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Source IDTitleYearVOD
GB 802001: A Space Odyssey1968
DVD 1202001: A Space Odyssey1968
DVD 7672009 Lost Memories2002
DVD 43220462004
DVD 202828 Weeks Later2007
DVD 1305A Scanner Darkly2006
DVD 211Abyss, The1989
DVD 805Alias2001-2002
F 203Alien1979
DVD 1937Alien1979
DVD 2029Alien 31992
DVD 2030Alien Resurrection1997
F 1104Aliens1986
DVD 211Aliens1986
DVD 1752All Monsters Attack (Godzilla's Revenge)1969
F 463Android1982
DVD 1120Andromeda Strain1971
DVD 901Armageddon1998
F 1143Artificial Intelligence: A.I.2001
F 1002As Time Goes By1988
F 638Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman1958
DVD 1932Avatar2009
F 442Back to the Future1985
DVD 2163Back to the Future1985
F 741Barb Wire1995
F 494Batman1943
DVD 1959Battlestar Galactica2004
F 438Blade Runner1982
DVD 2260Blade Runner1982
F 524Blob, The1958
DVD 2274Blood Drive2017
F 1003Bride of Frankenstein1935
DVD 2442Bumblebee2018
DVD 119Cars That Ate Paris, The1974
DVD 2021Children of Men2006
DVD 2037Chronicle2012
DVD 2265Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977
F 481Cocoon1985
TV 384Cold Lazarus1996
TV 384Cold Lazarus1996
TV 385Cold Lazarus1996
TV 385Cold Lazarus1996
DVD 1759Cowboy Bebop: The Movie2001
DVD 1984Curse of the Fly1965
DVD 2101Daredevil2003
DVD 806Dark Angel2000-2001
F 387Dark Star1974
DVD 2006Day After Tomorrow, The2004
TV 433Day The Earth Caught Fire, The1962
GB 16Day The Earth Caught Fire, The1961
F 472Day The Earth Stood Still, The1951
DVD 2007Day The Earth Stood Still, The2008
DVD 2332Death Watch (Blu-ray)1980
DVD 2347District 92009
TV 289Doctor Who1963
TV 242Doctor Who1968
TV 567Doctor Who2005
DVD 600Doctor Who2005
TV 575Doctor Who2005
DVD 701Doctor Who2006
DVD 1236Doctor Who2006-2007
DVD 2352Doctor Who: Lost in Time1963-1969
DVD 2352Doctor Who: Lost in Time1963-1969
DVD 595Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks1985
DVD 608Doctor Who: The Ark In Space1975
DVD 604Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani1984
DVD 601Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos1971
DVD 585Doctor Who: The Five Doctors1983
DVD 602Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive1980
TV 596Doctor Who:The Day of the Doctor2013
DVD 207Donnie Darko2001
DVD 439Donnie Darko (Director's cut)2001
DVD 1271Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
F 530E.T. The Extraterrestrial1982
DVD 431Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004
DVD 1618Existenz1999
DVD 2051Fantastic 4 (Blu-ray)2005
DVD 2052Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Blu-ray)2007
GB 91Fiend Without a Face, The1957
DVD 211Fifth Element, The1997
DVD 429Final2001
GB 55Fire Maidens from Outer Space1956
TV 243Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe1940
F 394Flatliners1990
DVD 2219Fly, The1958
DVD 2150Four Sided Triangle1953
F 1003Frankenstein1931
F 552Gattaca1997
DVD 1752Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster1964
F 803Godzilla1998
F 1158Godzilla1954
DVD 1750Godzilla1954
DVD 1751Godzilla1954
DVD 1751Godzilla Raids Again1955
F 863Godzilla vs Gigan1972
F 863Godzilla vs Megalon1973
DVD 1751Godzilla: King of the Monsters1956
DVD 1235Heroes2006-2007
DVD 1191Hex2004
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
DVD 1926Host, The2006
DVD 2218I, Robot2004
DVD 1626Inception2010
