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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 121American Network News1987
TV 576BBC coverage of London bombings (pt 1)2005
TV 576BBC coverage of London bombings (pt 2)2005
TV 499BBC News2003
F 997BBC News2000
TV 102BBC News1967
TV 498BBC News 242003
TV 494BBC News 242003
F 509BBC News and Weather1990
F 516BBC News and Weather and trailers2010
TV 494BBC News at 6 O'Clock2003
F 482BBC News at Six1989
TV 493BBC News at Six O'Clock2003
TV 493BBC News at Ten O'Clock2003
F 238BBC News/Sky News2011
TV 265BBC Nine O'Clock News1990
F 526BBC Nine O'Clock News1990
F 421BBC Nine O'Clock News1988
F 419BBC Nine O'Clock News1988
TV 198BBC Six O'Clock News1988
TV 433BBC Ten O'Clock News2000
F 90BBC TV News: The First Thirty Years1984
TV 403BBC1 News and local news 2005
F 671BBC2 News report1996
F 440BBC2 Newsflash (Lockerbie)1988
F 80Breakfast Time1983
TV 237Broadcasting White Paper: Compilaton of News Coverage1988
F 444CH4 News1989
F 48CH4 News Report1983
TV 499Channel 4 Breakfast News - war report2003
TV 493Channel 4 News2003
TV 234Channel Four Daily, The1989
F 749Channel Four News and Weather1995
TV 265Channel Four News and Weather1990
F 275Channel Four Newsflash1986
TV 493CNN News2003
TV 213CNN World Report1988
TV 149Crimedesk1987
F 38Do They Mean Us?1986
TV 494Five News2003
F 651Forbidden Britain: Our Secret Past 1900-19601994
TV 216Forty-Eight Hours1988
TV 86ITN News1986
TV 142ITN News1987
F 372ITV ad break and news1988
F 129ITV ad break and trailers and newsflash1985
TV 282ITV Franchises 19911991
F 463ITV News1989
TV 494ITV News2003
TV 493ITV News2003
TV 499ITV News2003
TV 499ITV News2003
F 984ITV Nightly News2000
F 996ITV Nightly News2000
TV 210Local NBC News1988
TV 197Money Programme, The1988
TV 210NBC Nightly News1988
F 359Network East1988
F 919News 402000
TV 167News At Ten1988
F 1072News at Ten2001
F 382News at Ten excerpt 210319881988
TV 8News Item: Collapse of Goldcrest Films1986
TV 493Newsnight2003
TV 189Newsnight: Conservative Government Plans for Broadcasting1988
TV 122Newsnight: Death of Hugh Carleton Greene1987
TV 97Newsnight: On Hungary and Suez, 19561986
TV 210Nightline1988
TV 186Open Space: Glossop's Fuming1988
TV 68Open Space: War and Peace News1985
F 309Rock and Roll Years, The (1972)1987
TV 555September 11th News Coverage BBC2001
TV 555September 11th News Coverage ITV (pt 1)2001
TV 555September 11th News Coverage ITV (pt 2)2001
F 33Six O'Clock News1984
F 120Six O'Clock News and Weather1985
TV 213Sixty Minutes1988
F 575Sky News1993
TV 498Sky News2003
TV 494Sky News2003
TV 161Soviet Television Compilation1988
TV 3Téléjournal1986
F 260Téléjournal1987
F 263Téléjournal1987
F 364Téléjournal1988
F 379Téléjournal1988
TV 41Téléjournal1987
TV 118Téléjournal1987
TV 106Television and Foreign Reporting1986
TV 113That Was The Week That Was1963
F 482TV listings and news trailer1989
TV 216USA Today1988
F 522What the Papers Say1990
TV 81What the Papers Say1986