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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 174A Bomb Fell1941
F 1204A Night At The Hap1962
F 354A Very Fishy Tale1938
DVD 1053A Wheech Round Scotland1897-1980
F 92Aberdeen Cine Club At Work1958
F 872Alassio 19541954
F 1207Amateur Cinema Compilation1932
F 591Amateur Cinema Compilation1933
F 722Amateur Cinema: Home Movies Compilation1932
TV 550Amateur Cinematography1948
TV 550Around Wick Harbour1974
TV 550Around Wick Harbour1936
F 688Arp: A Reminder for Peace Time1939
F 702Art of Coopering, The1973
DVD 1256Auld Glasgow1997
TV 551Auld Glasgow1997
F 431Bennie Railplane Films1929
F 872Bongo Erotico1959
F 702Bothwellhaugh1962
F 287Bothwellhaugh (outtakes)1962
F 287Bothwellhaugh Orange Walks1962
F 314Bride and Groom1957
F 200Chase, The1965
TV 556Chick's Day1950
F 388Cine Club Compilation1946
F 174Civil Defence in Glasgow1942
F 92Clansman At Work1965
F 572Clyde Film1985
F 366Cocozza Compilation1939
F 1206Corky1957
F 688Country Loon, The1957
DVD 1578Curzon Cine Club compilation1968-1970
DVD 923Edinburgh Cine and Video Society 70th Anniversary Compilation
DVD 922Edinburgh Cine and Video Society President's Night Compilation
DVD 638Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell and Kenyon1900-1905
F 174Empire Exhibition1938
F 958Empire Exhibition1938
F 287Ex:S: The Drowned Village2000
F 174Exercise Movie1958
F 19Family Parties
F 872Fantasmagoria1948
F 1204Fickle Fortune1930
TV 550Fishing Week1955
F 337Fit O' The Toon1978
DVD 1951From Scotland With Love2014
DVD 1951From Scotland With Love2014
F 92Gala Premiere of "Seven Ages"1969
F 19Glasgow May Day 19371937
F 19Glasgow Today and Tomorrow1949
F 174Glasgow Welcomes the Queen1953
F 200Granny's Old Armchair1952
DVD 1035Grasshopper Group Compilation1952-1971
F 1206Grey Metropolis, The1952
DVD 924GTB Films Compilation
F 19Hell Unltd1936
F 402Home Movies Compilation 21946
F 314Into The Mists1956
F 354Invocation1957
F 1206Joys of the Open Road1961
F 19Let Glasgow Flourish1952
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
DVD 637Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
TV 556Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon, The2004
F 872Masquerade1953
F 688Mower Madness1939
F 702Nation on Film: Private Passions2005
F 702Nation on Film: Shooting the War2005
DVD 1523Nine Dalmuir West1962
F 314Nine Dalmuir West1962
TV 556Nine O'Clock1951
F 92On Location: A Day's Filming With Group Five1959
TV 550Our Fifth Anniversary1932
F 19Our Homes1949
F 200Pair Of Shoes, A1959
TV 556Petrol1957
F 92Pied Piper1956
DVD 1536Pleasure Garden, The1957
F 702Port Line, The1965
F 19Progress Report1946
F 19Progress Report II1948
F 1204Race To Nowhere1965
DVD 769Reel Life: Saturdays in Film and Sound1920-1970
F 200Roadside Drama1958
F 872Sail To Inveraray1952
DVD 1084Scotland Calling: at the Empire Exhibition 19381938
TV 550Scotland on Film: Reel Lives2004
TV 551Scotland On Film: Upstairs Downstairs2004
DVD 1038Scottish Amateur Film Festival (extracts)1933
F 92Seven Ages1957
F 1206Seven Till Five1934
TV 550Surreally Scozzese2001
F 688Table D'olt1953
TV 551This Is Scotland: And So Goodbye2004
F 19Visit to Soviet Union1959
TV 552Way It Was, The1996
F 872White Lady, The1949
F 1204Witch Craft1938