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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 45921 Grams2003
DVD 668301/3021995
DVD 1078A Bout de Souffle (Breathless)1960
F 459A Bout de Souffle (extract only)1960
DVD 1620A Man Escaped1956
DVD 689Affliction1997
F 1104Aliens1986
F 419American Gigolo1980
F 1059American History X1998
DVD 199American Psycho2000
F 1179Amores Perros2000
DVD 733Amores Perros2000
DVD 1695Anderson Tapes, The1971
F 1181Audition2000
DVD 1740Audition2000
F 532Bad Day At Black Rock1955
DVD 533Bad Education2004
DVD 825Bad Seed, The1956
DVD 240Bank, The2001
F 426Bat Whispers, The1930
F 1152Battle Royale2000
DVD 1152Beach, The2000
DVD 1444Beautiful Creatures2000
DVD 844Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls1970
F 1000Billion Dollar Brain1967
F 993Bird With the Crystal Plummage, The1970
DVD 2280Birdemic2010
F 297Birds, The1963
DVD 27Birds, The1963
DVD 2148Black Swan2010
DVD 279Blackrock1997
DVD 2175Bletchley Circle, The2012-2013
F 518Blow Out1981
F 272Blue Dahlia, The1946
F 429Body Snatcher, The1945
F 569Bodyguard, The1992
F 461Breathless1983
DVD 2116Bridge of Spies2015
DVD 1726Brimstone and Treacle1982
F 440Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
DVD 831Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia1974
DVD 50Brother2000
DVD 1330Bunny Lake Is Missing1965
DVD 2406Burning2018
DVD 688Butterfly Effect, The2004
DVD 1573Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The (2005 version)2005
F 620Cape Fear1961
DVD 957Cape Fear1991
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 388Cercle Rouge, Le1970
DVD 1765Chaos2000
F 151Charley Varrick1973
DVD 2021Children of Men2006
DVD 88Chopper2000
F 76Christmas Holiday1944
F 985Class de Neige, La1998
F 320Clay Pigeon, The1949
F 15Coma1978
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
DVD 741Constant Gardener, The2005
TV 255Conversation, The1974
DVD 517Copycat1995
F 199Cornered1945
DVD 377Crash1996
DVD 620Crash2004
GB 37Criminal, The1960
DVD 1664Crimson Gold2003
F 624Crying Game, The1992
DVD 56Crying Game, The1992
DVD 1812Da Vinci Code, The2006
F 282Dark Passage1947
DVD 2308Dark Passage1947
DVD 1775Dark Water2003
F 1011Day of the Jackal, The1973
DVD 1328Day of the Jackal, The1973
F 140Dead of Night1945
GB 33Dead of Night1945
DVD 1512Dead of Night1945
F 332Dead Zone, The1983
DVD 384Death and the Maiden1994
DVD 2084Death Note2006
F 1183Deep End, The2001
GB 87Diamonds Are Forever1971
DVD 380Dirty Pretty Things2002
F 371Dirty Pretty Things2002
F 399Disappearance of Garcia Lorca, The1997
DVD 457Dogville2003
F 450Don't Look Now1973
GB 67Don't Look Now1973
F 290Dr No1962
F 191Dressed to Kill1980
GB 42East of Piccadilly1940
F 704Election1999
TV 168Enemy of The State1998
F 1168Enigma2001
F 1143Essex Boys1999
F 1035Eyewitness1981
GB 60Face the Music1954
DVD 1909Fail-Safe1964
DVD 471Fallen1998
F 802Fan, The1996
F 957Fifth Cord, The1971
F 1103Fight Club1999
DVD 1255Fight Club1999
GB 153Figures in a Landscape1970
F 1181Final Destination2000
F 1098Fistful Of Flies, A1996
F 994Five Dolls for an August Moon1970
DVD 2188Flightplan2005
F 305Foreign Correspondent1940
F 155Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 124Fortune is a Woman1957
F 584Fran1985
GB 5Frenzy1972
F 303From Russia With Love1963
F 995Funeral In Berlin1966
F 114Funny Games1997
DVD 448Gacy2003
F 807Gangster No. 12000
DVD 1540Ghost, The2010
DVD 685Gift, The2000
GB 84Goldfinger1964
F 868Gorky Park1983
F 436Gunrunner, The1984
DVD 215Hamlet2000
F 664Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The1992
F 1132Hannibal2001
DVD 1654Harry Brown2009
DVD 747He Loves Me He Loves Me Not (A La Folie Pas Du Tout)2002
DVD 2427Headless Woman, The2008
F 749High Sierra1941
F 1148Hole, The2001
DVD 1915Housemaid, The2010
F 1161Hunted1952
DVD 1663Hunter, The2010
F 1051Ice Station Zebra1968
DVD 447Identity2003
DVD 2212Illusionist, The2006
DVD 911In The Cut2003
DVD 1405Inglourious Basterds2009
DVD 974Interpreter, The2005
GB 141Ipcress File, The1965
F 439Jagged Edge1985
F 345Jaws1975
DVD 907Jaws1975
F 1044Jaws 21978
DVD 908Jaws 21978
