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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TR 14319801984
TR 111200% & Bloody Thirsty1986
TR 43Acts of Man, The: A trilogy1990
TR 103Architecture for Babies1990
TR 73Bad Girls1994
TR 130Blaubart: Beim Anhoren einer Tonbandaufnahme von Bela Bartok's Oper1984
TR 170Budding1996
TR 176Casanova
TR 97Chris Burden: Video Portrait1988
TR 57Club of No Regrets1993
TR 58Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men1988
TR 128Die Klage der Kaiserin1989
TR 38Dirt1982
TR 76Drawing on a Mother's Experience1988
TR 170Drawing on a Mother's Experience1988
TR 97Elizabeth Lecompte (Wooster Group) Interview1990
TR 40Emanuelle Enchanted1992
TR 170Emperor Jones2001
TR 102Enter Achilles1996
TR 98Enunciation, or What the Oxen Said, The1995
TR 58Falling into the Light1988
TR 103Films1989
TR 97Flaubert Dreams of Travel1987
TR 95Four Saints in Three Acts1996
TR 73Four Scenes in a Hard Life1995
TR 173Frankenstein2002
TR 98Fuego de Tierra1987
TR 54Girl Skipping, A1990
TR 73Goat Island - Excerpts1993
DVD 1845Gob Squad: Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good)2007
DVD 1845Gob Squad: Super Night Shot2003
TR 37Gododdin (and Pax)1990
TR 176Graffiti2002
TR 125Gravitational Comedy1992
TR 125Haearn1993
TR 76Herbarium, and Fettering1989
TR 104Hidden J1994
TR 100How Much is that Nigger in the Window1991
TR 177Imperial Motel (Faust)1996
TR 177Jet Lag1998
TR 177Jump Cut1997
TR 140Killing of Kirmira, The2000
TR 76Kitchen Show, The1994
TR 137Lamentira1992
TR 90Late Show, The: Sabotage1993
TR 130Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring)1998
TR 101Looking for Franz Kafka1995
TR 86M.T.M.1996
TR 170Mablethorpe Donkey1996
TR 104Manes1996
TR 38Marat / Sade, The1966
TR 174Mare's Nest2002
TR 40Marina & Lee1991
TR 177Master Builder1994
TR 58Mrs Mills and Mr Boon1986
TR 82My Other Grandmother1994
TR 101No No I Was Sleeping you know1995
TR 175Odysseus1994
TR 99One Year Timeclock Piece1981
TR 76Or Even What Leaving Was1990
TR 82Paradance1994
TR 99Peggy and Fred in Hell1993
TR 127Physical Training at Odin Teatret1972
TR 129Pina Bausch and ballet in Germany (PB und das Ballet in Deutschland)1998
TR 129Pina Bausch and Her Dancers1990
TR 100Pleasures of Unhinibited Excess, The1991
TR 165Portrait (Porträt - Querschnitt)
TR 174Roadmetal Sweetbread2000
TR 132Robert Wilson's Hamlet: The Making of a Monologue1995
TR 137Roseland1990
TR 39Routes 1 & 91982
TR 142Rover, The1995
TR 119Roy Cohn / Jack Smith1994
TR 147S.A.F.E.1996
TR 90Satellite1995
TR 94Sola / Medeamaterial1994
TR 41Some Confusions in the Law about Love1989
TR 104South Bank Show, The : Forced Entertainment1997
TR 54South Bank Show, The: DV8 Theatre Company1990
TR 91Speak Bitterness1994
TR 99Sphinxes without Secrets1991
TR 90Stormy Waters1995
TR 57Strange Fish1993
TR 86Talking Loud, Saying Something1995
TR 44Tectonic Plates1992
TR 172The Barbers of Surreal1998
TR 172The Brain1999
TR 145Themenband1993
TR 127Traces In The Snow1994
TR 82Traces: All The Hands That Have Touched Me1994
TR 126Training at the Teatr Laboritorium in Wroclaw1972
TR 103Videoworld1996
TR 124Vision Of Love in Sleep Revealed, A1989
TR 127Vocal Training at Odin Teatret1972
TR 120Waltzer1982
TR 99Was Black
TR 165Wendewut1993
TR 175Wonderful Circus1976
TR 177Xtravaganza2000
TR 147Y Pen Bas o Y Pen Dwfn1995