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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 144513 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests2009
F 118515 (Fifteen) Minutes2001
GB 802001: A Space Odyssey1968
DVD 1202001: A Space Odyssey1968
F 11073 Shorts by Hal Hartley
F 1177Adaptation2002
DVD 297Adaptation2002
F 766Addiction, The1995
F 610Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
DVD 828Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
F 1077All the Vermeers in New York1990
F 324America Is Hard To See1970
DVD 199American Psycho2000
F 463Android1982
F 1075Andy Warhol's Bad1977
F 783Another Day in Paradise1998
F 1175Another Girl Another Planet1992
F 136Apocalypse Now1979
DVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
F 65Arena: Stop Making Sense1984
F 15Atomic Café, The1982
F 638Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman1958
F 1094Badlands1973
DVD 1574Badlands1973
DVD 1233Baghead2008
F 676Ballad of Cable Hogue, The1970
F 576Barton Fink1991
F 214Basic Training1970
DVD 2351Beales of Grey Gardens, The2006
F 304Beauty Number 21962
F 1188Bed You Sleep In, The1993
DVD 243Being John Malkovich1999
DVD 1036Best in Show2000
F 604Big Combo, The1954
F 327Big Knife, The1955
F 283Bigamist, The1953
F 1113Blue in the Face1995
F 748Blue Steel1989
F 972Blue Velvet1986
DVD 245Blue Velvet1986
F 1129Born in Flames1983
DVD 1590Born in Flames1983
DVD 435Bottle Rocket1996
F 1102Boys Don't Cry1999
DVD 1990Boys Don't Cry1999
DVD 1242Brick2006
F 440Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
DVD 831Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
DVD 438Bubba Ho-Tep2002
F 653Buffalo 661998
DVD 210Bully2001
F 643Burbs, The1989
F 1187Bush Mama1979
DVD 2263Bush Mama1979
DVD 249By Brakhage: an Anthology0
F 220California Split1974
F 606Carnal Knowledge1971
F 870Chasing Amy1997
F 751Chelsea Girls1967
DVD 429Chelsea Walls2001
F 1110Cinema of Transgression1986
F 1091Clerks1994
DVD 2333Clerks (Blu-ray)1994
F 352Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean1982
F 180Committed1983
DVD 436Corporation, The2003
F 738Crimson Kimono, The1959
DVD 256Dancer in the Dark2000
F 387Dark Star1974
F 1090Daughters of the Dust1991
DVD 1593Daughters of the Dust1991
F 857Dawn Of The Dead1978
F 858Day Of The Dead1985
F 1084Dazed and Confused1993
F 736Dead Ringers1988
DVD 1067Dead Ringers1988
F 332Dead Zone, The1983
F 1183Deep End, The2001
F 1105Desperate Living1977
F 465Desperately Seeking Susan1985
DVD 1250Desperately Seeking Susan1985
F 358Dirty Dozen, The1967
F 1086Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti1985
F 665Do The Right Thing1989
DVD 325Do The Right Thing1989
DVD 207Donnie Darko2001
DVD 439Donnie Darko (Director's cut)2001
F 1041Doom Generation, The1995
F 1108Double Agent 731974
DVD 2256Double Agent 731974
DVD 31Down By Law1986
F 433Dr Strangelove1963
DVD 26Easy Rider1969
F 1193Ed Wood1994
DVD 266Ed Wood1994
F 796Edward Muybridge, Zoopraxographer1974
F 704Election1999
DVD 426Elephant2003
F 101Elephant Man, The1980
F 467Eleventh Hour: Variety1983
DVD 196Eraserhead1977
DVD 247Erotique1994
DVD 431Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004
DVD 213Eternal, The1998
DVD 1239Evil Dead, The1982
F 1053Eyes Wide Shut1999
F 454Faces1968
DVD 644Faces1968
F 1023Fargo1996
DVD 663Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas1998
DVD 219Female Perversions1996
F 1078Female Trouble1975
DVD 37Female Trouble1975
DVD 429Final2001
F 849Five Easy Pieces1970
F 1076Flesh1968
F 116Flight of the Phoenix1965
DVD 423Fugazi - Instrument1998
