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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 579De Hollywood A Tamanrasset1989
TR 173Dead Class
TR 54Dead Class
TR 58Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men1988
DVD 1360Dead End1937
DVD 491Dead Heart1996
F 940Dead Letter Office1997
DVD 500Dead Letter Office1998
DVD 1004Dead Man's Walk1996
DVD 1512Dead of Night1945
F 140Dead of Night1945
GB 33Dead of Night1945
F 102Dead Reckoning1947
F 736Dead Ringers1988
DVD 1067Dead Ringers1988
DVD 1290Dead Set2008
F 332Dead Zone, The1983
F 1205Deadly Bees, The1966
DVD 776Deadwood2004
DVD 1906Dealer2004
DVD 1025Dear Frankie2004
GB 63Dear Murderer1947
DVD 384Death and the Maiden1994
F 1021Death Hunt1981
DVD 99Death in Brunswick1991
DVD 820Death In Venice1971
F 142Death in Venice (pt 1)1971
F 143Death in Venice (pt 2)1971
GB 27Death Line1972
DVD 2084Death Note2006
TV 245Death Of A President2004
TV 292Death of A Princess1980
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 567Death on the Staircase2004
DVD 2332Death Watch (Blu-ray)1980
DVD 1265December Boys2006
GB 155December Bride1990
TV 102Dee Time1968
F 1183Deep End, The2001
F 993Deep Red1975
F 854Deer Hunter, The1978
DVD 85Deer Hunter, The1978
F 462Def II ident and trailer1989
F 462DEF II: That Was Then, This Is Now1988
F 537Defence Counsel Sedov1988
F 455Defence of the Realm1985
F 784Defiant Ones, The1958
DVD 2329Defiant Ones, The1958
DVD 783Dekalog (parts 1 to 5)1988
DVD 784Dekalog (parts 6 to 10)1988
DVD 2063Delirious1991
TV 70Dempsey and Makepeace1985
TV 95Dempsey and Makepeace1986
TV 332Dennis Potter: A Life in Television1994
TV 319Department S1968
DVD 1757Departures2008
DVD 1394Der Golem1920
DVD 1710Der Schöne Tag (A Fine Day)2001
TR 146Der Unhaufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui1996
DVD 324Deranged1974
TV 472Dersu Uzala1974
TV 58Des O'Connor Now1985
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
TV 532Desert Island Chefs2003
F 107Desert Victory1943
F 814Deserter1933
DVD 873Designed in Britain1959
TV 467Designer Vaginas2002
DVD 1568Desmond's1988
F 176Desperate1947
TV 560Desperate Housewives2004
TV 560Desperate Housewives2004
F 1105Desperate Living1977
F 465Desperately Seeking Susan1985
DVD 1250Desperately Seeking Susan1985
TR 139Destination Mozart: A Night at the Opera with Peter Sellars1990
TV 30Destiny1978
F 623Destry Rides Again1939
DVD 369Destry Rides Again1939
F 264Detective1985
DVD 139Devdas2002
F 623Devil Is A Woman, The1935
F 973Devil Rides Out, The1968
GB 105Devil Rides Out, The1968
DVD 1614Devil Wears Prada, The2006
DVD 938Devil's Backbone, The (El Espinazo del Diablo)2002
F 206Devil's Playground, The1976
F 1137Devils, The1971
DVD 1020Dexter2006
TV 612Dexys: Nowhere is Home2014
DVD 2249Dheepan2015
GB 87Diamonds Are Forever1971
TV 584Diana and the Camera2002
TV 584Diana: Last Days of a Princess2007
DVD 1530Diary of a Chambermaid1964
F 1Diary of a Chambermaid1964
F 397Diary of a Chambermaid1946
F 204Diary of a Lost Girl1929
DVD 1407Diary of a Lost Girl1929
GB 103Dick Turpin, Highwayman1956
TV 220Dick Van Dyke Show, The1963
DVD 2092Dickensian2015
TV 85Did You See...?1986
F 234Did You See...? (extract only)1986
TV 130Did You See...? : Dennis Potter's 'Brimstone and Treacle'1987
DVD 187Die Hard1988
DVD 187Die Hard 21990
DVD 187Die Hard With A Vengeance1995
TR 128Die Klage der Kaiserin1989
TR 121Die Mutter1998
TV 431Die Zweite Heimat1993
TV 214Different World, A1988
F 1074Digital Music Television (various)2000
TV 485Digital Music Television (various)2003
F 1127Dil Hi To Hai1963
DVD 1822Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge1995
F 635Dimples1936
DVD 1544Dinner for Schmucks2010
TV 178Dinner of Herbs, A1988
DVD 417Dionysus in '691970
TV 238Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky1988
DVD 1631Directors Commentary2004
TR 38Dirt1982
F 481Dirtwater Dynasty, The1988
F 358Dirty Dozen, The1967
F 95Dirty Harry1971
DVD 2125Dirty Harry1971
DVD 380Dirty Pretty Things2002
F 371Dirty Pretty Things2002
F 399Disappearance of Garcia Lorca, The1997
F 2Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1371Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1529Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 105Dish, The2000
F 622Dishonoured1931
F 386Dispatch from Reuter's, A1940
F 108Distant Voices, Still Lives1988
GB 69Distant Voices, Still Lives1988
DVD 948Distant Voices, Still Lives1988
DVD 1627Distant Voices, Still Lives1988
DVD 2347District 92009
DVD 2379Ditto (AKA Donggam)2000
F 1086Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti1985
TV 211Divorce Court1988
DVD 1229Divorce Iranian Style1997
F 1034Divorce: Italian Style1961
DVD 1172Divorce: Italian Style1961
TV 96Dixon of Dock Green1973
TV 289Dixon of Dock Green
TV 314Dixon of Dock Green1956
F 933DIY Show, The1999
F 979DIY SOS2000
TV 427DIY SOS2000
DVD 1525Django1965
F 810Django1965
F 957Django The Bastard1969
F 665Do The Right Thing1989
DVD 325Do The Right Thing1989
F 38Do They Mean Us?1986
DVD 1404Do You Remember Dolly Bell?1981
GB 84Doctor At Sea1955
TV 380Doctor Finlay1996
F 701Doctor In Clover1966
DVD 75Doctor in the House1954
F 331Doctor Mabuse, The Gambler (pt 1)1922
DVD 600Doctor Who2005
TV 575Doctor Who2005
DVD 701Doctor Who2006
DVD 1236Doctor Who2006-2007
TV 289Doctor Who1963
TV 242Doctor Who1968
TV 567Doctor Who2005
TV 596Doctor Who Live: the Afterparty2013
TV 562Doctor Who Mastermind Special2005
DVD 2352Doctor Who: Lost in Time1963-1969
DVD 595Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks1985
DVD 608Doctor Who: The Ark In Space1975
DVD 604Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani1984
DVD 601Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos1971
DVD 585Doctor Who: The Five Doctors1983
DVD 602Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive1980
TV 596Doctor Who:The Day of the Doctor2013
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
TV 483Doctor Zhivago2002
F 754Documentary Shorts Compilation - British National Culture1940
DVD 2183Dodgeball2004
F 137Dog Day Afternoon1975
F 711Dog Soldiers1978
DVD 1716Dog Soldiers2002
F 118Dog's Life, A1918
DVD 2105Dogma1999
F 669Dogs In Space1986
DVD 457Dogville2003
TV 439Doing Dallas2000
F 735Dolce Vita, La1960
TR 32Doll's House, A1991

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