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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 1138Asphalt Jungle, The1950
F 599Berlin Express1948
F 604Big Combo, The1954
F 33Big Heat, The1953
DVD 170Big Sleep, The1946
DVD 2307Big Sleep, The1946
F 489Big Sleep, The1946
DVD 1372Big Steal, The1949
DVD 1442Black Book, The (aka Reign of Terror)1949
DVD 1216Blue Gardenia, The1953
DVD 1021Body and Soul1947
F 197Body Heat1981
DVD 958Body Heat1981
DVD 1222Border Incident1949
F 252Brute Force1947
F 377Caught1948
DVD 1106Caught1948
F 627Chinatown1974
DVD 323Chinatown1974
F 738Crimson Kimono, The1959
TV 148Criss Cross1948
F 14Cry of the City1948
F 243D.O.A.1950
DVD 2222Dark Corner, The1946
F 102Dead Reckoning1947
DVD 2224Don't Bother To Knock1952
DVD 851Double Indemnity1944
F 35Double Indemnity1944
F 425Farewell My Lovely1944
F 523Force of Evil1948
F 1137Gilda1946
F 185Gilda1946
DVD 6Gilda1946
F 749High Sierra1941
DVD 1223His Kind Of Woman1951
DVD 2227House on Telegraph Hill1951
F 424In a Lonely Place1950
DVD 346In a Lonely Place1950
DVD 2308Key Largo1948
DVD 2001Killer's Kiss1955
F 119Killers, The1964
DVD 713Killing, The1956
DVD 2000Killing, The1956
F 186Kiss Me Deadly1955
F 289Klute1971
DVD 1975Lady From Shanghai, The1948
DVD 1221Lady in the Lake1946
F 952Last Seduction, The1993
DVD 1123Locket, The1946
F 212Locket, The1946
F 31Long Goodbye, The1973
F 1049Lured1947
F 1133Man Who Wasn't There, The2001
DVD 66Man Who Wasn't There, The2001
F 1139Mildred Pierce1945
F 241Mildred Pierce1945
F 504Ministry of Fear1944
F 1084Naked Kiss, The1964
DVD 2216Night and the City1950
DVD 1225On Dangerous Ground1951
F 883On Dangerous Ground1951
F 339Out Of The Past AKA Build My Gallows High1947
TV 142Postman Always Rings Twice, The1946
F 187Postman Always Rings Twice, The1981
DVD 1224Racket, The1951
F 464Repo Man1984
DVD 46Rififi1955
F 364Second Breath (Le Deuxieme Souffle)1966
F 296Set Up, The1949
F 75Shadow of a Doubt1943
DVD 296Shadow of a Doubt1943
F 827Slightly Scarlet1955
F 326Stranger on the Third Floor1940
DVD 1949Street With No Name, The1948
F 447Sunset Boulevard1950
DVD 1171They Drive By Night1940
F 266They Live by Night1948
F 278Woman in the Window, The1944
F 274Woman's Secret, A1949