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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 6Accidental Death of an Anarchist1983
TV 126Afternoon of a Nymph1962
TV 41Alice in Wonderland1966
TV 37Another Time, Another Place1983
DVD 1410Another Time, Another Place1983
TV 119Arena: Dennis Potter1987
TV 129Beast With Two Backs, A1968
DVD 1023Black Watch2007
TV 298Blade On The Feather1980
DVD 1868Blue Remembered Hills1979
TV 296Blue Remembered Hills1979
TV 144Body Contact1987
DVD 1870Brimstone and Treacle1976
TV 130Brimstone and Treacle1976
F 457Byline: Dinner At Noon1988
TV 301Caught On a Train1980
TV 503Caught on a Train1980
TV 179Cellar and the Almond Tree, The1970
TV 303Comedians, The1979
TV 321Country1981
TV 300Cream In My Coffee1980
TV 30Destiny1978
TV 178Dinner of Herbs, A1988
TV 326Down Among the Big Boys1993
F 365Down Where The Buffalo Go1988
TV 131Dreams of Leaving1979
TV 29Eleventh Hour: Maeve1981
TV 52Eleventh Hour: Photographic Exhibits / Property Rites1984
DVD 1598End of Arthur's Marriage, The1965
DVD 1596Gamekeeper, The1980
TV 302Gamekeeper, The1980
TV 31Grown Ups1980
TV 10Ill Fares the Land1982
TV 35Imitation Game, The1980
DVD 1598In Two Minds1967
TV 179In Two Minds1967
TV 61Joe's Ark1974
F 66Last Day of Summer, The1983
TV 305Law and Order1978
TV 305Law and Order1978
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 304Law and Order1978
TV 122Lena, O My Lena1960
TV 54Lent1984
TV 30Licking Hitler1977
TV 28Marty1955
TV 81Meantime1983
F 628Message For Posterity1994
TV 354Midnight Movie1993
TV 11Naked Civil Servant, The1975
TV 122Night Out, A1960
F 270Night Out, A1960
TV 331Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)1954
F 161Off-Peak1985
TV 189On the Eve of Publication1968
F 31Open University: Realism1982
F 313P'Tang, Yang, Kipperbang1982
F 503Parachute, The1968
TV 188Party, The1988
TV 317Play For Today: Hard Labour1973
TV 318Play For Today: The Fishing Party1972
TV 317Play For Today: The Spongers1978
TV 299Rain On The Roof1980
TV 51Requiem for a Heavyweight1956
TV 90Rocket To The Moon1986
TV 62Roll On 4 O'Clock1971
F 135Screen Two: The Burston Rebellion1985
F 216Screenplay: Knowing the Score1985
TV 344Secret Friends1991
TV 178Shooting the Chandelier1977
F 160Soft and Hard1985
F 42Son of Man1969
TV 297South Bank Show, The: Television Drama1979
TV 7South Bank Show, The: Trevor Griffiths1984
TV 133Stand Up, Nigel Barton1965
DVD 1864Stand Up, Nigel Barton1965
TV 2Teaching Extracts : The Single TV Play
TV 129Traitor1971
TV 127Trial of Dr Fancy, The1964
TV 125Trouble With Our Ivy, The1960
TV 278Tumbledown1988
F 396Tumbledown1988
TV 286TV Heaven 1960: Lena O My Lena1992
TV 143Ubu Roi1976
DVD 1598Up The Junction1965
TV 339Up The Junction1965
F 280Visitors1987
DVD 1864Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton1965
TV 130Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton1965
TV 318Wednesday Play: The Gorge1968
F 310Where Adam Stood1976
TV 118Where I Live1960
F 242Whistle and I'll Come to You1965