Ek Din 24 Ghante2003
DVD 2382Ekaterina (Catherine)2014
DVD 1705Ekstase1933
DVD 2412Ekstra (The Bit Player)2013
DVD 936El Año de las Luces1986
DVD 1402El Dorado1966
DVD 930El Viaje de Carol2002
F 573Eldorado1993

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