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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 126317 Again2009
DVD 43220462004
DVD 1335A Letter To Three Wives1949
DVD 1746A Woman Called Abe Sada1975
DVD 2221A Yank In The RAF1941
DVD 1006Adam's Rib1949
DVD 385Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
F 194Adventures of Robin Hood, The1938
DVD 1597Ae Fond Kiss2004
DVD 955Age of Innocence, The1993
DVD 2065Alice1990
F 657Always1989
DVD 731American Cousins2002
DVD 2223Anna and the King of Siam1946
DVD 889As Good As It Gets1997
DVD 1039Atonement2007
DVD 1819Au Revoir Taipei2010
DVD 1651Away We Go2009
DVD 283Awful Truth, The1937
F 356Baby It's You1982
DVD 1679Baran2001
DVD 1102Barefoot Contessa, The1954
DVD 1697Beau Brummel1924
DVD 976Beautiful Thing1995
DVD 1374Beauty and the Beast, The (La belle et la bête)1946
F 1083Before Sunrise1995
DVD 2016Before Sunrise1995
DVD 2016Before Sunset2004
DVD 2316Belle2014
F 1069Belle Epoque1992
DVD 1612Belle Epoque1992
F 614Betty Blue1986
DVD 2186Bewitched2005
DVD 1151Beyond the Clouds1995
F 1111Black Cat White Cat1998
DVD 1385Black Cat White Cat1998
F 1100Blonde Crazy1931
TV 558Bloom2003
GB 149Blue Black Permanent1992
DVD 1278Blue Gate Crossing2002
DVD 1178Bodies, Rest and Motion1993
DVD 650Breakfast at Tiffany's1961
DVD 1285Bride and Prejudice2004
DVD 1605Bridesmaids2011
F 1140Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 122Bridget Jones's Diary2001
DVD 1416Broadway Melody, The1921
DVD 1991Brokeback Mountain2005
F 432Bull Durham1988
DVD 1157Butterfly Man2003
DVD 1707Café Elektric1927
DVD 2420Call Me By Your Name2017
DVD 1056Candy2005
DVD 1789Captain Corelli's Mandolin2001
DVD 321Carefree1938
DVD 1597Carla's Song1996
F 333Casablanca1942
DVD 3Casablanca1942
F 701Casanova1918
DVD 1433Cavalcade1933
F 870Chasing Amy1997
F 901China Seas1935
DVD 333Chungking Express1994
F 615Cinema Paradiso1989
F 718Cinema Paradiso (director's cut)1988
F 1080Circle of Friends1995
F 87City of Angels1998
DVD 2209Cold Mountain2003
DVD 1248Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen2004
DVD 2230Confettit2006
F 1183Crossroads2002
F 1085Cruel Intentions1999
DVD 1985D-Day the Sixth of June1956
F 1147Dangerous Liaisons1988
F 1160Darling1965
F 1169Daydream Believer1992
DVD 897Daydream Believer1992
DVD 1362Days of Heaven1978
F 940Dead Letter Office1997
DVD 500Dead Letter Office1998
GB 63Dear Murderer1947
F 142Death in Venice (pt 1)1971
F 143Death in Venice (pt 2)1971
DVD 1265December Boys2006
DVD 2379Ditto (AKA Donggam)2000
DVD 1404Do You Remember Dolly Bell?1981
DVD 520Dolls2002
DVD 785Double Life of Veronique, The1991
DVD 1391Down to the Sea in Ships1922
DVD 401Down With Love2003
DVD 2424Drifting Flowers2008
F 882Eat, Drink, Man, Woman1994
DVD 1652Edge of the World, The1937
DVD 1705Ekstase1933
GB 152Elusive Pimpernel, The1950
DVD 164Emma1996
DVD 1735Empire of the Passions (Ai No Borei)1978
DVD 1117Enchanted Cottage, The1945
DVD 1331Enchanted Cottage, The1945
F 760Enemy at the Gates2001
F 1168Enigma2001
DVD 431Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004
GB 9Excalibur1981
GB 137Excalibur1981
F 1193Far From Heaven2002
DVD 265Far From Heaven2002
F 488Fear Eats The Soul1974
DVD 328Fear Eats The Soul1974
DVD 1459Fear Eats The Soul1974
DVD 2173Fever Pitch1996
DVD 1434Fire Over England1937
F 714Floodtide1949
DVD 321Follow the Fleet1936
DVD 2064Fool For Love1985
