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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 211Abyss, The1989
F 194Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
DVD 385Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
F 1104Aliens1986
F 818Assassin, The (AKA The Point of No Return)1993
DVD 1653Balada Triste de Trompeta (AKA The Last Circus)2010
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
DVD 2142Blood Simple2004
F 1109Boiling Point1990
DVD 1815Braveheart1995
F 1114Braveheart1995
DVD 2442Bumblebee2018
DVD 1513Casino Royale1966
F 1173Charlie's Angels1979
F 901China Seas1935
DVD 516Coffy1973
DVD 2428Come Drink With Me1966
DVD 1813Crocodile Dundee1986
DVD 1813Crocodile Dundee II1988
DVD 25Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon2000
F 513Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon2000
DVD 2143Curse of the Golden Flower2006
DVD 2256Double Agent 731974
F 1108Double Agent 731974
DVD 1929Dragon Wars2007
DVD 1929Dragon Wars2007
DVD 2051Fantastic 4 (Blu-ray)2005
DVD 2052Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Blu-ray)2007
DVD 621Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!1965
DVD 211Fifth Element, The1997
F 1094First Blood1982
DVD 2165Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema2008
DVD 267Get Christie Love!1974
F 1107Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai1999
DVD 2193Ghostbusters1984
DVD 1763Gojoe2000
DVD 737Goldeneye1995
F 798Goldeneye1995
DVD 1747Gonin1995
DVD 1774Gonin 21996
DVD 1936Good The Bad The Weird, The2008
DVD 2141Hero2002
DVD 667Heroes Two1974
DVD 1926Host, The2006
TV 189Hot Rock, The1972
DVD 538House of Flying Daggers2004
DVD 666Human Lanterns1977
DVD 2360Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008
F 1115Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984
DVD 2168Jarhead2005
DVD 1181Joyride2001
DVD 2206Karate Kid, The1984
DVD 2206Karate Kid, The1984
DVD 2234King Kong2005
DVD 1935Krrish2006
F 1098Last Man Standing1996
DVD 208Lord of the Rings, The: the Fellowship of the Ring2001
DVD 1816Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King2003
DVD 223Lord of the Rings, The: the Two Towers2002
DVD 1640Man Friday1975
DVD 2244Mr and Mrs Smith2005
DVD 1923My Wife Is A Gangster2001
DVD 237Ned Kelly2003
DVD 228Ned Kelly1970
DVD 58O Brother, Where Art Thou?2000
F 340O Brother, Where Art Thou?2000
DVD 2046Platoon1986
DVD 2421Polite Society2023
DVD 221Romper Stomper1992
DVD 1950Rush2013
DVD 1950Rush2013
DVD 1361Sahara1943
DVD 1910Shiri1999
DVD 740Snatch2000
DVD 1931Snowpiercer2013
DVD 220Spartacus1960
DVD 1800Spartacus: Blood and Sand2009
DVD 1801Spartacus: Gods of the Arena2010
DVD 1802Spartacus: Vengeance2011
DVD 1803Spartacus: War of the Damned2013
DVD 1539Speed Racer2008
DVD 891Starsky and Hutch2004
DVD 1348Starsky and Hutch2004
F 506Streets of Fire1984
DVD 2287Terminal Island1973
DVD 33The Harder They Come1972
DVD 1400Train, The1964
DVD 1853Tron1982
DVD 392Troy2004
DVD 274Turkey Shoot1981
DVD 1718Valhalla Rising2009
DVD 2162Van Helsing2004
F 1108Violent Cop1989
DVD 1786Wake of the Red Witch1948
DVD 1942Wu Xia (Dragon)2011
DVD 2053X-Men: The Last Stand (Blu-ray)2006
DVD 1772Zatoichi2003
DVD 1748Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo1965