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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 437'Allo 'Allo1988
TR 62'Night, Mother1986
TR 179(Lekce) Faust1994
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 56510 (Ten) Years Younger2005
TV 422100 Greatest TV Moments, The1999
DVD 103114 Stations of the Life and Death of Adrian Howells, The2007
DVD 12121900 House, The1999
DVD 12131940s House, The2001
F 7951970s Office, The2004
TR 14319801984
TR 111200% & Bloody Thirsty1986
TV 4382000 European Film Awards2000
DVD 23424 (Twenty Four)2001
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
TV 53424 (Twenty Four)2001
F 62025 Bloody Years: Death On The Rock1988
DVD 232430 Rock2010-2011
TV 40242 Up1998
TV 40242 Up1998
TV 40249 Up2005
TV 40249 Up2005
TV 5779/11: The Falling Man2006
TV 396999 Lifesavers1997
TV 524A Bit of a Do1989
DVD 1699A Bit Of Fry And Laurie1989
F 226A Conversation With Bill Forsyth1986
TV 187A Dangerous Summer1982
F 609A for ABBA1993
DVD 1502A History of Scotland2008-2009
TV 486A Man From The Sun1956
TV 382A Night In With The Girls1997
F 691A Night In With The Girls1997
DVD 1097A Primer For Pina1984
F 105A Seat Among The Stars: The Cinema and Ireland1983
DVD 1498A Tale of Two Cities1980
TV 590A Very British Sex Scandal2007
F 189A-Team, The1985
F 609ABBA In Concert1980
TR 77Absence of War, The1994
TV 362Absolutely Fabulous1995
TV 6Accidental Death of an Anarchist1983
TV 580Accused2006
TR 43Acting in Cinema: Acting and Counter-acting1984
F 158Acting Tapes: Acting in the Cinema1985
F 158Acting Tapes: Acting in the Cinema1985
F 329Acting: Michael Caine on Acting in Film1987
TV 418Action Replay: 50 Years of TV Football2005
TR 43Acts of Man, The: A trilogy1990
TV 318Adam Adamant Lives1966
TV 242Adam Adamant Lives!0
TR 157Adelaide Festival of Arts 19821982
TV 290Adelaide Hall in Concert1947
F 909Admission Impossible1992
TV 322Admission Impossible1992
DVD 1030Adrienne's Dirty Laundry Experience2003
DVD 1030Adrienne's Room Service2005
TR 106Adrienne's Room Service2005
DVD 1900Adventure Time With Finn & Jake2010
DVD 1880Adventures of Abney & Teal, The2011
DVD 960Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The1952
TV 337Adventures of Robin Hood, The1957
TV 63Adventures of Robin Hood, The1955
DVD 1260Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The1964
TV 337Adventures of William Tell, The1958
TV 613After Bannockburn2015
TV 613After Bannockburn2015
F 356After Henry1987
TR 108After Miss Julie1995
DVD 978Afterlife2006
DVD 587Afterlife2005
TV 126Afternoon of a Nymph1962
TR 1Agamemnon / Libation Bearers1983
TR 46Age Exchange Theatre: Can We Afford the Doctor?0
TV 72Agony1980
F 914Airport1999
TR 148Ajuba Dance and Drama Company1990
TV 435Alan Bennet: Talking Heads1987
TV 452Alan Bennett - Telling Tales
TV 453Alan Bennett: Talking Heads 21998
DVD 2354Alan Bennett: The Complete Talking Heads1987-1998
F 446Albert Maysles: The Poetic Eye2006
F 149Albion Market1985
F 149Albion Market (2)1985
TV 242Alchemists of Sound2004
DVD 805Alias2001-2002
TV 362Alias Smith and Jones1975
DVD 188Alice in Wonderland1966
TV 41Alice in Wonderland1966
DVD 850Alistair Cooke's America1972-1973
TV 578Alistair Cooke's America1972
F 704Alistair McGowan's Big Impression2001
TV 157Alistair McGowan's Big Impression2001
F 33All Creatures Great and Small1989
DVD 478All In The Family1971
TV 120All My Children1987
TR 63All My Sons
DVD 106All The Rivers Run1983
F 4All the World's A Stage: Chekhov & Stanislavsky1983
TR 157All the World's A Stage: Razzmatazz and Realism
DVD 1357Alladeen2003
TV 461Ally McBeal1999
F 1016Ally McBeal1999
DVD 258Ally McBeal1998
