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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 2040A Bridge Too Far1977
DVD 1620A Man Escaped1956
DVD 2221A Yank In The RAF1941
GB 18Above Us The Waves1955
F 415Air Force1943
F 168All Quiet on the Western Front1930
DVD 2384All Quiet On The Western Front1930
F 1165Angels One Five1953
TV 37Another Time, Another Place1983
DVD 1410Another Time, Another Place1983
F 136Apocalypse Now1979
DVD 399Apocalypse Now1979
GB 100Appointment in London1953
F 341Ascent, The1976
DVD 1039Atonement2007
F 654Aventure Malgache1944
DVD 927Ay Carmela1990
DVD 1201Baader Meinhof Complex, The2008
F 122Background to Danger1943
DVD 1653Balada Triste de Trompeta (AKA The Last Circus)2010
F 839Ballad Of A Soldier1959
DVD 775Band of Brothers2001
DVD 1770Barefoot Gen1983
DVD 1770Barefoot Gen 21986
TV 594Battle For Haditha2007
DVD 1051Battle of Algiers, The1966
F 885Battle of Britain1969
DVD 2039Battle of Britain1969
F 471Battle of the River Plate, The1956
GB 34Battle of the River Plate, The1956
F 611Bells Go Down, The1943
F 355Big Blockade, The1941
F 262Bitter Victory1957
GB 129Black Sheep of Whitehall1941
DVD 1023Black Watch2007
DVD 972Blood Diamond2006
F 654Bon Voyage1944
F 717Born on the Fourth of July1989
F 1114Braveheart1995
DVD 1815Braveheart1995
F 493Breaker Morant1980
DVD 101Breaker Morant1980
DVD 2041Bridge at Remagen, The1969
TV 434Britain at War in Colour2000
F 976Britain at War in Colour2000
F 965Britain at War in Colour2000
DVD 1914Brotherhood2004
F 549Camp De Thiaroye1988
F 98Canterbury Tale, A1944
DVD 116Canterbury Tale, A1944
F 217Captive Heart, The1946
GB 133Captive Heart, The1946
DVD 1597Carla's Song1996
F 1167Carve Her Name With Pride1958
F 333Casablanca1942
DVD 3Casablanca1942
F 654Catch 221970
DVD 1433Cavalcade1933
GB 120Charge of the Light Brigade, The1968
DVD 1425Chicago 102007
GB 62Chicago Joe and the Showgirl1989
DVD 1948Cinema and the First World War in Scotland1914-1924
DVD 1961City of Life and Death2009
DVD 1173Closely Observed Trains1966
DVD 2209Cold Mountain2003
F 845Cold War1998
F 845Cold War1998
F 416Colditz Story, The1955
DVD 1979Colditz Story, The1955
F 533Commissar, The1967
F 179Contraband1940
GB 75Contraband1940
F 641Convoy1940
GB 71Convoy1940
TV 502Correspondent: Aljazeera Exclusive2003
GB 29Crest of the Wave1954
F 89Cross of Iron1977
DVD 135Cross of Iron1977
F 230Cruel Sea, The1952
GB 40Cruel Sea, The1953
DVD 1194Cruel Sea, The1953
DVD 1985D-Day the Sixth of June1956
TV 371D-Day: Turning the Tide1994
GB 103Dad's Army1971
F 144Dam Busters, The1954
DVD 1192Dam Busters, The1954
DVD 1363Damned, The1969
F 573Danger Within1958
F 599Days of Glory1944
DVD 966Days of Glory2006
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
TV 419Death of Yugoslavia, The1995
F 854Deer Hunter, The1978
DVD 85Deer Hunter, The1978
F 358Dirty Dozen, The1967
F 711Dog Soldiers1978
DVD 1542Downfall2004
F 741Elegy: For Those Who Died In The Gulf War1991
F 760Enemy at the Gates2001
DVD 964English Patient, The1996
F 1168Enigma2001
F 349Escape Of The Amethyst1956
TV 74Escape to Athena1979
DVD 773España Otra Vez (Spain Again)1969
TV 364Everyman: The Fall of Saigon1995
