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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 149Albion Market1985
F 149Albion Market (2)1985
TV 120All My Children1987
F 44Angela Rippon Reporting: The Soap Opera Business1980
TV 264Another World1989
TV 212As the World Turns1988
TV 94Barry Norman's Guide to American Soaps1985
F 927Bold and The Beautiful, The1999
F 936Bold and The Beautiful, The2000
TV 264Bold and The Beautiful, The1987
F 168Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 22Brookside1984
TV 25Brookside1982
TV 262Brookside1989
F 1182Brookside2003
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 60Brookside1985
TV 59Brookside (Interview)1985
TV 60Brookside (omnibus edition)1985
TV 60Brookside: teaching extracts (Glasgow location work)1985
TV 124Brookside: Teaching Extracts (Glasgow Location Work)1985
F 297Chateauvallon1984
TV 119Chateauvallon1987
TV 93Colbys, The1986
TV 377Compact1965
TV 353Compact1965
F 36Coronation Street1989
F 384Coronation Street1988
F 441Coronation Street1988
TV 59Coronation Street1985
TV 93Coronation Street1986
TV 22Coronation Street1984
TV 62Coronation Street1961
TV 260Coronation Street1960
TV 448Coronation Street2001
TV 440Coronation Street2000
TV 458Coronation Street1990
TV 493Coronation Street2003
TV 102Coronation Street1967
F 431Coronation Street2008
TV 59Coronation Street1985
TV 59Coronation Street1985
TV 59Coronation Street1985
F 133Coronation Street (50th anniversary episodes)2010
TV 491Coronation Street (omnibus edition)2003
TV 562Coronation Street (omnibus edition)2005
TV 263Coronation Street 30th Birthday Lecture1990
F 361Coronation Street Special1988
TV 376Coronation Street Special1995
TV 14Coronation Street: Selected Early Episodes 1960-641960
TV 15Coronation Street: Six Selected Episodes 1968-831968
F 104Coronation Street: The First 25 Years1985
DVD 2326Coronation Street: Vol 1: 1960-611960-1961
F 180Crossroads1985
F 126Crossroads1969
F 127Crossroads1981
F 397Crossroads1988
F 2Dallas1983
F 22Dallas1984
F 24Dallas1983
F 48Dallas1984
TV 377Dallas1978
F 373Damon and Debbie1987
TV 140Damon and Debbie1987
TV 140Damon and Debbie1987
TV 94Dancin' Days1986
TV 27Daytime (on Soap Operas)1985
F 51Dynasty1981
F 455Dynasty1989
TV 23Dynasty1985
TV 246Dynasty1989
DVD 2281Dynasty1981-1982
F 65EastEnders1987
F 94EastEnders1985
F 179EastEnders1985
F 370EastEnders1988
F 656EastEnders1985
TV 90EastEnders1986
TV 27EastEnders1985
TV 95EastEnders1986
TV 141EastEnders1987
TV 486EastEnders2001
TV 502EastEnders2003
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 532EastEnders2002
TV 123EastEnders2005
TV 368EastEnders2005
TV 589EastEnders2009
F 648EastEnders1995
TV 548EastEnders (pt 1)2004
TV 548EastEnders (pt 2)2004
TV 509EastEnders: the Mitchells - Naked Truths1998
F 541Edge of Night
F 573Eldorado1993
TV 56Eldorado1992
TV 56Eldorado1992
TV 56Eldorado1992
F 928Emmerdale2000
TV 72Emmerdale Farm1979
TV 123English Programme, The : Genre : 'Brookside'1987
TV 125Glenroe1986
TV 377Glenroe1995
TV 278God Help Us1991
TV 284Grove Family, The1991
TV 22Guiding Light, The1952
F 651Heartbreak High1994
F 1166High Road2003
TV 461Hollyoaks2002
F 471Home and Away1988
F 477Home and Away1988
F 555Home and Away1992
TV 175Home and Away1991
TV 236Home and Away1988
F 262Isaura the Slave Girl1986
TV 145Italian Television : Soaps Compilation
TV 106Just Another Day : EastEnders Behind The Scenes1986
F 385Knots Landing1984
TV 264Loving1991
F 414Neighbours1987
F 451Neighbours1988
F 482Neighbours1988
F 1036Neighbours2001
F 534Neighbours1988
F 650Neighbours1989
F 685Neighbours1995
F 987Neighbours2000
F 853Neighbours1999
F 906Neighbours2000
TV 110Neighbours1985
TV 190Neighbours1987
TV 238Neighbours1988
TV 255Neighbours1989
TV 265Neighbours1989
TV 295Neighbours1991
TV 369Neighbours1995
TV 434Neighbours2000
TV 444Neighbours2000
F 640Neighbours2002
F 818Neighbours2004
TV 189Neighbours2000
F 354Neighbours (extract)2006
TV 120One Life To Live1987
F 175Paradise Beach1993
TV 8People to People: Just Like Coronation Street1984
TV 319Peyton Place1965
TV 277Power of Soap, The1992
F 465Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
F 491Prisoner: Cell Block H1979
TV 277Rebellious Years1991
F 464Richmond Hill1988
TV 229Richmond Hill1988
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 477River City2002
TV 491River City2003
TV 491River City2003
TV 491River City2003
F 372Santa Barbara1984
TV 142Santa Barbara1984
F 393Santa Barbara1984
TV 60Scotland Today: Brookside report & interview1985
F 541Search for Tomorrow1985
F 916Soap Down Under1991
TV 272Soap Down Under1990
TV 377Soap Fiction1995
TV 27Sons and Daughters1982
TV 43South Bank Show, The: Brookside1986
TV 94Sullivans, The1977
DVD 272Sullivans, The1976
DVD 272Sullivans, The1977
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
TV 544Sunset Beach1997
F 345Take the High Road1987
TV 108Take the High Road1986
F 345Take the High Road: Take 5001987
TV 354Ten Years in Albert Square: EastEnders1995
TV 92What Now?1986
TV 92What Now?1986
TV 92What Now?1986
TV 92What Now?1986
F 580Wild Palms1992
TV 75Wogan with the Carringtons (of 'Dynasty')1985
TV 264Young and the Restless, The1986