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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 7672009 Lost Memories2002
DVD 2405Age Of Shadows, The2016
F 682Airport 771977
DVD 211Aliens1986
F 889Apollo 131995
DVD 410Apollo 131995
DVD 901Armageddon1998
F 879Ashes of Time1994
DVD 1201Baader Meinhof Complex, The2008
F 741Barb Wire1995
TV 272Batman1943
DVD 1736Black Angel, The1997
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
F 748Blue Steel1989
F 659Blue Thunder1982
DVD 2270Bourne Supremacy, The2004
DVD 2271Bourne Ultimatum, The2007
F 860Butterfly And Sword1993
DVD 969Casino Royale2006
F 801Cliffhanger1993
F 90Cloak and Dagger1946
DVD 881Crimson Tide1995
DVD 2101Daredevil2003
DVD 2006Day After Tomorrow, The2004
DVD 2007Day The Earth Stood Still, The2008
F 1021Death Hunt1981
DVD 187Die Hard1988
DVD 187Die Hard 21990
DVD 187Die Hard With A Vengeance1995
F 95Dirty Harry1971
DVD 2125Dirty Harry1971
F 1195Earthquake1974
GB 153Emerald Forest, The1986
F 760Enemy at the Gates2001
F 876Enter The Dragon1973
DVD 5Face Off1995
F 1103Fight Club1999
DVD 1255Fight Club1999
DVD 778Fist of Fury1972
F 524Forty-Eight Hours (48 Hrs)1982
F 884French Connection, The1971
F 509Getaway, The1972
DVD 1378Getaway, The1972
F 1043Gray Lady Down1977
F 875Green Snake, The1993
DVD 1730Hanna2011
F 833Hard Boiled1992
DVD 1749Hidden Fortress, The1958
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
DVD 1626Inception2010
DVD 1980Independence Day1996
DVD 2008Independence Day1996
DVD 2232Italian Job, The2003
F 878July Thirteenth1996
F 891Jurassic Park1993
DVD 430Kill Bill: Vol 12003
DVD 434Kill Bill: Vol 22004
F 837Killer, The1989
F 389King Solomon's Mines1950
DVD 1781Lady Snowblood (Blu-ray)1973
DVD 1781Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (Blu-ray)1974
F 920Last Action Hero1993
DVD 11Last Action Hero1993
F 921Last Action Hero1993
F 922Last Action Hero1993
F 923Last Action Hero1993
F 730Le Petit Soldat1963
F 1172Mad Max1979
F 598Mad Max 21981
F 971Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome1985
DVD 2398Man From Nowhere, The2010
DVD 1297Man On Fire2004
DVD 13Matrix, The1999
DVD 2045Minority Report2003
F 887Mission: Impossible1996
F 171Mr Majestyk1974
F 933On The Run1982
F 294Only Angels Have Wings1939
DVD 678Only Angels Have Wings1939
DVD 1972Organization, The1971
F 913Park Row1952
F 1060Payback1998
DVD 1639Predator1987
F 697Pulp Fiction1994
DVD 15Pulp Fiction1994
F 273Pulp Fiction1994
F 109Raiders of the Lost Ark1981
DVD 1640Raise The Titanic1980
F 879Replacement Killers, The1998
F 860Return of the Streetfighter1974
F 656Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves1991
F 1016Rock, The1996
F 911Romper Stomper1992
DVD 18Run Lola Run1998
F 869Saint, The1997
DVD 1749Sanjuro1962
F 224Scott of the Antarctic1948
DVD 1365Sentinel, The2006
DVD 2403Seoul Station2016
F 700Seven Samurai1954
DVD 1749Seven Samurai1954
F 878Seventh Curse, The1986
DVD 734Sin City2005
DVD 1329Snakes On A Plane2006
F 881Sonatine1993
DVD 55Sonatine1993
DVD 2268Speed1994
F 404Star Chamber, The1983
F 861Sukeban Deka1995
DVD 2070Taking of Pelham 123, The2009
F 904Terminator 2: Judgement Day1991
DVD 331Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003
F 438Terminator, The1984
DVD 1749Throne Of Blood1957
DVD 1773Tokyo Fist1995
DVD 291Towering Inferno, The1974
DVD 2402Train To Busan2016
DVD 1761Violent Cop1989
DVD 777Way of the Dragon1972
F 876Way Of The Dragon1972
F 261Wind Across the Everglades1958
DVD 1854World War Z2013
DVD 2102X-Men2000
DVD 1749Yojimbo1961