F 624Full Metal Jacket1987
DVD 2192Full Metal Jacket1987
DVD 425Garden State2004
DVD 251Gas Food Lodging1992
DVD 428George Washington2000
F 509Getaway, The1972
DVD 1378Getaway, The1972
F 1107Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai1999
F 1184Ghost World2000
F 804Giant of Marathon, The1959
F 653Girlfight2000
TR 62Glengarry Glen Ross1992
DVD 1240Good Dick2008
F 1064Good Fight, The1983
F 729Grandmother, The1970
F 446Grey Gardens1975
DVD 918Grey Gardens1975
F 848Grifters, The1990
DVD 1364Grifters, The1990
F 1186Gummo1997
DVD 253Gummo1997
DVD 1243Half Nelson2006
F 236Halloween1978
DVD 32Halloween1978
DVD 215Hamlet2000
F 143Hammett1982
F 1057Happiness1998
DVD 30Happiness1998
F 283Hard, Fast and Beautiful1951
F 1106Heat1972
F 392Heaven1986
F 1070Henry Fool1997
F 831Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer1986
DVD 178Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer1986
F 1061Hi-Lo Country1998
DVD 250History Lessons2000
F 222Hospital1969
F 550House of Bamboo1955
DVD 1272House on the Haunted Hill1959
F 317Hustle1975
F 1175I Shot Andy Warhol1996
DVD 1237I'm Not There2007
F 761Igby Goes Down2002
F 948Imagine: John Lennon1988
F 1074In The Soup1992
F 1129Independent's Day1998
F 135Invasion of the Body Snatchers1955
F 869Island Of Dr. Moreau, The1997
DVD 10Jackie Brown1997
F 1183Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back2001
F 755Joan Braderman - Joan Sees Stars1993
F 755Joan Braderman - Video Compilation: 1983-19891989
F 1070Julien Donkey-Boy1999
F 851Junior Bonner1972
DVD 1339Junior Bonner1972
F 1088Kenneth Anger: Experimental Films
DVD 1270Kenneth Anger: Magick Lantern Cycle1947-1981
F 684Kid Stays in the Picture, The2002
DVD 662Kids1995
DVD 430Kill Bill: Vol 12003
DVD 434Kill Bill: Vol 22004
DVD 1296Killer of Sheep1977
F 586Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The1976
DVD 647Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The1976
DVD 647Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The (1978 re-release)1978
F 871Killing of Sister George, The1969
TV 294Killing, The1956
DVD 713Killing, The1956
F 859King of Marvin Gardens, The1972
F 186Kiss Me Deadly1955
F 995Last Days of Disco1997
F 1063Last Picture Show, The1971
F 1201Laurel Canyon2002
F 909Legend Of Lylah Clare, The1968
TV 91Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, The1980
DVD 424Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The2004
DVD 1844Like Crazy2011
DVD 1279Living End, The1992
F 1081Living In Oblivion1995
DVD 252Living in Oblivion1995
F 31Long Goodbye, The1973
DVD 198Lost Highway1997
F 435Louisiana Story1948
TV 270Loveless, The1981
DVD 244Magnolia1999
F 1038Malcolm X1992
DVD 12Malcolm X1992
F 453Malice in Wonderland1985
F 729Man With The X-Ray Eyes1963
DVD 1843Martha Marcy May Marlene2011
F 526Martin1976
F 1086Maya Deren: Collected Experimental Films
DVD 1622Maya Deren: Experimental Films1943-1959
DVD 39Medium Cool1969
F 1116Medium Cool1969
F 677Meet The Applegates1991
F 789Melodrama Rides The Rails1961
F 671Merrill's Marauders1962
DVD 212Mikey and Nicky1976
F 324Millhouse: A White Comedy1971
F 822Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 197Mulholland Drive2001
F 1078Multiple Maniacs1970
DVD 1293My Brother's Wedding1983
F 505My Hustler1965
F 1109Mystery Train1989
F 1175Nadja1994
F 1084Naked Kiss, The1964
DVD 433Napoleon Dynamite2004
F 141Nashville1975
DVD 358Nashville1975
DVD 479Natural Born Killers (Director's cut)1994
DVD 255Newton Boys, The1998
F 595Night of the Living Dead, The1968
DVD 36Night On Earth1991
DVD 1241Notorious Bettie Page, The2005
