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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TV 422100 Greatest TV Moments, The1999
TV 4382000 European Film Awards2000
TV 290Adelaide Hall in Concert1947
TV 157Alistair McGowan's Big Impression2001
TV 415Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway2004
TV 417Antiques Roadshow1998
TV 57Aspel and Company1985
F 198At Last It's Hogmanay1985
TV 572Bargain Hunt2004
TV 572Bargain Hunt2004
F 175Barry's Joypad1993
F 610Big Breakfast, The1994
F 898Big Brother2000
TV 437Big Brother2000
F 1121Big Brother2001
F 942Big Brother (Final 2000)2000
TV 437Big Brother (Final 2000)2000
TV 471Big Brother (various 2002)2002
F 933Big Strong Boys2000
TV 236Billy Cotton Band Show, The1959
F 525Blind Date2000
F 414Bob's Full House1988
TV 123Brains Trust, The1958
F 80Breakfast Time1983
F 22Breakfast TV item on Dallas 190519841984
TV 330Call My Bluff1994
TV 102Call My Bluff1965
F 285Cameron Live1987
TV 427Car Wars2000
TV 417Catchphrase1998
F 303Celebrity Big Brother2001
F 265Challenge Anneka1989
F 481Challenge Anneka1989
F 849Changing Rooms1999
TV 388Channel 5 Opening Night (pt 1)1997
TV 388Channel 5 Opening Night (pt 2)1997
TV 623Children in Need 2015 (pt 1)2015
TV 623Children in Need 2015 (pt 2)2015
TV 321Cilla Show, The1968
F 286Clive James On Television1987
TV 236Cotton Collection, The1988
TV 76Crazy Gang, The: A Celebration1983
TV 589Cube, The2009
TV 592Cube, The2009
TV 27Daytime (on Soap Operas)1985
TV 102Dee Time1968
TV 58Des O'Connor Now1985
TV 211Divorce Court1988
F 933DIY Show, The1999
F 979DIY SOS2000
TV 427DIY SOS2000
TV 562Doctor Who Mastermind Special2005
TV 212Donahue1988
TV 102Dusty1967
TV 218Evening with David Letterman A1988
TV 36Face to Face: Gilbert Harding1960
F 916Family Fortunes1998
F 923Flatmates2000
F 1039Francie and Josie1989
TV 236Frost Over England1967
TV 208Geraldo1988
TV 461Graham Goes to Dollywood2001
TV 595Great British Bake Off Final2012
F 903Ground Force2000
TV 397Holiday1997
TV 433Home Front2000
F 943Home Front In The Garden2000
F 956Home Show, The2000
F 284In On The Act1988
F 1099Indian Hot List, The2002
TV 238Jack Benny Show, The1956
TV 219Jeopardy1988
TV 83Jim'll Fix It1986
F 443Jim'll Fix It (excerpt)1989
TV 57Jimmy Young Television Show, The1985
TV 211Judge, The1988
F 1024Junkyard Wars2001
F 73Krypton Factor, The1986
TV 57Late Clive James, The1985
F 943Life Of Grime, A2000
TV 58Little and Large Show, The1985
TV 211Love Connection1988
DVD 1967Man v Food2010
TV 136Masterteam 871987
F 487Michael Barrymore's Saturday Night Out1989
F 22Morecambe and Wise Show, The1982
TV 218Morton Downey1988
TV 123Name's The Same, The2005
TV 183Network Seven1988
F 215Never Mind the Buzzcocks2001
DVD 1968Nigella Bites2002
TV 192Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow, The1988
TV 99Not the Nine O'Clock News1980
F 689Parkinson1974
F 973Parkinson2000
F 141Play Your Cards Right1985
TV 417QAsia1998
TV 394Question of Sport (Extract)1997
F 983Question of Sport, A2000
F 35Randall and Hopkirk Deceased1968
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
TV 488Richard & Judy2003
F 1022Richard Blackwood Show, the2001
F 969Robot Wars2000
F 87Robot Wars Extreme2001
F 335Ronnie Corbett Show, The1987
F 918Room 1012000
F 948Room 1012000
TV 446Room 1012001
TV 207Saturday Night Live1988
TV 113Spitting Image1986
TV 156Sunday Night at the London Palladium1961
DVD 2015Sunday Night at the London Palladium (Volumes one and two)1955-1974
TV 479Surprise Surprise
TV 186Teaching Extracts : That Was The Week That Was
TV 417TFI Friday1998
TV 620TFI Friday2015
TV 113That Was The Week That Was1963
TV 100That's TV Entertainment (pt 1)1986
TV 101That's TV Entertainment (pt 2)1986
F 141The Way They Were: Rock and Pop Special2001
TV 394They Think It's All Over1997
TV 417They Think It's All Over1998
F 261This is Your Life: Harry Secombe1958
TV 142Time, The Place, The1988
TV 395Time, The Place, The1997
F 420Tracey Ullman Show, The1987
F 53Treasure Hunt1985
TV 435Trigger Happy TV1999
F 1001Trust Me2000
TV 288TV Heaven 1967: At Last the 1948 Show1967
TV 288TV Heaven 1967: Coronation Street1967
TV 285TV Heaven the 1950s: Double Your Money1992
TV 285TV Heaven the 1950s: The Bob Monkhouse Hour1959
TV 192Twenty One Years of The Two Ronnies1987
TV 432Two Of A Kind1967
F 197Two Ronnies, The1985
F 215University Challenge2001
TV 58Val Doonican Music Show, The1985
TV 428Watercolour Challenge2000
F 962Weakest Link, The2000
F 972Weakest Link, The2000
TV 36What's My Line0
TV 99What's My Line?1960
F 974Wheel of Fortune2000
F 955When Changing Rooms Met Ground Force 22000
F 912When Ground Force Met Changing Rooms2000
F 663White Heather Club, The1963
DVD 597Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Magic Moments and More2001
TV 219Win or Lose1988
TV 57Wogan1985
TV 75Wogan with the Carringtons (of 'Dynasty')1985
F 515You've Been Framed2000