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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 973Bamako2006
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
DVD 967Catch a Fire2006
DVD 966Days of Glory2006
GB 116Drum, The1938
GB 95Elephant boy1937
F 420Elephant Boy1937
DVD 964English Patient, The1996
GB 99Four Feathers, The1939
GB 22Heart of the Matter, The1953
DVD 974Interpreter, The2005
GB 121Khartoum1966
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
GB 130Mission, The1986
DVD 965Nowhere in Africa2001
DVD 968Out of Africa1985
GB 96Sanders of the River1935
DVD 975Shooting Dogs2005
F 907Zulu1963