DVD 209Nowhere1997
F 1145Nurse Betty2000
F 602One From The Heart1982
DVD 2140One From The Heart1981
DVD 645Opening Night1977
F 724Opposite of Sex, The1998
DVD 744Opposite of Sex, The1998
F 1083Orgazmo1997
F 678Parents1988
DVD 1282Paris Is Burning1990
F 913Park Row1952
F 508Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid1973
F 836Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
DVD 823Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid1973
F 829Paths of Glory1957
DVD 2002Paths of Glory1957
DVD 216Personal Velocity2002
DVD 427Pi1998
DVD 1255Pi1998
F 1077Pink Flamingos1972
DVD 37Pink Flamingos1972
F 517Pit and the Pendulum1961
F 243Pitfall1948
F 755Planet In My Pocket1995
F 1179Pledge, The2001
F 316Point of Order1963
F 1105Polyester1981
DVD 1658Polyester1981
F 223Psycho1960
F 614Psycho1960
DVD 956Psycho1960
F 697Pulp Fiction1994
DVD 15Pulp Fiction1994
F 273Pulp Fiction1994
F 732Rabid1976
F 971Red Rock West1992
F 464Repo Man1984
DVD 246Requiem for a Dream2000
F 690Reservoir Dogs1991
GB 32Revolution1985
F 632Ride The High Country1962
F 1106Riot on Sunset Strip1967
DVD 2081Room, The2003
F 1184Royal Tenenbaums, The2001
F 145Run of the Arrow1956
F 1061Rushmore1999
DVD 396Rushmore1999
DVD 218Safe1995
F 289Salton Sea, The2002
F 1187Sankofa1993
F 1067Scorpio Rising1963
F 850Scream1996
DVD 19Scream1996
F 1019Season of The Witch1971
F 1200Secretary2002
DVD 1238Sex, Lies and Videotape1988
F 579Shadows1959
DVD 643Shadows1959
F 1200Shape of Things2003
F 548She's Gotta Have It1986
DVD 1284She's Gotta Have It1986
F 738Shining, The1980
F 913Shock Corridor1963
F 1178Short Cuts1993
DVD 814Short Cuts1993
F 1091Simple Men1992
F 988Skin Game1971
F 805Skin Game1971
F 1081Slacker1991
DVD 242Slacker1991
F 1118Slam1998
F 529Smithereens1982
F 1113Smoke1995
F 1087Springtime in Greenland1981
F 1184Storytelling2001
F 1110Stranger Than Paradise1984
F 532Suburbia1983
F 1090Summer of Sam1999
F 777Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1989
F 1087Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1987
F 1005Suture1993
F 1075Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song1971
F 507Swimming To Cambodia1987
DVD 1280Swoon1992
DVD 429Tape2001
DVD 429Ten Tiny Love Stories2001
F 268Thieves Like Us1974
F 1059Thin Red Line, The1998
DVD 1575Thin Red Line, The1998
DVD 1281This Filthy World: John Waters2006
F 1201Three Kings1999
F 750Three Women1977
F 1185Timecode2000
DVD 711Timecode2000
F 579Titicut Follies1967
F 580Too Late Blues1961
DVD 1283Totally Fucked Up1993
F 256Tracks (pt 1)1975
F 257Tracks (pt 2)1975
DVD 718Traffic2000
F 1117Trash1970
F 513True Stories1986
DVD 345True Stories1986
F 1112Trust1990
F 448Twelve - O - One (12:01)1993
F 726Twelve Monkeys1995
DVD 745Twelve Monkeys1995
F 126Two Lane Blacktop1971
DVD 1182Two Lane Blacktop1971
TV 131Ulzana's Raid1972
F 966Unnamable, The1988
F 1090Virgin Suicides1999
DVD 2355Virgin Suicides, The1999
TR 142Waiting For Guffman1996
DVD 214Waking Life2001
DVD 1908Watermelon Woman, The1996
F 870Wedding Banquet, The1993
F 361Welcome to LA1976
F 1076Welcome to the Dollhouse1995
F 559What's Cooking?1986
F 834When We Were Kings1996
F 652Wild At Heart1990
F 908Wild Bunch, The1969
DVD 1128Wild Bunch, The1969
F 1200Winter Kills1979
DVD 2250Winter's Bone2010
F 578Woman Under the Influence, A1974
DVD 40Woman Under The Influence, A1974
DVD 646Woman Under The Influence, A1974
F 1182Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace & Music1970
F 559Working Girls1986
DVD 38Working Girls1986
F 1094Your Cheatin' Heart1964
F 902Zabriskie Point1970