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Source IDTitleYearVOD
F 378All the President's Men1976
DVD 1254All the President's Men1976
F 1059American History X1998
F 79Angel1982
DVD 2094Argo2012
F 71Ascendancy1982
DVD 971Babel2006
DVD 973Bamako2006
F 271Best Man, The1964
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
TV 124Cal1984
DVD 967Catch a Fire2006
F 520Conformist, The1970
DVD 56Crying Game, The1992
F 624Crying Game, The1992
F 537Defence Counsel Sedov1988
F 455Defence of the Realm1985
TV 472Dersu Uzala1974
F 735Dolce Vita, La1960
DVD 964English Patient, The1996
DVD 1876Fatherland1986
F 589Fatherland1986
DVD 1597Hidden Agenda1990
F 423Hidden Agenda1990
GB 85Hidden Agenda1990
DVD 1965Il Divo2008
F 1147In The Name of the Father1993
F 645Julia1977
F 417La Marseillaise1938
DVD 1420La Marseillaise1938
DVD 334La Règle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game)1939
F 588La Règle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game)1939
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
F 730Le Petit Soldat1963
GB 35Left, Right and Centre1959
TV 118Long Arm, The1956
GB 29Long Arm, The1956
F 960Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum, The1975
DVD 1468Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum, The (Blu-ray)1975
DVD 12Malcolm X1992
F 1038Malcolm X1992
F 800Michael Collins1996
F 649Mississippi Burning1988
F 120Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
DVD 1429Mr Smith Goes to Washington1939
F 537My Friend Ivan Lapshin1986
DVD 965Nowhere in Africa2001
F 523Parallax View, The1974
F 91Patriot, The1979
GB 73Prague1992
F 799Reds1981
DVD 2091Reds1981
F 511Repentance1984
DVD 1596Riff Raff1990
F 723Riff Raff1991
GB 36Riff Raff1990
F 545Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors1964
DVD 975Shooting Dogs2005
F 1147Some Mother's Son1996
DVD 1426Storm2009
F 1202Sunday2002
DVD 716Syriana2005
F 728Theorem1968
TV 101Year of Living Dangerously, The1982
F 435Yellow Earth1984
F 880Yellow Earth1984