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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 99Africa on Africa: Borom Sarret1963
F 233Autumn Afternoon, An1962
F 864Baby Cart At The River Styx1973
F 1174Bad Boy Bubby1993
DVD 1534Belle de Jour1967
F 931Bliss1985
F 577Blowup1966
F 972Blue Velvet1986
DVD 245Blue Velvet1986
F 382Book of Mary, The (Le Livre De Marie)1984
F 852Breaking the Waves1995
DVD 1649Breaking the Waves1995
F 929Cactus1986
DVD 914Cactus1986
F 770Calendar1993
GB 145Caravaggio1986
TV 243Charlotte et son Jules1958
F 751Chelsea Girls1967
F 397Diary of a Chambermaid1946
F 2Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1371Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
DVD 1529Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The1972
F 23Draughtsman's Contract, The1982
DVD 2106Draughtsman's Contract, The1982
GB 63Drowning by Numbers1988
GB 59Edward II1991
F 412Eight and a Half (8½)1963
DVD 224Festen1998
F 757Festen1998
DVD 1480Fitzcarraldo1982
F 395Fitzcarraldo1982
GB 45Garden, The1990
F 982Germany In Autumn1978
DVD 1495Germany In Autumn1978
F 892Good Wife, The1986
F 477Ivan's Childhood1962
F 1038Jetée, La1962
DVD 371Jetée, La1962
F 755Joan Braderman - Joan Sees Stars1993
F 755Joan Braderman - Video Compilation: 1983-19891989
F 581L'Atalante1934
F 846La Guerre est Finie1966
F 74La Prise de Pouvoir Par Louis XIV1966
GB 145Last of England, The1987
F 900Last Tango In Paris, The1972
F 924Last Wave, The1977
F 309Last Year In Marienbad1961
DVD 1044Last Year In Marienbad1961
F 502Lola Montes1955
F 390Lola Montes1955
F 699Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1454Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
DVD 1466Marriage Of Maria Braun, The1979
F 773Masala1991
F 6Milky Way, The1968
DVD 1528Milky Way, The1968
F 24Mirror1974
F 406Mirror1975
DVD 1114Mirror1975
F 921Night Porter, The1973
F 342Nostalgia1983
DVD 248One Night the Moon2001
DVD 254Order, The2002
F 157Passion1982
F 695Performance1970
GB 119Performance1970
F 7Phantom of Liberty, The1974
DVD 1532Phantom of Liberty, The1974
F 755Planet In My Pocket1995
F 897Proof1991
DVD 403Proof1991
F 3Robinson Crusoe1954
DVD 1259Robinson Crusoe1954
TV 168Run Lola Run1998
F 476Sacrifice, The1986
DVD 371Sans Soleil1983
F 618Seventh Seal, The1957
DVD 387Seventh Seal, The1957
DVD 1351Seventh Seal, The1957
TV 320Simon of the Desert1965
F 830Spider's Stratagem, The1970
F 1055Spirit of the Beehive1973
DVD 1431Spirit of the Beehive1973
F 955Stroszek1977
DVD 1469Stroszek1977
DVD 1476Stroszek1977
F 778Tales from the Gimli Hospital1988
DVD 34Tango Lesson, The1996
F 8That Obscure Object of Desire1977
DVD 1533That Obscure Object of Desire1977
GB 44Track 291988
F 1033Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
DVD 1085Tree of Wooden Clogs, The1978
F 5Tristana1970
DVD 1531Tristana1970
F 805Underground1995
DVD 1384Underground1995
F 1056Vacas1991
DVD 81Vacas1991
F 452War Requiem1988
F 1163Weekend1967
DVD 560Weekend1967
F 969Where The Green Ants Dream1984
F 959Wings Of Desire1987
DVD 1535Young One, The1960
F 298Zed and Two Noughts, A1985
F 581Zéro de Conduite1933