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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 46910 Rillington Place1971
DVD 45921 Grams2003
DVD 73625th Hour2002
DVD 1092400 Blows, The1959
DVD 876A Bronx Tale1993
DVD 1305A Scanner Darkly2006
DVD 162Accused, The1988
F 905Across 110th Street1972
DVD 1695Anderson Tapes, The1971
F 783Another Day in Paradise1998
GB 42Arsenal Stadium Mystery, The1939
F 1138Asphalt Jungle, The1950
TV 430Backlash1986
F 1094Badlands1973
DVD 1574Badlands1973
F 426Bat Whispers, The1930
DVD 1742Battles Without Honour and Humanity (The Yakuza Papers)1973
DVD 1444Beautiful Creatures2000
F 604Big Combo, The1954
F 660Big Man, The1990
DVD 347Big Sleep, The1978
DVD 1736Black Angel, The1997
F 601Blackmail1929
DVD 2175Bletchley Circle, The2012-2013
F 365Blue Lamp, The1949
F 748Blue Steel1989
DVD 1017Bones2005
DVD 642Boomtown2002
DVD 1007Boston Strangler, The1968
DVD 1242Brick2006
F 177Brighton Rock1947
DVD 50Brother2000
F 252Brute Force1947
F 219Bullitt1968
F 660Bureau Of Missing Persons1933
F 170Call Northside 7771948
DVD 388Cercle Rouge, Le1970
F 1173Charlie's Angels1979
F 877Chase That Man1968
F 216Chase, The1966
F 1180Cidade de Deus (City of God)2002
DVD 928Cidade de Deus (City of God)2002
DVD 2362City of Men (Cidade dos Homens)2002-2004
DVD 325Clockers1996
DVD 1215Close Up1990
DVD 100Confidential Report1955
DVD 517Copycat1995
F 699Cosh Boy1952
GB 154Crackerjack1938
F 647Cruising1980
F 862Cyclo1995
GB 57Dance With A Stranger1985
DVD 356Dangerous Lady1995
DVD 1360Dead End1937
GB 63Dear Murderer1947
DVD 2084Death Note2006
F 176Desperate1947
F 264Detective1985
DVD 1020Dexter2006
DVD 2249Dheepan2015
GB 103Dick Turpin, Highwayman1956
F 331Doctor Mabuse, The Gambler (pt 1)1922
F 137Dog Day Afternoon1975
F 467Eleventh Hour: Variety1983
DVD 1787Endeavour2011
DVD 5Face Off1995
F 396Fallen Idol, The1948
F 155Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 124Fortune is a Woman1957
GB 32Franchise Affair, The1950
F 944French Connection 2, The1975
DVD 1934Friend2001
DVD 1122Fulltime Killer2001
DVD 448Gacy2003
F 807Gangster No. 12000
DVD 2165Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema2008
F 552Gattaca1997
F 683Get Carter1971
GB 104Get Carter1971
F 845Getaway, The1994
F 1107Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai1999
DVD 2076Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The2009
F 956Goalkeeper's Fear Of The Penalty Kick, The1971
DVD 1747Gonin1995
DVD 1774Gonin 21996
GB 73Good Die Young, The1954
F 1159Good Die Young, The1954
F 955Good Time Girl1950
F 937Grievous Bodily Harm1988
DVD 131Grievous Bodily Harm1988
F 848Grifters, The1990
DVD 1364Grifters, The1990
F 459Gun Crazy1949
F 143Hammett1982
F 838Hana-Bi1997
DVD 1842Hana-Bi1997
DVD 1654Harry Brown2009
F 719Heat1995
DVD 2262Hell or High Water2016
F 831Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer1986
DVD 178Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer1986
F 877Heroic Trio, The1992
GB 65Home at Seven1952
GB 48House of the Seven Hawks1959
DVD 1130Hukkle2001
F 429Human Desire1954
F 1161Hunted1952
F 317Hustle1975
F 72I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang1932
DVD 1790In Bruges2008
DVD 834In Cold Blood1967
F 946Ironside1967
DVD 10Jackie Brown1997
DVD 1063Jindabyne2006
DVD 356Jump, The1998
F 450Justice Game, The1989
DVD 2001Killer's Kiss1955
TV 294Killing, The1956
DVD 713Killing, The1956
DVD 2000Killing, The1956
F 859King of Marvin Gardens, The1972
GB 52King of the Damned1935