F 348Incredible Shrinking Man, The1957
F 998Independence Day1996
DVD 1980Independence Day1996
DVD 2008Independence Day1996
DVD 1752Invasion Of Astro Monster (Godzilla vs Monster Zero)1965
F 135Invasion of the Body Snatchers1955
F 1004Jumanji1995
F 312King Kong1933
DVD 1935Krrish2006
DVD 1691Lawnmower Man, The1992
DVD 1973League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The2003
DVD 282Lost Horizon1937
F 370Lost In Space1965
F 1062Lost in Space1996
F 1172Mad Max1979
TV 371Making of Terminator 2, The1991
GB 101Man Who Changed His Mind, The1936
F 729Man With The X-Ray Eyes1963
DVD 13Matrix, The1999
F 1067Matrix, The1999
F 455Max Headroom1988
TV 76Max Headroom1985
F 377Metropolis1927
F 434Metropolis1927
DVD 656Metropolis1927
F 706Millenium1996
DVD 2257Moon2009
F 861Mothra vs Godzilla1992
DVD 1751Mothra vs Godzilla1964
F 462Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)1984
DVD 641Omega Factor, The1979
F 902On The Beach1959
DVD 405On The Beach1959
DVD 2003Outlander2014
DVD 2159Outlander2016
GB 92Phase IV1974
DVD 427Pi1998
DVD 1255Pi1998
DVD 1700Plug and Pray2010
TV 293Quantum Leap1992
F 308Quatermass and the Pit1967
DVD 2019Quatermass and the Pit1958
TV 561Quatermass Experiment, The2005
DVD 2019Quatermass Experiment, The1953
GB 81Quatermass II1957
TV 2Quatermass II1955
TV 289Quatermass II1955
DVD 2019Quatermass II1955
TV 254Red Dwarf III1989
DVD 2293Renaissance2006
DVD 984Sarah Jane Adventures, The2006
DVD 1359Satyricon1968
GB 138Seven Days to Noon1950
DVD 2441Slash/Back2022
DVD 1931Snowpiercer2013
F 478Solaris1972
TV 562Some Things You Need to Know About Doctor Who2005
DVD 2196Southland Tales2006
TV 335Space 19991974
F 670Space Precinct1994
F 692Stalker1979
DVD 1349Stalker1979
TV 61Star Cops1987
F 188Star Trek1966
TV 253Star Trek1987
TV 461Star Trek1967
DVD 2088Star Trek1967-1968
DVD 2282Star Trek1968-1969
DVD 2284Star Trek1966
TV 271Star Trek - The Next Generation1987
TV 370Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1992
F 1014Star Trek: First Contact1996
TV 252Star Trek: The Next Generation1987
F 255Star Wars (pt 1)1977
F 254Star Wars (pt 2)1977
DVD 236Star Wars: Episode 1 - the Phantom Menace1999
F 785Stargate SG-11998
F 553Starman1984
F 1044Starship Troopers1997
TV 562Story of Doctor Who, The2003
F 904Terminator 2: Judgement Day1991
DVD 331Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines2003
F 438Terminator, The1984
DVD 1752Terror Of Mechagodzilla1975
DVD 1758Tetsuo II: Body Hammer1992
DVD 1758Tetsuo: The Iron Man1989
F 318Thing from Another World, The1951
GB 110Things to Come1936
DVD 1435Things to Come1936
DVD 1058Thirst1979
DVD 979Torchwood2006
DVD 1231Torchwood: Children of Earth2009
F 616Total Recall1990
DVD 2343Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America1991
DVD 1853Tron1982
DVD 274Turkey Shoot1981
F 448Twelve - O - One (12:01)1993
F 194Twilight Zone, The1959
DVD 999Twilight Zone, The1959-1960
DVD 2087Twilight Zone, The1963-1964
DVD 2103Under The Skin2013
DVD 1847Utopia2013
DVD 2199Vanilla Sky2001
GB 24Village of the Damned1960
DVD 2200War of the Worlds2005
DVD 1854World War Z2013
F 394X Files, The2000
F 672X Files, The1995
F 945X Files, The1996
DVD 614X Files, The1998-1999
GB 140X The Unknown1956
F 691X-Files, The1993
TV 382X-Files, The1993
TV 382X-Files, The1993
DVD 2102X-Men2000
DVD 2067X-Men 22003
DVD 2053X-Men: The Last Stand (Blu-ray)2006