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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1497A Christmas Carol1977
DVD 1498A Tale of Two Cities1980
DVD 188Alice in Wonderland1966
DVD 1497Bleak House1985
TV 575Bleak House2005
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Knight's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Man of Law's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Pardoner's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Sea Captain's Tale2003
TV 533Canterbury Tales: the Wife of Bath2003
DVD 1865Casanova1971
TV 575Chatterley Affair, The2006
F 1041Clueless1995
DVD 4Clueless1995
DVD 1289Cranford2007
GB 3Cry, The Beloved Country1951
DVD 1498David Copperfield1986
F 488Emma1997
DVD 164Emma1996
F 155Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 124Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 32Franchise Affair, The1950
GB 134Go-Between, The1971
GB 118Gone to Earth1950
DVD 169Great Expectations1946
DVD 1498Great Expectations1999
TV 165Great Expectations1946
DVD 1981Great Expectations1998
DVD 1497Hard Times1994
GB 22Heart of the Matter, The1953
GB 124History of Mr Polly1949
GB 111Holy Matrimony1943
DVD 168House of Mirth, The2000
TV 353In Camera1964
DVD 98Kangaroo1986
GB 125Kipps1941
GB 72Lamb1986
F 697Lorna Doone1951
DVD 726Lorna Doone2000
GB 55Lorna Doone1934
GB 60Lucky Jim1957
DVD 603Macbeth1971
F 1130Madame Bovary1933
DVD 192Madame Bovary1991
F 18Madame Bovary1949
DVD 326Madame Bovary (BBC version)1975
DVD 166Mansfield Park1999
DVD 1497Martin Chuzzlewit1994
DVD 1866Mayor of Casterbridge, The1977
DVD 1498Nicholas Nickleby1977
GB 72Old Curiosity Shop, The1934
GB 155Oliver Twist1948
DVD 169Oliver Twist1948
DVD 1497Oliver Twist1985
F 748Orlando1992
DVD 1497Our Mutual Friend1998
DVD 1498Pickwick Papers, The1985
F 734Pride and Prejudice1940
TV 401Pride and Prejudice1995
F 764Pride and Prejudice1993
F 649Pride and Prejudice1995
DVD 754Pride and Prejudice1995
F 667Pride and Prejudice: From Page To Screen1995
F 254Rebecca1940
DVD 304Rebecca1940
GB 59Room With A View, A1985
GB 134Seance On A Wet Afternoon1964
GB 123Secret Agent1936
DVD 165Sense and Sensibility1995
DVD 824Shakespeare Retold2005
TV 235Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampire1992
GB 41Stars Look Down, The1939
DVD 1443Tale of Two Cities, A1935
F 740Tale of Two Cities, A1935
GB 85Tale of Two Cities, A1958
GB 122Thirty-Nine Steps, The1978
GB 46Three Musketeers, The1973
GB 33Venus Peter1989
F 883Venus Peter1989
DVD 2082War and Peace2015
F 557Where Angels Fear To Tread1991
DVD 2096Where Angels Fear To Tread1991
F 428White Bird Passes, The1980
DVD 167Wings of the Dove1997