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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 130Abe Lincoln In Illinois1940
GB 76Agatha1979
DVD 2047Amazing Grace2006
F 634Angel At My Table, An (A Trilogy)1990
DVD 2223Anna and the King of Siam1946
DVD 669Antwone Fisher2002
DVD 2035Arbor, The2010
F 439Arena: Byrne About Byrne1988
F 118Arena: The Private Dirk Bogarde2001
DVD 1606Beaches of Agnes, The2008
DVD 1989Behind The Candelabra2013
F 351Birdman of Alcatraz, The1962
DVD 674Bound For Glory1976
F 1005Buddy Holly Story, The1978
DVD 877Cinderella Man2005
GB 156Cry Freedom1987
F 386Dispatch from Reuter's, A1940
DVD 94Doors, The1991
F 836Doors, The1991
DVD 1542Downfall2004
F 920Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story1993
DVD 2126Edvard Munch1974
DVD 1062Flying Scotsman, The2006
F 747Funny Women: June Whitfield1997
DVD 1841Good Vibrations2013
GB 94Gothic1986
DVD 1199Goya en Burdeos1999
DVD 1511Hans Westmar1933
DVD 1794Hemingway and Gellhorn2012
TV 32Hughie Green: Most Sincerely2008
DVD 1237I'm Not There2007
DVD 1965Il Divo2008
F 948Imagine: John Lennon1988
DVD 1907Into The Wild2007
DVD 1609Jacquot de Nantes1991
DVD 1456Karl May1974
F 684Kid Stays in the Picture, The2002
DVD 1956King's Speech, The2010
DVD 812Kinsey2004
GB 71Krays, The1990
DVD 926Lorca: Muerte de un Poeta1987
GB 139Magic Bow, The1946
F 539Magic Box, The1951
GB 148Magic Box, The1951
DVD 985Magic Box, The1951
DVD 12Malcolm X1992
F 1038Malcolm X1992
F 453Malice in Wonderland1985
DVD 1964Marie Antionette2006
DVD 2049Men Of Honour (Blu-ray)2000
DVD 1998Milk2009
DVD 874Motorcycle Diaries, The2004
GB 136Music Lovers, The1970
DVD 1576New World, The2005
DVD 1241Notorious Bettie Page, The2005
F 518Passion1999
F 708Patton (Lust for Glory)1970
GB 82Prick Up Your Ears1987
DVD 2050Raging Bull (Blu-ray)1980
F 681Reach For The Sky1956
DVD 1193Reach For The Sky1956
GB 28Reach For The Sky1956
DVD 1438Rembrandt1936
GB 120Rembrandt1936
DVD 2253Salt of the Earth, The2014
F 905Shine1996
DVD 92Shine1996
DVD 1690Social Network, The2010
DVD 1879Stuart Hall Project, The2013
F 777Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1989
F 473Sweet Dreams1985
F 427Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould1993
GB 113Trials of Oscar Wilde, The1960
F 992True Story of Damien Parer, The1988
DVD 2423Varda By Agnes (Blu-ray)2019
DVD 728Walk The Line2005
F 906What's Love Got To Do With It?1993
F 834When We Were Kings1996
DVD 1033Wilde1997
F 404Works, The: A Profile of Michael Grade1997
F 166Yankee Doodle Dandy1942
F 956Young Mr Pitt, The1942
GB 147Young Mr Pitt, The1942
F 1094Your Cheatin' Heart1964