DVD 260Ally McBeal1998
F 937Ally McBeal2000
DVD 259Ally McBeal1998
DVD 263Ally McBeal1998
F 855Ally McBeal1997
F 924Ally McBeal1998
DVD 262Ally McBeal1998
DVD 261Ally McBeal1998
TV 251Alt TV: Mr Mkhize's Portrait2004
TR 79Alt-TV: Clowns in the Hood
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
TV 539Alternative Rock and Roll Years, The2003
F 430Aly Meets the Cajuns1988
TV 550Amateur Cinematography1948
DVD 1832America's Next Top Model2003
TR 118American Buffalo1996
TV 121American Network News1987
TR 161Amiable Conqueror, The: Dancing at the Courts of Europe1991
DVD 619Amos 'N Andy Show, The1951-1953
TV 596An Adventure in Space and Time2013
DVD 1028An Audience With Adrienne2006
DVD 1029An Audience With Adrienne (films made for)2006
TR 86Ancient Drama - Contemporary Views1989
TR 48Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy1992
TR 173Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy: Revolution and Rebirth (Modern Theatrical Reform and its Debt to Antiquity)1991
DVD 1356Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
TV 584Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
TV 487Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain2007
F 381Andy Capp1988
TV 220Andy Griffith Show, The1961
TV 460Angel2001
TV 489Angel2002
DVD 2336Angel2000-2001
TV 565Angela Cannings - the Real Story2005
F 44Angela Rippon Reporting: The Soap Opera Business1980
TV 541Angels in America: pt 1 - Millennium Approaches2003
TV 541Angels in America: pt 2 - Perestroika2003
TV 396Animal Hospital1997
F 959Animal Hospital2000
TR 79Animal Tragic2002
TV 393Animal Zone1997
F 187Animation at Cambridge1985
TV 177Animation Compilation1990
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
TV 37Another Time, Another Place1983
DVD 1410Another Time, Another Place1983
TV 264Another World1989
F 737Answering Back1991
TV 415Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway2004
TR 3Antigone1986
TV 417Antiques Roadshow1998
TV 574Apprentice, The2006
F 1192Apprentice, The2007
TR 103Architecture for Babies1990
DVD 935Are You Being Served?1972-1973
TV 7Arena : Dario Fo1984
TV 34Arena at 302005
F 20Arena: 'Coalface', 'Night Mail' & 'Spare Time'1983
TV 3Arena: Akira Kurosawa1986
TV 231Arena: Bergman and Faro Island2004
F 439Arena: Byrne About Byrne1988
TV 34Arena: Chelsea Hotel1981
F 744Arena: Dear Antonioni1997
TV 119Arena: Dennis Potter1987
TV 198Arena: Edward Said - The Idea of Empire1993
TV 231Arena: Encountering Bergman2007
TV 34Arena: James Ellroy's Feast of Death2001
TV 553Arena: La Dame Aux Gladiolas1979
TV 34Arena: Masters of the Canvas1992
F 899Arena: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan2005
F 899Arena: No Direction Home: Bob Dylan2005
F 1199Arena: Painting the Clouds - a Portrait of Dennis Potter2004
TV 389Arena: Putting Ourselves In The Picture1987
TR 33Arena: Robert Wilson on the Civil Warpath1985
F 291Arena: Ruth, Roses and Revolver1987
TV 34Arena: the Burger and the King1995
TV 314Arena: The Complete Citizen Kane1991
TV 44Arena: The Darker Side of Black1994
F 3Arena: The Life and Times of Don Luis Buñuel1984
F 57Arena: The Orson Welles Story (pt 1)1982
F 81Arena: The Orson Welles Story (pt 2)1982
TV 36Arena: the Princess and Panorama2005
F 118Arena: The Private Dirk Bogarde2001
TR 75Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo0
TV 410Arena: The Theatre of Dario Fo1984
TR 33Arena: The Theatre of Robert Wilson1985
F 601Arena: Who Is Vladimir Posner?1994
DVD 1660Ark, The1993
DVD 2339Armchair Theatre: Volume Four1958-1966
DVD 2338Armchair Theatre: Volume One1970-1973

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