DVD 908Jaws 31983
F 125Jaws: The Revenge1987
DVD 908Jaws: The Revenge1987
GB 61Jet Storm1959
DVD 1063Jindabyne2006
DVD 1924Joint Security Area2000
GB 71Krays, The1990
DVD 64L.A. Confidential1997
F 81Lady from Shanghai, The1948
DVD 852Lady from Shanghai, The1948
GB 119Lady Vanishes, The1979
DVD 697Lady Vengeance2005
DVD 190Lantana2001
DVD 925Last King of Scotland, The2006
F 52Le Boucher1969
F 51Lifeboat1944
DVD 2144Living and the Dead, The2016
F 666Lodger, The: A Story Of The London Fog1926
F 198London Belongs to Me1948
GB 7London Belongs to Me1948
DVD 2390Lord of the Flies1963
DVD 198Lost Highway1997
DVD 636Lost Son, The1998
DVD 746Machinist, The2004
DVD 869Malice1993
DVD 1012Malice1993
F 131Man Who Knew Too Much, The1956
DVD 305Man Who Knew Too Much, The1934
DVD 307Manchurian Candidate, The1962
DVD 446Manhunter1986
DVD 2151Marathon Man1976
DVD 1947Margaret Lockwood Collection, The1938-1950
DVD 1175Maria Full of Grace2004
DVD 53Marnie1964
DVD 1843Martha Marcy May Marlene2011
DVD 222Memento2000
DVD 1927Memories of Murder2003
TV 233Midnight Lace1960
GB 57Mona Lisa1986
F 248Money Movers1978
DVD 267Most Dangerous Game, The1932
F 822Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 197Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 2215Naked City1948
F 295Naked City, The1948
F 319Narrow Margin, The1952
DVD 2216Night and the City1950
GB 7Night Has Eyes, The1942
F 668Nine And A Half Weeks1986
DVD 793Nine Lives2003
F 607No Way Out1987
F 139North by Northwest1959
DVD 319North by Northwest1959
F 11Notorious1946
DVD 306Notorious1946
F 1152Nowhere To Hide2001
DVD 82Obsession1976
DVD 2033Of Good Report2003
DVD 696Oldboy2003
DVD 827Omen, The1976
DVD 1200Orphanage, The2007
F 347Perfect1985
DVD 427Pi1998
DVD 1255Pi1998
F 243Pitfall1948
DVD 1767Pleasures of the Flesh1964
F 285Plumber, The1978
F 723Point Blank1967
DVD 952Point Blank1967
GB 58Postmark for Danger1955
DVD 2135Prestige, The2006
DVD 714Primal Fear1996
F 549Prowler, The1950
F 223Psycho1960
F 1052Psycho1998
DVD 277Psycho1998
F 614Psycho1960
DVD 956Psycho1960
F 470Quai des Orfèvres1947
GB 141Quiller Memorandum, The1966
F 732Rabid1976
F 215Rear Window1954
DVD 840Rear Window1954
DVD 450Red Dragon2002
F 525Red Heat1988
F 971Red Rock West1992
F 49Revenge1990
DVD 1657Righteous Kill2008
F 851Ring of Spies1963
F 604Robbery Under Arms1957
F 9Saboteur1942
DVD 218Safe1995
F 850Scream1996
DVD 19Scream1996
GB 123Secret Agent1936
F 12Secret Agent, The1936
DVD 1903Secret Defense1998
GB 14Secret Partner, The1961
F 787Seven1995
DVD 2194Seven1995
DVD 2194Seven1995
F 504Seventh Victim, The1943
DVD 1524Shallow Grave1994
F 479Shame1987
DVD 157Silence of the Lambs, The1991
DVD 1401Silkwood1983
DVD 20Single White Female1992
F 1053Sixth Sense1999
F 1160Sleeping Tiger, The1954
F 176Small Back Room, The1949
DVD 276Snapshot1979
DVD 2396Someone At The Door1936
F 280Sorry Wrong Number1948
GB 79South American George1941
DVD 2196Southland Tales2006
F 54Spellbound1945
F 605Spirit Of The People1940
DVD 174Straw Dogs1971
F 968Surfer, The1988
F 1171Surfer, The1988
F 192Suspicion1941
DVD 1851Suspicions of Mr Whicher, The; The Murder At Road Hill House2011
DVD 1796Talented Mr Ripley, The1999
DVD 127Taxi Driver1976
GB 48Teckman Mystery, The1954
DVD 466Ted Bundy2002
F 994Tenebre1982
F 665Terror By Night1946
DVD 880Terror By Night1946
F 501They Drive by Night1938
F 121Third Man, The1949
DVD 1509Third Man, The1949
GB 1Thirty Nine Steps, The1935
DVD 117Thirty Nine Steps, The1935
GB 122Thirty-Nine Steps, The1978
F 733Thomas Crown Affair, The1999
DVD 52Thomas Crown Affair, The1999
DVD 1041Three Days of the Condor1975
F 348Tingler, The1959
DVD 2307To Have And Have Not1944
DVD 49Topkapi1964
F 644Torn Curtain1966
F 55Trial, The1962
DVD 1319Trouble Every Day2001
DVD 1422True North2006
DVD 1180Turistas2006
DVD 2394Us2019
F 235Vertigo1958
DVD 22Vertigo1958
F 431Village, The2004
DVD 1342Wait Until Dark1967
F 490Walkabout1970
GB 142Walkabout1971
F 469Web, The1947
F 967Who Saw Her Die?1971
DVD 680Wicker Man, The1973
DVD 1350Wicker Man, The (Director's Cut)1973
DVD 836Wolf Creek2005
GB 70Yellow Balloon, The1952