DVD 870Forever Young1992
DVD 123Four Weddings and a Funeral1994
DVD 886Frankie and Johnny1991
F 1106French Cancan1955
F 865French Kiss1995
DVD 883French Kiss1995
DVD 425Garden State2004
F 873Gazon Maudit1995
DVD 2435Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953
DVD 1245Get Over It2001
F 155Ghost Goes West, The1935
GB 117Ghost Goes West, The1935
DVD 1953God Help The Girl2013
DVD 1135Golden Door2006
DVD 2309Gone With The Wind1939
DVD 1240Good Dick2008
DVD 2409Graduate, The (Blu-ray)1967
DVD 1981Great Expectations1998
F 1017Green Card1990
DVD 51Groundhog Day1993
DVD 1257Hallam Foe2006
DVD 215Hamlet2000
DVD 2407Handmaiden, The2017
DVD 1913Happy End1999
DVD 747He Loves Me He Loves Me Not (A La Folie Pas Du Tout)2002
DVD 896Head On2004
F 729Head Over Heels1937
DVD 1794Hemingway and Gellhorn2012
DVD 514Here On Earth2000
DVD 1755Hidden Blade, The2004
DVD 460Holiday1938
DVD 1185Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.2007
DVD 452How To Marry A Millionaire1953
F 1079How To Marry A Millionaire1953
DVD 77I Know Where I'm Going!1945
DVD 558Il Postino (The Postman)1994
DVD 2212Illusionist, The2006
F 56Immortal Story, The1968
DVD 370In July2000
DVD 336In The Mood For Love2000
F 531In The Mood For Love2000
DVD 1397It1927
DVD 890It Could Happen To You1994
DVD 1839It's Kind of a Funny Story2010
F 1104Jassy1947
DVD 2349Journey (Voyage) to Italy1954
DVD 1668Jude1996
F 1118Jungle Fever1991
DVD 325Jungle Fever1991
DVD 1982Juno2007
DVD 1905Kontroll2003
F 581L'Atalante1934
F 744L'Avventura1959
DVD 1052La Chartreuse de Parme1947
DVD 1314La Pointe Courte1954
DVD 2170Lake House, The2006
DVD 2387Legally Blonde2001
DVD 1105Letter From An Unknown Woman1948
F 383Liebelei1932
DVD 1386Life is a Miracle2004
DVD 563Life Is Beautiful1997
DVD 1844Like Crazy2011
DVD 664Lolita1997
DVD 1840Lone Star1996
F 697Lorna Doone1951
GB 55Lorna Doone1934
DVD 355Lost in Translation2003
DVD 1754Love and Honour2006
DVD 2220Love Me Tender1956
F 855Love Story1970
DVD 118Love Story1970
F 1095Love's Labour's Lost2000
DVD 350Lover Come Back1961
DVD 383Made For Each Other1939
F 828Man Who Cried, The2000
DVD 1947Margaret Lockwood Collection, The1938-1950
DVD 2395Mata Hari1931
DVD 555Matrimonio All'Italiana1964
DVD 727Memoirs Of A Geisha2005
DVD 885Message In A Bottle1999
TV 467Midsummer Night's Dream, A1996
DVD 1195Misfits, The1961
DVD 1630Misfits, The1961
DVD 1975Miss Sadie Thompson1953
DVD 87Monsoon Wedding2001
DVD 1838Moonrise Kingdom2012
DVD 389Mother, The2003
F 1199Mother, The2003
DVD 235Moulin Rouge2001
DVD 2244Mr and Mrs Smith2005
F 1082Much Ado About Nothing1993
F 703My Favourite Wife1940
DVD 289My Man Godfrey1936
DVD 2391My Sassy Girl2001
DVD 482My Son The Fanatic1997
DVD 1249Mystic Pizza1988
F 727Never Been Kissed1999
DVD 1576New World, The2005
GB 47Nor the Moon by Night1958
DVD 661Nora1999
DVD 2127Notes on a Scandal2006
DVD 288Nothing Sacred1937
DVD 317Notting Hill1999
F 578Notting Hill1999
F 602One From The Heart1982
DVD 2140One From The Heart1981
DVD 1776One Wonderful Sunday1947
DVD 1011Orphée1950
DVD 882Oyster Farmer2004
DVD 115Panic in Needle Park, The1971
F 181Paper, The1994
F 84Paradine Case, The1947
DVD 1054Paradine Case, The1947
DVD 651Paris When It Sizzles1963
DVD 1391Parisian Love1925
DVD 444Pat and Mike1952
F 1196Penny Serenade1941
TV 149Pépé le Moko1936
DVD 1395Pépé le Moko1936
DVD 541Peyton Place1957
