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Source IDTitleYearVOD
DVD 202728 Days Later2002
DVD 202828 Weeks Later2007
DVD 173A Clockwork Orange1971
DVD 2278A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night2014
DVD 1373Abnormal Beauty2004
F 766Addiction, The1995
F 1104Aliens1986
DVD 211Aliens1986
DVD 199American Psycho2000
DVD 2031Amityville Horror, The1979
DVD 2032Amityville Horror, The2005
F 893Asylum1972
F 1181Audition2000
DVD 1740Audition2000
DVD 825Bad Seed, The1956
F 426Bat Whispers, The1930
DVD 1304Being Human2009
DVD 2280Birdemic2010
DVD 720Blacula1972
F 1052Blair Witch Project, The1998
DVD 2410Blair Witch Project, The1999
DVD 2274Blood Drive2017
F 483Blood From The Mummy's Tomb1971
DVD 2418Bodies Bodies Bodies (Blu-ray)2022
F 181Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
DVD 2385Bram Stoker's Dracula1992
F 1003Bride of Frankenstein1935
DVD 438Bubba Ho-Tep2002
F 705Buffy The Vampire Slayer1992
F 1105Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
DVD 1396Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The1919
DVD 1573Cabinet of Dr Caligari, The (2005 version)2005
F 964Caltiki1959
F 646Carrie1976
DVD 119Cars That Ate Paris, The1974
F 923Cassandra1986
DVD 280Cassandra1986
F 316Cat People1943
DVD 892Cat People1943
DVD 2056Child's Play 31991
GB 13Children of the Damned1964
DVD 487Citizen X1995
DVD 1027Count Dracula1977
DVD 1198Cronos1993
DVD 278Cubby House2001
F 517Curse of Corman, The1990
F 517Curse of Corman, The1990
DVD 1209Curse of Frankenstein, The1957
DVD 1984Curse of the Fly1965
TV 174Curse of the Omen, The2005
F 310Curse of the Werewolf, The1960
GB 27Curse of the Werewolf, The1960
DVD 488Dahmer: The Cannibal2002
DVD 596Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin)2002
GB 4Dark Eyes of London1939
DVD 1775Dark Water2003
F 857Dawn Of The Dead1978
DVD 2266Dawn of the Dead2004
F 858Day Of The Dead1985
F 736Dead Ringers1988
DVD 1067Dead Ringers1988
DVD 1290Dead Set2008
F 1205Deadly Bees, The1966
GB 27Death Line1972
DVD 1394Der Golem1920
DVD 324Deranged1974
F 973Devil Rides Out, The1968
GB 105Devil Rides Out, The1968
DVD 938Devil's Backbone, The (El Espinazo del Diablo)2002
F 1137Devils, The1971
DVD 1716Dog Soldiers2002
F 749Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1931
DVD 525Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1932
DVD 525Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1941
DVD 1218Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde1971
GB 139Dr Terror's House of Horrors1965
TV 71Dracula1931
DVD 1202Dracula1931
DVD 1782Dracula (Blu-ray)1958
DVD 1206Dracula AD19721972
F 307Dracula Prince of Darkness1966
F 204Dracula's Daughter1936
DVD 1929Dragon Wars2007
TV 174Ed Gein2000
F 101Elephant Man, The1980
DVD 196Eraserhead1977
DVD 213Eternal, The1998
DVD 1239Evil Dead, The1982
F 308Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
GB 66Evil of Frankenstein, The1964
DVD 2122Exorcism of Emily Rose, The2005
F 858Exorcist, The1973
F 517Fall of the House of Usher, The1960
DVD 471Fallen1998
DVD 1470Fan, The1982
F 1181Final Destination2000
DVD 2149Final Destination2000
F 394Flatliners1990
DVD 1423Flesh and the Fiends, The1960
DVD 2219Fly, The1958
F 193Fog, The1979
F 967Four Flies On Grey Velvet1972
F 1003Frankenstein1931
DVD 2306Frankenstein1931
TV 61Frankenstein Created Woman1967
GB 70Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed1969
F 590Freaks1932
DVD 160Friday the 13th: Part 31982
GB 65From Beyond the Grave1973
DVD 156From Hell2001
F 114Funny Games1997
F 1003Fury, The1978
DVD 1752Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster1964
DVD 1234Ghostwatch1992
F 525Ghoul, The1974
DVD 285Ghoul, The1933
F 1158Godzilla1954
DVD 1750Godzilla1954
DVD 1751Godzilla1954
DVD 1751Godzilla Raids Again1955
DVD 1751Godzilla: King of the Monsters1956
GB 94Gothic1986
DVD 2229Gremlins1984
DVD 2229Gremlins1984
DVD 1756Grudge, The2004
F 236Halloween1978
DVD 32Halloween1978
DVD 161Halloween 4: the Return of Michael Myers1988
F 1132Hannibal2001
DVD 497Happiness of the Katakuris, The2001
DVD 1958Harper's Island2010
F 827Haunting, The1963
DVD 515Hills Have Eyes, The1977
DVD 2171Hollow Man2000
DVD 1210Horror of Dracula1958
DVD 1729Hostel2005
