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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 1483A Bonus For Irene1971
DVD 193Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
F 997Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
DVD 1477Aguirre, The Wrath of God1972
F 989Alice in the Cities1974
DVD 1450Alice in the Cities1974
F 954American Friend, The1977
DVD 1451American Friend, The1977
DVD 1483Break the Power of the Manipulators1968
DVD 1457Bubchen1968
F 987Burden of Dreams1982
DVD 1465Chinese Roulette1976
F 154Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, The1968
DVD 1484Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, The1968
DVD 1481Cobra Verde1987
DVD 1710Der Schöne Tag (A Fine Day)2001
DVD 1460Effi Briest1974
DVD 1472Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, The1974
DVD 1473Even Dwarfs Started Small1969
DVD 1470Fan, The1982
DVD 1474Fata Morgana1969
DVD 1459Fear Eats The Soul1974
DVD 328Fear Eats The Soul1974
F 488Fear Eats The Soul1974
DVD 1463Fear Of Fear1975
DVD 1480Fitzcarraldo1982
F 395Fitzcarraldo1982
DVD 1461Fox And His Friends1974
DVD 1483From The Reports Of Security Guards And Patrol Services Nos 1, 5 & 81984
F 958German Sisters, The1981
DVD 1467German Sisters, The1981
F 982Germany In Autumn1978
DVD 1495Germany In Autumn1978
F 961Germany, Pale Mother1980
DVD 1455Germany, Pale Mother1980
F 956Goalkeeper's Fear Of The Penalty Kick, The1971
DVD 1475Heart of Glass1976
DVD 1493In A Year Of Thirteen Moons1978
DVD 1483In The Midst Of The Malestream2005
DVD 1456Karl May1974
DVD 1453Kings Of The Road1976
F 981Kings Of The Road1976
F 997Land Of Silence And Darkness1971
DVD 1483Liberators Take Liberties1991
F 980Lola1981
DVD 1488Lola1981
F 960Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum, The1975
DVD 1468Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum, The (Blu-ray)1975
DVD 1466Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
F 699Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1454Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1709Marseille2004
DVD 1489Martha1974
DVD 1703Milchwald2003
DVD 1462Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven1975
DVD 1482My Best Fiend1999
F 986Nasty Girl, The1989
DVD 1478Nosferatu the Vampyre1979
DVD 1471Palermo oder Wolfsburg1980
F 367Paris, Texas1984
DVD 1449Paris, Texas1984
DVD 1486Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave1973
F 91Patriot, The1979
F 387Querelle1982
DVD 1458Red Sun1969
DVD 1464Satan's Brew1976
F 986Sisters1979
DVD 1452State of Things, the1982
F 987State of Things, the1982
DVD 1469Stroszek1977
F 955Stroszek1977
DVD 1476Stroszek1977
DVD 1483Subjectitude - Silvo - Gluttony? Feeding!1966-1967
DVD 1483Subjective Factor, The1981
DVD 1483The All Round Reduced Personality - Redupers1977
DVD 1494Third Generation, The1979
DVD 1487Tin Drum, The1979
DVD 1483Trouble With Love, The1983
F 812Until The End of The World1991
DVD 1492Veronika Voss1981
F 980Veronika Voss1981
DVD 1483Village2001
DVD 1490Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?1970
F 959Wings Of Desire1987
DVD 65Wings of Desire1987
DVD 1479Woyzeck1976
DVD 1704Yella2007
DVD 1486Yesterday Girl1966
DVD 1485Young Törless1966