F 239Picnic1955
DVD 349Pillow Talk1959
F 834Play It Again Sam1972
DVD 622Pride and Prejudice2005
DVD 792Prince of Tides, The1991
DVD 2408Princess Bride, The1987
DVD 1264Princess Diaries, The2001
DVD 1817Quiet Man, The1952
DVD 2078Rabbit Is Me, The (Das Kaninchen bin ich)1965
F 328Random Harvest1942
DVD 1220Reader, The2008
DVD 811Realm of the Senses, The AKA Ai No Corrida1976
F 254Rebecca1940
DVD 304Rebecca1940
GB 151Red Shoes, The1948
DVD 878Remains of the Day, The1993
F 239Reunion In France1942
GB 58Robin and Marian1976
DVD 652Roman Holiday1953
DVD 17Romeo and Juliet1996
F 1079Romeo and Juliet1968
F 1092Romeo and Juliet1996
F 1157Rouge1987
DVD 2182Run Fatboy Run2007
DVD 227Russian Doll2001
DVD 648Sabrina1954
DVD 1712Salmon Fishing In The Yemen2011
DVD 1954Samson and Delilah2010
DVD 1359Satyricon1968
F 400Save the Last Dance2001
F 1135Say Anything1989
DVD 1698Scaramouche1923
DVD 1537Scott Pilgrim vs the World2010
F 1200Secretary2002
GB 75Severed Head, A1970
DVD 1625Sex and the City 22010
DVD 1595Sex and the City: The Movie2008
DVD 41Shakespeare In Love1998
DVD 321Shall We Dance1937
F 1085She's All That1999
DVD 1418Sheik, The1921
F 937Shimmering Light1978
F 1114Shooting Fish1997
DVD 382Shop Around the Corner, The1940
DVD 1835Shortbus2006
DVD 1262Show Me Love1998
DVD 1179Silk2007
DVD 54Silsila1981
DVD 1268Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, The2008
DVD 1267Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, The2005
DVD 21Sleepless In Seattle1993
F 950Sliding Doors1997
GB 10Slipper and the Rose, The1976
F 260Sophie's Choice1982
F 250Star is Born, A1937
DVD 1380Star is Born, A1937
F 1090Storyville: Kitchen1997
DVD 1176Strayed (Les Égarés)2003
F 152Strictly Sinatra (AKA Cocozza's Way)2001
DVD 1430Strictly Sinatra (AKA Cocozza's Way)2001
DVD 1160Summer Things2002
F 639Sunnyside Up1929
F 1203Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927
DVD 506Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927
DVD 1952Sunshine On Leith2014
F 901Susan Lenox1931
F 1121Taal1999
DVD 429Ten Tiny Love Stories2001
DVD 2187Terminal, The2004
F 268Thieves Like Us1974
DVD 310Thin Man, The1934
F 1066This Years Love1999
DVD 52Thomas Crown Affair, The1999
DVD 532Tie Me Up Tie Me Down1990
DVD 1171To Have and Have Not1944
DVD 2307To Have And Have Not1944
F 522Top Gun1986
F 311Top Hat1935
F 705Top Hat1935
DVD 321Top Hat1935
DVD 287Topper1937
DVD 287Topper Returns1941
DVD 1820Traces of Love2006
F 916Travelling North1986
DVD 1230Tropical Malady (AKA Sud pralad)2004
DVD 294Trouble in Paradise1932
GB 148Trouble in the Glen1954
DVD 1741Twilight Samurai, The2002
DVD 2185Two Weeks Notice2002
DVD 80Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The (AKA Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)1964
F 983Up Close and Personal1996
DVD 2199Vanilla Sky2001
F 418Variety Jubilee1942
DVD 1232Vendredi Soir2002
DVD 1635Water2005
GB 19Waterloo Road1944
F 226Way We Were, The1973
DVD 2208Wedding Singer, The1998
DVD 1066West2006
DVD 1161What Time Is It There?2001
F 1009When Harry Met Sally1989
DVD 24When Harry Met Sally1989
DVD 879While You Were Sleeping1995
DVD 1696Wild Orchids1929
DVD 467Wimbledon2004
F 930Winds Of Jarrah, The1978
DVD 65Wings of Desire1987
DVD 167Wings of the Dove1997
F 100Woman of Affairs, A1928
DVD 1701Wuthering Heights2010
F 1180Y tu mamá también2001
DVD 1704Yella2007
DVD 888You've Got Mail1998