TV 372Hound of The Baskervilles, The1968
DVD 1272House on the Haunted Hill1959
DVD 570House With Laughing Windows, The1976
F 932Howling 3: The Marsupials1987
DVD 2075Human Centipede 2, The2011
DVD 665Human Lanterns1982
F 555Hunger, The1983
F 318I Walked With a Zombie1943
DVD 447Identity2003
DVD 977Ils (Them)2006
F 484Incredibly Strange Film Show, The1988
DVD 1752Invasion Of Astro Monster (Godzilla vs Monster Zero)1965
F 135Invasion of the Body Snatchers1955
F 825Invisible Man, The1933
DVD 1204Invisible Man, The1933
DVD 176Irreversible2002
F 869Island Of Dr. Moreau, The1997
DVD 675It's Alive1973
DVD 676It's Alive 2: It Lives Again1978
DVD 677It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive1986
DVD 1181Joyride2001
DVD 543Kingdom, The1994
DVD 1720Kiss Of Death1958-1993
F 313Kiss of the Vampire1964
DVD 1905Kontroll2003
DVD 1768Kwaidan1964
DVD 398Last House on the Left, The1972
DVD 1321Let The Right One In2008
DVD 2231Little Shop of Horrors, The1960
TV 428Long Weekend, the1978
DVD 1057Long Weekend, the1978
F 677Lost Boys, The1987
DVD 198Lost Highway1997
GB 101Man Who Changed His Mind, The1936
DVD 2074Maniac1934
F 89Mark of the Vampire1935
F 526Martin1976
F 529Masque of the Red Death, The1964
TV 233Midnight Lace1960
F 706Millenium1996
DVD 324Motel Hell1980
DVD 1751Mothra vs Godzilla1964
F 822Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 197Mulholland Drive2001
DVD 2152Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The1935
GB 39Nanny, The1965
F 962Night Of The Doomed1965
F 595Night of the Living Dead, The1968
DVD 613Nightmare On Elm Street 2, A: Freddy's Revenge1985
DVD 613Nightmare On Elm Street 3, A: Dream Warriors1987
DVD 613Nightmare On Elm Street 4, A: The Dream Master1988
DVD 613Nightmare On Elm Street 5, A: The Dream Child1989
DVD 613Nightmare on Elm Street 6, A: Freddy's Dead1991
DVD 613Nightmare on Elm Street 7, A: Wes Cravens New Nightmare1994
DVD 613Nightmare On Elm Street, A1984
DVD 793Nine Lives2003
DVD 1541Nosferatu1922
DVD 1478Nosferatu the Vampyre1979
DVD 1203Old Dark House, The1932
DVD 827Omen, The1976
DVD 2242Omen, The (2006)2006
DVD 1200Orphanage, The2007
F 678Parents1988
F 29Peeping Tom1960
GB 38Peeping Tom1960
DVD 841Peeping Tom1960
DVD 1090Phantom Carriage, The1921
F 517Pit and the Pendulum1961
F 474Poltergeist1982
F 966Poltergeist 2: The Other Side1986
DVD 2252Prevenge2016
DVD 277Psycho1998
F 308Quatermass and the Pit1967
GB 109Quatermass Experiment, The1955
GB 81Quatermass II1957
F 732Rabid1976
F 1042Raising Cain1992
F 594Razorback1983
DVD 2440Razorback1984
TV 174Real Silence of the Lambs, The2004
TV 174Real Vampire Chronicles, The2005
GB 40Repulsion1965
F 1051Revenge of Frankenstein1958
F 1149Ring1998
DVD 1738Ring1998
DVD 1764Ring 21999
DVD 1737Ring O2000
F 457Rosemary's Baby1968
DVD 1359Satyricon1968
DVD 2204Scary Movie2000
DVD 2205Scary Movie 22001
F 850Scream1996
DVD 19Scream1996
F 1176Scream and Scream Again2000
GB 134Seance On A Wet Afternoon1964
F 1019Season of The Witch1971
DVD 2073Sharknado2013
DVD 2181Shaun of the Dead2004
TV 235Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampire1992
F 738Shining, The1980
F 931Shivers1975
DVD 157Silence of the Lambs, The1991
F 1083Sleepy Hollow1999
GB 137Sorcerers, The1967
DVD 2099Suspiria1977
F 463Taste the Blood of Dracula1970
GB 62Taste the Blood of Dracula1970
DVD 1904Taxidermia2006
DVD 1752Terror Of Mechagodzilla1975
DVD 1758Tetsuo II: Body Hammer1992
DVD 1758Tetsuo: The Iron Man1989
F 1176Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The1974
DVD 451Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The2003
DVD 70Theatre of Blood1973
F 1142Theatre of Blood1973
DVD 1058Thirst1979
DVD 1319Trouble Every Day2001
DVD 1180Turistas2006
DVD 2103Under The Skin2013
F 825Universal Horror1998
F 966Unnamable, The1988
DVD 2394Us2019
DVD 1072Valerie and Her Week of Wonders1970
F 39Vampyr1932
DVD 523Vampyros Lesbos1970
GB 24Village of the Damned1960
DVD 1769Visitor Q2001
DVD 2400Wailing, The2016
DVD 2294What We Do In The Shadows2014
F 1117Whispering Corridors1998
DVD 680Wicker Man, The1973
DVD 1350Wicker Man, The (Director's Cut)1973
F 720Witches of Eastwick, The1987
DVD 836Wolf Creek2005
F 585Zombie Brigade1988
DVD 1719Zombie Flesh Eaters1979