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Source IDTitleYearVOD
TR 179(Lekce) Faust1994
DVD 1305A Scanner Darkly2006
DVD 2251Adventures of Prince Achmed, The1926
F 1154Akira1987
F 1189Alice1988
DVD 1125Alice1988
DVD 2291Animal Farm1954
F 187Animation at Cambridge1985
F 1189Animation Classics1949
TV 177Animation Compilation1990
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
TV 566Animation Nation Shorts2005
F 293Antz1998
DVD 1770Barefoot Gen1983
DVD 1770Barefoot Gen 21986
DVD 475Belleville Rendez-Vous2003
DVD 2373Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 1)1930-1939
DVD 2374Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 2)1930-1939
DVD 2375Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 3)1930-1939
DVD 2376Betty Boop: Cartoon Classics (volume 4)1930-1939
TV 177Big World Animators1990
F 1149Blood: the Last Vampire2000
F 1129Borders1989
DVD 1814Brave2012
F 1190British Avant Garde In The Thirties, The1934
F 1190British Avant Garde In The Twenties, The1924
DVD 2299Bro'Town2004
F 655Brothers Quay, The: Vol. 11984
DVD 2442Bumblebee2018
TV 177Burrellesque1990
DVD 983Button Moon1986
F 244Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons1970
DVD 981Charlie and Lola2005
DVD 1425Chicago 102007
DVD 2446Children of the Sea2019
DVD 480Clangers, The1969-1974
DVD 2296Clarence: Mystery Pinata2014
F 518Close Shave, A1995
DVD 2356Coco2017
F 1054Complete Works of Yuri Norstein (Tale of Tales, etc)1968
DVD 653Corpse Bride2005
DVD 1759Cowboy Bebop: The Movie2001
F 1191Creative Process: Norman McLaren1991
DVD 1125Darkness Light Darkness1989
DVD 453Donald Duck Collection1934-1941
DVD 486Dumbo1941
DVD 1083European Children's TV2008
DVD 2386Fake, The2013
TV 177Fatty Issues Body Beautiful1990
F 1189Films of Caroline Leaf, The - Out on a Limb1974
F 217Fireball XL51965
DVD 465Ghost in the Shell1995
DVD 1858Give Up Yer Aul Sins2002
DVD 1715Halas and Batchelor present Tales From Hoffnung and Ruddigore2005
TV 202I Drew Roger Rabbit1988
DVD 1659Illusionist, The2010
TV 539Imagine: From Pencils to Pixels2003
DVD 982In The Night Garden2007
DVD 412Incredibles, The2004
DVD 2295It's Such A Beautiful Day2011
DVD 2404King Of Pigs, The2011
DVD 2444Kirikou and the Sorceress1998
DVD 1313La Antena2007
F 655Ladislaw Starewicz: Selected Films1911
DVD 492Looney Tunes: All Stars Volume 1
DVD 539Looney Tunes: Golden Collection
DVD 540Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume 2
DVD 2297Loving Vincent2017
TR 125Mama Lou1994
DVD 2298Mary and Max2009
DVD 476Memories1995
DVD 454Mickey Mouse in Living Colour1939-2001
F 1155My Neighbour Totoro1988
DVD 2292Nightmare Before Christmas, The1993
DVD 1427Norman McLaren: The Master's Edition1933-1983
DVD 2273Painting, The (Blu-ray)2011
DVD 544Patlabor 1: Mobile Police1989
DVD 545Patlabor 2: The Movie1993
F 1149Perfect Blue1999
DVD 2345Persepolis2007
F 763Peter Pan1953
TV 233Pigeon Street1981
DVD 2300Pocahontas1995
F 240Popeye1937
DVD 1745Princess Mononoke1997
TV 177Ra: the Path of the Sun God1990
TV 177Ra: the Path of the Sun God1990
DVD 2443Rango2011
F 237Red Hot Riding Hood1943
DVD 2445Red Turtle, The2016
DVD 2293Renaissance2006
F 763Return To Never Land2002
DVD 2248Saludos Amigos1942
F 1191Selected Films: Norman McLaren1991
DVD 2403Seoul Station2016
DVD 1311Shrek2001
F 449Signals: The Day Comics Grew Up1989
DVD 455Silly Symphonies: Historic Musical Animated Classics1929-1939
F 575Simpsons, The1993
F 976Simpsons, The1996
F 915Simpsons, The1998
TV 460Simpsons, The2001
TV 460Simpsons, The1991
DVD 1109Simpsons, The1989-1990
DVD 2304Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1937
F 844South Park1997
DVD 1901South Park2005
DVD 2129South Park2007
DVD 2130South Park2011
F 725South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut1999
F 1155Spirited Away2001
DVD 2314Spirited Away2001
TV 113Spitting Image1986
DVD 1871SpongeBob Square Pants2004
TV 359Stay Tooned: Tish Tash Toons1994
F 1194Svankmajer: Volume 11964
F 1194Svankmajer: Volume 21965
DVD 2305Three Caballeros, The1944
DVD 2414Tokyo Godfathers2003
DVD 1601Toy Story1995
DVD 1602Toy Story 21999
DVD 1603Toy Story 32010
DVD 1040Transformers: the Classic episodes1985
TV 143Ubu Roi
F 761Verucca Boy, The1992
DVD 214Waking Life2001
DVD 1320Wall-E2008
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
F 559What's Cooking?1986