F 674Kiss of Death1947
GB 71Krays, The1990
F 747Krays, The1990
DVD 64L.A. Confidential1997
F 1098Last Man Standing1996
F 636Last Page, The1952
F 80Laura1944
DVD 1088Law and Order1978
DVD 534Law and Order: Special Victims Unit1999-2000
GB 94League of Gentlemen, The1960
DVD 343Long Goodbye, The1973
TV 270Loveless, The1981
F 449M1931
DVD 464M1931
F 644Madigan1968
F 392Maltese Falcon, The1941
DVD 60Maltese Falcon, The1941
F 831Man Bites Dog1992
DVD 2398Man From Nowhere, The2010
TV 51Man In The Road, The1956
DVD 2151Marathon Man1976
DVD 1672Marriage of the Blessed1989
DVD 61Mean Streets1973
F 1131Mean Streets1973
DVD 1927Memories of Murder2003
DVD 468Monster2003
GB 114Murder Ahoy1964
F 1202Murder On A Sunday2001
GB 47Murder Without Crime1950
F 1109Mystery Train1989
DVD 763Mystic River2003
DVD 479Natural Born Killers (Director's cut)1994
F 670Night And The City1950
F 976Nirvana Street Murder1990
GB 22Nowhere to Go1958
DVD 2267Ocean's Eleven2001
F 1199Odd Man Out1947
DVD 1008Odd Man Out1947
DVD 169Oliver Twist1948
GB 155Oliver Twist1948
DVD 2044Orange is the New Black2013
DVD 1960Oz1997
DVD 2217Panic Room2002
F 84Paradine Case, The1947
DVD 1054Paradine Case, The1947
F 301Phantom of the Opera, The1943
F 315Phantom Of The Opera, The1925
DVD 1121Pickpocket1959
DVD 2077Place Beyond the Pines, The2012
F 378Play Misty for Me1971
F 1179Pledge, The2001
F 961Pool of London1950
GB 58Postmark for Danger1955
DVD 548Profiler1996-1997
DVD 1739Rashomon1950
DVD 867Rebus: Fleshmarket Close2005
DVD 866Rebus: The Falls2005
DVD 1458Red Sun1969
DVD 46Rififi1955
DVD 1657Righteous Kill2008
DVD 2361Road to Perdition2002
F 153Robbery1967
F 554Rockford Files, The1974
F 293Rope1948
DVD 104Rope1948
TV 115Ruby1992
F 289Salton Sea, The2002
DVD 593Salvatore Giuliano1961
F 570Scarface1932
F 240Scarlet Claw, The1944
DVD 2014Scotland Yard1953-1961
DVD 1365Sentinel, The2006
F 786Serpico1973
F 1072Shaft1971
F 1073Shaft in Africa1973
F 1073Shaft's Big Score1972
DVD 2397Shameless, The2015
DVD 2198Shawshank Redemption, The1994
DVD 2115Sherlock Holmes2009
TV 235Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampire1992
DVD 1910Shiri1999
F 913Shock Corridor1963
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
TV 534Silent Witness2003
DVD 764Sleepers1996
GB 52Sleuth1972
F 827Slightly Scarlet1955
DVD 740Snatch2000
DVD 1055Stage Fright1950
F 1040Sting, the1973
DVD 1949Street With No Name, The1948
DVD 1777Sway2006
DVD 2322Taggart: Death Call1986
DVD 2321Taggart: Knife Edge1986
DVD 2321Taggart: Murder in Season1985
DVD 2322Taggart: The Killing Philosophy1987
DVD 466Ted Bundy2002
DVD 33The Harder They Come1972
F 638Thomas Crown Affair, The1968
DVD 1111Thomas Crown Affair, The1968
DVD 686Time To Kill, A1996
DVD 1744Tokyo Drifter1966
F 55Touch of Evil1957
DVD 302Touch of Evil1957
TV 531Tough Love2000
DVD 854Tsotsi2005
TV 288TV Heaven 1967: Armchair Theatre - A Magnum for Schneider1967
F 726Twelve Monkeys1995
DVD 745Twelve Monkeys1995
DVD 748Two Days in the Valley1996
F 538Unfaithful, The1947
GB 79Valley of Eagles1951
F 1072Valley of The Dolls1967
DVD 844Valley of The Dolls1967
DVD 1780Vengeance is Mine (Blu-ray)1979
F 1108Violent Cop1989
TV 542Waking the Dead2004
TV 542Waking the Dead2004
TV 542Waking the Dead2004
TV 542Waking the Dead2004
DVD 1499Wallander2005
GB 69Whole Truth, The1958
F 492Winter of Our Dreams1981
DVD 546Wire In The Blood2002
DVD 547Wire In The Blood II2004
DVD 1722Wire, The2005
F 612Witness1985
DVD 1772Zatoichi2003