F 716Ex:S: Making Reel History1996
DVD 332Fahrenheit 9/112004
DVD 1909Fail-Safe1964
TV 468Falklands Play, The2002
F 1066Fallen Sparrow1943
DVD 1434Fire Over England1937
TV 539First World War, The2003
TV 43Flashback: At the Front, 1914-161983
TV 43Flashback: The Bioscope Goes to War, 1899-19021983
F 184Flying Leathernecks, The1951
DVD 1862Fog of War, The2003
DVD 2426For Sama2019
F 1065For Whom the Bell Tolls1943
GB 9Foreman Went to France, The1941
GB 99Four Feathers, The1939
F 527Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The1961
F 689Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The1920
GB 121Foxhole in Cairo1960
DVD 1190Foyle's War2001-2002
GB 61Frieda1947
F 175From Here to Eternity1953
F 624Full Metal Jacket1987
DVD 2192Full Metal Jacket1987
F 117Gallipoli1981
DVD 133Gallipoli1981
F 228Gentle Sex, The1943
GB 108George in Civvy Street1946
F 613Going Underground: The Great Escapers1994
F 1064Good Fight, The1983
F 797Good Morning, Vietnam1987
GB 129Goose Steps Out, The1942
DVD 2038Great Escape, The1963
DVD 2018Great War, The2005
F 608Green Berets, The1968
DVD 1647Guerreros AKA Warriors2002
F 1042Guns of Navarone, The1961
F 46Hangmen Also Die1943
DVD 1392Hearts of the World1918
F 130Hell Is For Heroes1962
DVD 2383Hell Is For Heroes1962
F 468Heroes, The1989
GB 68Hope and Glory1987
DVD 542Hotel Rwanda2004
TV 364HRH The Princess Margaret: Memories of VE Day1995
DVD 1594Hurt Locker, The2008
DVD 77I Know Where I'm Going!1945
F 47I Was a Male War Bride1949
GB 30I Was Monty's Double1958
DVD 1945If War Should Come (volume 3)1939-1941
F 648Ill Met By Moonlight1957
GB 34Ill Met by Moonlight1956
DVD 1962In The Fog2012
F 149In Which We Serve1942
DVD 1405Inglourious Basterds2009
TV 196Inside Story: The Spitfire1987
DVD 572It Happened Here1964
F 1205It Happened Here1964
F 477Ivan's Childhood1962
DVD 2189Iwo Jima: The Boys of H Company2003
DVD 2168Jarhead2005
DVD 1924Joint Security Area2000
F 299Kagemusha1980
DVD 1419Kameradschaft1931
DVD 1456Karl May1974
F 353Killing Fields, The1984
GB 13King Arthur Was A Gentleman1942
F 847Kolberg1945
DVD 1390Kolberg1945
F 362L'Armée des Ombres (Army in the Shadows)1969
DVD 768L'Armée des Ombres (Army in the Shadows)1969
DVD 2235La Commune (Paris 1871)2000
F 846La Guerre est Finie1966
DVD 772La Luz Prodigiosa (The End of a Mystery)2002
DVD 1420La Marseillaise1938
DVD 1112Lancelot du Lac1974
F 846Land And Freedom1995
F 1069Land and Freedom1995
DVD 1597Land And Freedom1995
DVD 1645Las 13 Rosas2007
F 680Last Flight, The1930
DVD 970Lawrence of Arabia1962
F 730Le Petit Soldat1963
TV 424Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II1992
DVD 941Libertarias1996
F 208Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The1943
DVD 1386Life is a Miracle2004
DVD 2138Lincoln2012
F 336Listen To Britain1941
DVD 1556Little Dieter Needs To Fly1998
F 291Little Man, What Now?1934
F 355London Scrapbook1942
F 828Man Who Cried, The2000
DVD 1672Marriage of the Blessed1989
DVD 2395Mata Hari1931
GB 31McKenzie Break, The1970
GB 6Memphis Belle, The1944
TV 162Merchant Seamen1941
F 355Merchant Seamen1941
F 671Merrill's Marauders1962
F 336Millions Like Us1943
F 504Ministry of Fear1944
GB 88Morning Departure1950
