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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 970Acid House, The1999
F 610Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
DVD 828Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974
F 989Alice in the Cities1974
DVD 1450Alice in the Cities1974
F 1009All About Eve1950
DVD 1126All About Eve1950
DVD 530All About My Mother1999
F 783All That Heaven Allows1955
DVD 868All That Heaven Allows1955
DVD 1743An Actor's Revenge1962
F 456Angel Face1952
F 416Annie's Coming Out1984
TV 127Another Country1984
GB 66Another Country1984
DVD 1727Another Country1984
F 984Astonished Heart, The1950
F 918Back of Beyond1995
F 302Bad and the Beautiful, The1952
F 660Beaches1988
F 614Betty Blue1986
F 327Big Knife, The1955
F 283Bigamist, The1953
F 534Black Anguish1949
F 881Black Cannon Incident1986
F 78Black Narcissus1947
DVD 29Black Narcissus1947
F 40Blockade1938
F 622Blonde Venus1932
F 373Blue Angel, The1930
DVD 1414Blue Angel, The1930
F 999Boomerang1992
F 652Boy With Green Hair, The1948
F 436Breakfast Club, The1985
F 1144Brief Encounter1945
DVD 298Brief Encounter1945
F 18Broken Blossoms1919
DVD 1276Broken Blossoms1919
F 987Burden of Dreams1982
F 217Captive Heart, The1946
GB 133Captive Heart, The1946
F 968Carey Treatment, The1972
F 606Carnal Knowledge1971
F 333Casablanca1942
DVD 3Casablanca1942
F 669Celia: Child of Terror1988
F 871Children's Hour, The1961
F 190Citizen Kane1941
DVD 1061Citizen Kane1941
F 626Cobweb, The1955
F 528Color of Money, The1986
F 600Color Purple, The1985
F 57Confidential Report1955
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
F 179Contraband1940
GB 75Contraband1940
F 678Cottage To Let1941
F 521Country1984
F 25Crowd, The1928
F 1023Crush1992
GB 3Cry, The Beloved Country1951
F 244Cutter's Way1981
DVD 1098Dance Girl Dance1940
F 27Dark Victory1939
F 993Deep Red1975
F 623Devil Is A Woman, The1935
F 206Devil's Playground, The1976
F 204Diary of a Lost Girl1929
DVD 1407Diary of a Lost Girl1929
F 622Dishonoured1931
F 1041Doom Generation, The1995
DVD 853East Of Eden1954
GB 77Educating Rita1983
F 1053Eyes Wide Shut1999
F 454Faces1968
DVD 644Faces1968
F 874Fallen Angels1995
DVD 313Fallen Angels1995
F 940Far East1982
F 880Farewell My Concubine1993
DVD 2415Farewell My Concubine1992
F 222Fat City1972
F 925Father1989
F 34Fedora1978
F 786Field, The1990
GB 8Field, The1990
F 255Firefox1982
F 253Flesh and the Devil1926
F 116Flight of the Phoenix1965
F 798Forrest Gump1994
F 961Germany, Pale Mother1980
DVD 1455Germany, Pale Mother1980
F 458Gertrud1966
F 739Gertrud1966
GB 134Go-Between, The1971
F 372Gone With The Wind1939
F 759Grapes of Wrath, The1940
F 37Grapes of Wrath, The1940
F 17Great Gabbo, The1929
F 405Greed1924
F 937Grievous Bodily Harm1988
DVD 131Grievous Bodily Harm1988
F 950Guns At Batasi1964
GB 68Halfway House, The1943
F 283Hard, Fast and Beautiful1951
F 942Hatchet Man, The1931
F 932Heatwave1981
TV 203Hell Drivers1957
GB 92Hell Drivers1957
GB 126Holly and the Ivy, The1952
F 407Home From The Hill1959
DVD 1327How Green Was My Valley1941
F 889How To Make An American Quilt1995
F 52I Confess1953
F 164If...1968
F 127Imitation of Life1959
DVD 269Imitation of Life1959
DVD 269Imitation of Life1934
F 56Immortal Story, The1968
DVD 336In The Mood For Love2000
F 531In The Mood For Love2000
DVD 103In The Winter Dark1998
F 826Jazz Singer, the1927
DVD 1440Jazz Singer, the1927
F 597Jezebel1938
F 11Journey into Fear1943
F 871Killing of Sister George, The1969
GB 52King of the Damned1935
F 251Kramer Versus Kramer1979
F 368La Mort En Ce Jardin (aka Evil Eden)1956
F 307Lady of Deceit (Born To Kill)1947
F 997Land Of Silence And Darkness1971
F 903Last Days Of Chez Nous, The1992
F 329Last Laugh, The (pt 1)1924
F 330Last Laugh, The (pt 2)1924
F 909Legend Of Lylah Clare, The1968
F 45Little Foxes, The1941
F 724Little Voice1998
DVD 529Live Flesh1997
F 1170Lizard King, The1987