DVD 1776Most Beautiful, The1944
DVD 68Murderers Are Among Us, The1946
DVD 1113Naked Among Wolves1963
F 702Nation on Film: Shooting the War2005
TV 363Nation Remembers, The1995
GB 128Natural Port1940
DVD 965Nowhere in Africa2001
F 803Nuremberg1946
DVD 238Odd Angry Shot, The1979
F 664Odette1950
TV 32On That Day2008
GB 138One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing1941
DVD 843One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing1941
DVD 1776One Wonderful Sunday1947
F 829Paths of Glory1957
DVD 2002Paths of Glory1957
F 708Patton (Lust for Glory)1970
DVD 2169Pearl Harbor2001
F 1153Pearl Harbour2001
DVD 2345Persepolis2007
GB 83Pimpernel Smith1941
F 715Platoon1986
DVD 2046Platoon1986
TV 271Play For Today: Rainy Day Women1984
F 681Reach For The Sky1956
GB 28Reach For The Sky1956
DVD 1193Reach For The Sky1956
F 716Rebellion1996
DVD 798Red and the White, The1967
DVD 1344Red Detachment of Women, The1961
F 776Red Sorghum1987
DVD 2104Religulous2008
F 646Remembrance Sunday Coverage1994
F 239Reunion In France1942
F 726Revolution1985
F 209Royal Family at War1992
F 1048Run Silent, Run Deep1958
F 355Rush Hour1941
DVD 1510S. A. Mann Brand1933
DVD 1361Sahara1943
F 641Sailor Of The King1953
GB 23School for Secrets1946
F 556Sea of Sand1958
GB 30Sea of Sand1958
F 1161Sea Shall Not Have Them, The1954
GB 123Secret Agent1936
F 908Secret History: The Few2000
DVD 569Seven Beauties1975
F 709Shoah (pt 1)1985
F 710Shoah (pt 2)1985
DVD 975Shooting Dogs2005
F 132Shoreline, The1984
DVD 774Si Te Dicen Que Caí (If They Tell You I Fell...)1992
GB 79South American George1941
F 1064Spanish Earth, The1937
F 178Spy in Black, The1939
GB 152Spy in Black, The1939
DVD 1336Suicide Mission1954
F 228Target for Tonight1941
F 1059Thin Red Line, The1998
DVD 1575Thin Red Line, The1998
F 997Third Reich in Colour, The2000
GB 1This Happy Breed1944
DVD 1503This Happy Breed1944
F 1046Three Came Home1959
F 1201Three Kings1999
DVD 2330Timbuktu2014
F 724Timewatch: Debutantes2001
DVD 1487Tin Drum, The1979
DVD 1171To Have and Have Not1944
F 522Top Gun1986
F 256Tracks (pt 1)1975
F 257Tracks (pt 2)1975
DVD 1400Train, The1964
F 1067Trench, The1999
TV 419True Stories: The Valley (Bloody Balkans)1999
F 106Tunisian Victory1944
DVD 1678Turtles Can Fly2004
DVD 395Ulysses' Gaze1995
F 805Underground1995
DVD 1384Underground1995
TV 364VE 50: The Day Peace Broke Out1995
TV 363VE 50: The Veteran's Tribute1995
DVD 771Viva La Muerte (Long Live Death)1970
DVD 1636Waltz With Bashir2008
DVD 2200War of the Worlds2005
TV 509Warriors1999
F 752Wartime Cinema Compilation - British National Culture1940
GB 19Waterloo Road1944
F 147Way to the Stars, The1945
F 206Went The Day Well?1942
F 148Western Union1941
TV 367What Did You Do In The War, Auntie?1995
TV 367What Did You Do In The War, Auntie?1995
DVD 837Wind That Shakes The Barley, The2006
DVD 1597Wind That Shakes The Barley, The2006
F 613Wooden Horse, The1950
F 300World at War, The1975
DVD 1354World At War, The1973
DVD 2017World War I In Colour2003
TV 361World War II1994
DVD 1809World War II in Colour: Air War2001
DVD 1810World War II in Colour: Anchors Aweigh2001
DVD 1811World War II in Colour: Fuelling the Fire2001