F 980Lola1981
DVD 1488Lola1981
F 671Love Story1944
GB 4Loves of Joanna Godden, The1947
F 385Lumiere Programme1895
F 674M├Ądchen in Uniform1931
GB 139Magic Bow, The1946
F 411Magnificent Obsession1954
F 808Magnificent Obsession1954
F 593Man From Snowy River, The1982
F 22Man in Grey, The1943
F 492Man of Flowers1983
F 86Marnie1964
F 699Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1454Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1466Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
TV 441Matter of Convenience, A1987
F 789Melodrama Rides The Rails1961
F 719Men, The1950
GB 88Morning Departure1950
F 631Morocco1930
F 501Mr Skeffington1944
F 1037Naked1993
F 277Naseeb1981
F 986Nasty Girl, The1989
F 275New York, New York1977
F 514Newsfront1978
F 1026Night Full of Rain1978
F 78Night Has a Thousand Eyes1948
F 1000Night The Prowler, The1978
F 974Now Voyager1942
DVD 2334Now, Voyager (Blu-ray)1942
GB 22Nowhere to Go1958
F 66Officer And A Gentleman, An1982
F 445Old Heidelberg1927
F 884On Dangerous Ground1950
DVD 524On Golden Pond1981
GB 53Once A Jolly Swagman1948
F 685One Rainy Afternoon1936
F 724Opposite of Sex, The1998
DVD 744Opposite of Sex, The1998
F 207Ordinary People1980
DVD 400Ordinary People1980
F 363Oscar, The1965
F 953Pandora's Box1928
F 269Party Girl1958
GB 15Penny Paradise1938
F 329Place In the Sun, A1951
F 338Plumbum1986
GB 51Portrait From Life1949
F 369Proud Valley, The1940
DVD 1403Proud Valley, The1940
GB 56Quare Fellow, The1962
F 281Raging Bull1980
F 1001Rains of Ranchipur, The1953
F 173Rebel Without a Cause1955
DVD 16Rebel Without a Cause1955
F 209Reckless Moment, The1949
DVD 1708Reckless Moment, The1949
TV 200Relatives1985
F 943Return Home1990
DVD 406Return Home1990
F 101Riso Amaro1949
F 40Road to Yesterday, The1925
F 183Room at the Top1958
DVD 1196Room at the Top1958
TV 85Salvation Hunters, The1925
F 125Sayonara1957
GB 134Seance On A Wet Afternoon1964
F 603Seance On A Wet Afternoon1964
F 926Season Of Passion1959
F 567Secret Beyond The Door1947
F 943Sentimental Bloke, The1932
F 184Seven Women1966
DVD 268Seven Year Itch, The1955
F 579Shadows1959
DVD 643Shadows1959
F 933Shadows of the Peacock1987
F 71Shanghai Express1932
F 10Shanghai Gesture, The1941
F 687Sheltering Sky, The1990
F 913Shock Corridor1963
F 1123Sholay1975
DVD 43Sholay1975
F 1050Simple Plan, A1998
F 986Sisters1979
F 529Smithereens1982
F 888Some Came Running1958
F 62South Riding1937
DVD 1522South Riding1937
F 1162Spanish Gardener, The1956
F 178Spy in Black, The1939
GB 152Spy in Black, The1939
F 643Square Ring, The1953
GB 140Square Ring, The1953
F 496St Elmo's Fire1985
DVD 463St Elmo's Fire1985
F 340Stardust Memories1980
F 414Stella Dallas1937
F 104Strangers on a Train1951
DVD 89Strictly Ballroom1992
F 1030Summer Night1987
F 99Sunday, Bloody Sunday1971
F 1031Swept Away1974
F 338Swimmer, The1981
F 1121Taal1999
F 519Tarnished Angels, The1957
F 1122Tears of the Black Tiger2000
DVD 1345Tears of the Black Tiger2000
F 357Terms of Endearment1983
GB 149They Were Sisters1945
F 182Tokyo Story1953
DVD 1086Tokyo Story1953
F 580Too Late Blues1961
F 789Traffic in Souls1913
F 433Twelve Angry Men1956
F 915Two Weeks In Another Town1962
F 980Veronika Voss1981
DVD 1492Veronika Voss1981
F 1025War, The1994
F 683Weak and the Wicked, The1953
GB 130Weak and the Wicked, The1953
F 875Wedding Days, The1997
F 236Wetherby1985
F 1032Where the Hot Wind Blows1958
F 232Wicked Lady, The1945
TV 189Wild One, The1954
F 628Wild One, The1953
F 1164Wind Cannot Read, The1958
F 335Winslow Boy, The1948
GB 112Winslow Boy, The1948
F 791Within Our Gates1919
F 443Woman of the Dunes (Suna No Onna)1964
F 391Woman on Pier Thirteen, The (aka I Married a Communist)1949
F 578Woman Under the Influence, A1974
F 321Women Call The Shots: The Family1985
F 488Written On The Wind1956
DVD 62Written on the Wind1956
F 882YOL1982
F 335You Only Live Once1937
F 806Zorba the Greek1964